What is a Reverse Dab - Tips for Cold Dabbing

What is a Reverse Dab - Tips for Cold Dabbing

Staring with a cold dab rig before heating it up, then you are reverse dabbing

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Joseph Billions on Saturday Feb 15, 2020

Reverse dab: what it entails, the fun and funk

reverse dab

Concentrated doses of cannabis produced with cannabinoids extracted via solvents like CO2 or butane are called Dabs. These concentrates are more specifically classified based on their consistency or state into budders, shatter, butane hash oil (BHO), wax, etc. The popularity of dabbing as a method of cannabis consumption has increased rapidly in recent years due to the abundance of cannabis concentrates. Dabs are arguably the most effective and fastest route to really intense levels of euphoria. And although non-psychoactive components like CBD can also be extracted from cannabis, it's the psychoactive component THC that is primarily responsible for the potency of the various forms of dabs (marijuana wax, etc).

Literally speaking, dabbing is simply the process of inhaling cannabis concentrates (marijuana wax, BHO, etc) that have been heated with a dab rig. This process is often referred to as 'taking dabs'. And with the rapid rise of the cannabis industry several forms of concentrates and techniques of dabbing have become very prevalent amongst cannabis lovers. One such technique is the cold start method, commonly referred to as the reverse dab technique.


A closer look at reverse dabbing

The term reverse dabbing simply refers to a dabbing process that makes use of a cold rig. In reverse dabbing the cannabis concentrates are first placed in a cold rig after which a heat source is incorporated to heat it up. Unlike other dabbing techniques that involve heating the rig prior to the incorporation of concentrates, 'the cold start method' starts cold then goes on from there. Cannabis lovers that engage in reverse dabbing site a lot of beneficial attributes of the process including its role in preserving the quality of not just the nail but also the concentrate.

Cold start dabbing is kinda like the low-temperature dab technique. And although there are slight differences between the two techniques they can still be related. In low-temperature dab technique, not only are lower temperature levels employed the nail surfaces used are also cooler and this helps greatly in preserving the terpenes and flavors in dabs. Dabbing techniques that involve heating preloaded concentrates on a cool surface aren't unheard of, they have actually been in practice for quite some time, for example, prior to the popularity of low-temperature dabbing or even the use of quartz nails the dab method referred to as health stone dabbing was utilized by canna lovers. This basically involves the loading of cannabis concentrates on a porous stone in a nail. Reverse dabbing is basically a reinvention of this concept. Cold start technique is an updated version of this concept making use of more sophisticated technology.


How to reverse dab

To successfully engage in reverse dabbing a couple of equipment like a nail most preferably a banger are required. The bucket form of bangers is more effective and preferred by users because it promotes equal heat distribution which is very vital to the heating up process. The most common bangers utilized by users involve ceramic bangers, thermal nail, standard quartz, and so on.

Following the proper arrangement of the dab gear, the next step is the incorporation stage. This involves the loading of the concentrates into the nail or banger. It's important to note that a high level of hygiene is required to prevent the presence of unwanted residues. So before incorporating the concentrates, it's imperative that the nail is thoroughly cleaned to get rid of cakes and residues that may be lodged into the rig's surface.

After the concentrate must have been loaded into the nail, the carb or bubble cap should be applied to the nail after which a torch should be lit to slowly apply heat to the base of the nail. To avoid overheating its advisable that you keep the heat source some inches from the base of the nail. The heat should be applied until the temperature is attained where the incorporated concentrates start to bubble and vaporizes. This often takes 10 seconds or less. Once this is achieved the heat source should be removed after which the cap should be rotated to promote heat transfer via convection, and inhale. The amount of pulls gotten is dependent on the quantity and type of concentrate utilized.


What are the benefits of reverse dabbing

Reverse dabbing has been shown to have a lot of benefits including:

·       Promotes a flavorful low-temperature pull

·       Saves time by eliminating the need to wait for the nail to heat and cool after each hit

·       It greatly increases the durability of your rig

·       Helps preserve your dabbing rig compared to other techniques

·       The potential for the buildup of residues or breakage is generally reduced thus increasing the quality of dabs and helping to increase the longevity of your equipment

·       It helps save cost via its numerous attributes that help preserve equipment



Downsides of cold start dabbing

Although reverse dabbing has a lot of benefits it also has some slight disadvantages, they include:

·       It promotes wastage of cannabis concentrates

·       Reverse dabs equipment like borosilicates are expensive

·       It majorly supports only one dab per session which can be very frustrating if you're dabbing with friends or intend to load up more cannabis concentrates.











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