colorado weed sales go online
colorado weed sales go online

You Can Now Buy Weed Online in Colorado, A Trend for the Industry?

Colorado is the latest to approve online cannabis sales.

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Joseph Billions on Sunday Jun 11, 2023

colorado weed sales online

Colorado Governor Jared Polis passed a ground-breaking law allowing the sale of marijuana products online. After a month of consideration, this landmark decision ushers in a new era for the state's cannabis business. By embracing e-commerce, Colorado joins other progressive states at the forefront of integrating online platforms into the cannabis industry. This progressive move not only enhances accessibility for consumers but also paves the way for innovative business opportunities within the industry. Colorado's leadership in embracing online marijuana sales sets a precedent for other states, propelling the evolution of cannabis commerce to new heights.


After extensive discussions and evaluations, the measure introduced by Representatives William Lindstedt, Said Sharbini, and Robert Rodriguez made its way through the legislative process, garnering support. Finally, Governor Jared Polis granted his final approval, signifying a significant shift in Colorado's marijuana landscape.


Eliminating Barriers

The newly signed bill removes the language from existing statutes that explicitly prohibited the sale of cannabis on the internet. Doing so paves the way for a more accessible and convenient shopping experience for adult consumers aged 21 and older. While physical pickup from the retailer is still required, individuals can now browse and electronically purchase marijuana products online, streamlining the process and saving time for consumers and businesses.


The bill includes crucial provisions to maintain regulatory control and uphold public safety standards. Retailers are mandated to verify the customer's name and age at the time of online purchase, ensuring compliance with legal requirements. The provided identification must match the information provided during product pickup. Additionally, retailers must furnish digital versions of all warning and educational materials typically posted and provided at their licensed premises. Customers must acknowledge receipt of these materials before finalizing their online purchase.


According to Senator Kevin Van Winkle, this legislation's primary goal is to reduce the reliance on cash in the marijuana industry. The potential risks associated with large amounts of cash, such as robbery and theft, can be mitigated by transitioning to online sales. This move aligns with broader efforts to establish a secure and regulated environment for cannabis transactions.


Seeking Further Financial Solutions

Colorado's state lawmakers are not stopping at online sales. They also hold hopes for federal action to address the financial and safety challenges unique to the marijuana industry. The bipartisan Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act, currently under consideration in Congress, aims to provide a comprehensive solution. If passed, it would allow cannabis businesses to access banking services, further promoting industry transparency, accountability, and financial stability.


Lawmakers in the United States House of Representatives and Senate have reintroduced the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act, a bipartisan bill allowing marijuana businesses to access banking services. The bill would protect banks that work with state-legal cannabis businesses from federal penalties. The legislation has been slightly revised since the previous session. It includes provisions to extend the safe harbor to Community Development Financial Institutions and Minority Depository Institutions that make loans to minority-owned businesses. It also grants marijuana industry workers access to federally-backed mortgage loans.


The Senate bill has 38 additional cosponsors, including five Republicans, while the House version has eight other cosponsors. Advocates hope passing the bill will enhance public safety by reducing the need for cash transactions in the cannabis industry. However, it is still being determined whether the bill will pass, given the divided nature of Congress.


Colorado's Ongoing Drug Policy Reforms

Governor Polis has actively advocated drug policy reforms in recent weeks. In addition to the bill allowing online marijuana sales, he has signed other significant legislation. One example is the approval of a law that strengthens marijuana-related protections for working professionals in the state, effectively solidifying an executive order issued last year. Furthermore, Governor Polis signed a bill establishing a regulatory framework for legal psychedelics, responding to a voter-approved initiative.


The bill is a response to a voter-approved initiative. It sets up regulations for using substances like psilocybin, ibogaine, mescaline, DMT, and psilocybin in licensed healing centers under the guidance of facilitators. It allows for personal possession of these substances by adults aged 21 and older without limits, but public consumption and underage use will be punishable by a $100 fine.


The legislation also includes provisions for record sealing for individuals with prior convictions related to psychedelics. A new Division of Natural Medicine under the Department of Revenue will oversee the therapeutic program and issue licenses for cultivators, manufacturers, testing facilities, and healing centers. The legislation also establishes a working group to address unintended consequences for federally recognized American tribes and Indigenous communities. The bill allows for the supervised use of ibogaine at healing centers immediately, while mescaline and DMT will be authorized from June 1, 2026.


The legislation creates four categories of licenses for healing centers, cultivation facilities, product manufacturers, and testing facilities. Localities are prevented from banning healing centers but can regulate their operations within certain limits. The deadline for regulators to accept and review license applications has been pushed back to December 31, 2024. Licensed psychedelic businesses can deduct expenses from their state taxes, providing a partial workaround to federal tax provisions. The bill has received mixed reactions; some support the framework, while others criticize the regulations as excessive.



Colorado's legalization of online marijuana sales is a significant milestone for the cannabis industry. By embracing e-commerce, the state modernizes and streamlines the purchase process. With robust regulations ensuring safety and compliance, Colorado sets the standard for responsible and secure online cannabis transactions. Other states are likely to follow suit, making online sales a crucial aspect of the national marijuana industry.


This shift will shape the future of cannabis commerce, providing convenience for consumers and economic opportunities for businesses. The online marketplace will continue to evolve, introducing innovative features and seamless transactions. Colorado's pioneering step propels the industry forward, shaping its future trajectory.





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