areoponic cannabis
areoponic cannabis

What Is Aeroponic Weed, and How Does It Work?

Aeroponic Cannabis Growing Is Great, But Not For Rookies

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DanaSmith on Saturday Apr 1, 2017

What Is Aeroponic Weed, and How Does It Work?


If you’re interested to grow your own weed, you probably know by now that there are many ways to do so. One of these is aeroponics, a style of growing pot that uses no medium for the cannabis roots. Aeroponics is a more unconventional form of growing, since cannabis is typically grown in water or soil.

Aeroponics is a kind of hydroponics gardening that enables the roots to be suspended in air because the water and nutrients are delivered through a system that sprays a fine mist on the roots. Even though it sounds strange, it’s an extremely effective way of growing pot. The suspended nature of growing makes it a little more complicated and requires more attention in part of the grower to be successful, but when you do it right it will be worth it. (Note: not recommended for those growing cannabis for the first time).

Aeroponics is so effective because it requires less water and nutrients than traditional growing methods. Nothing stands between the nutrients and the plant roots, and this means that nothing is lost in the transportation. Additionally, the roots also have more space so this allows for better yields and increased plant growth.


How Does Aeroponics Work?

Aeroponic marijuana systems are grown in net pots which act similar to a support structure to hold the plants when they are suspended in the air. The chamber below exposes the roots, but the environment is closed. Another chamber houses the high-pressure water system which si then used to spray the roots of the plants with water rich in nutrients. Other factors are also required for the successful growth of the plants, such as good lighting and CO2.

The chamber needs to be in an enclosed environment so that the area where the roots are suspended enables an oxygen-rich environment to thrive. This helps the roots grow better, which will then result in overall better growth. The nutrient-rich water spray is delivered to the plant roots where it clings. Once the roots begin to grow, so do little microorganisms that contribute to the healthy environment in the chamber and spark root growth. The roots need to be sprayed and timed very carefully so that the roots don’t dry out and it maintains the nutrient levels that cannabis needs to grow optimally.


Why Does Aeroponics Work So Well?


The water works in a closed-loop system which means that aeroponics uses less water and nutrients than other methods of growing cannabis. This also means that the cannabis plant will be more effective at processing the nutrients compared to other systems.

An aeroponics system needs to be built properly so that only the stems go through the chamber’s cap, ensuring that only minimal condensation occurs. When you combine this with the fact that light virtually does not penetrate into the root system, it’s also almost impossible for algae to become a problem.

Aeroponics is one of the cleanest, most disease-resistant ways to grow cannabis. It also lets you grow more plants in a small area since it grows more dense. Using an aeroponics system enables growers to grow more plants per square meter than any other system of growing cannabis.




This system is not without its challenges though. For one, aeroponics growing isn’t recommended for beginners. To be successful with this system, you need to have advanced knowledge of the nutrient requirements of the cannabis plant before you can even attempt to grow it using an aeroponics system.

It’s critical to maintain the perfect levels of nutrients in each spray because otherwise this can cause you to fail. The microbes live in a very fragile environment and if it’s not stable, these won’t grow on the root system. The perfect levels of lighting and CO2 also play a vital role in successful growing through the aeroponics system.

It should also be noted that this is one of the most expensive ways to grow cannabis. The equipment is costly, and you can expect to shell out a large amount on energy bills because of lighting. Aeroponics is rather unusual since it’s more complex and requires so much attention. But when done right it will yield you lots of top quality bud and you won’t want to use any other system again.

Have you tried aeroponics to grow pot? What was your experience like?








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