Growing Pot
Growing Pot

Why Growing Your Own Pot Is Worth it!

Growing Marijuana Is Way Better Than Buying It

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Apr 12, 2016

Why Growing your own Pot is Worth it!




For all those of you that are considering growing your own cannabis at home, but are still on the fence about actually doing it…allow me to shed some light on your decision. In the following article I’ll be focusing on the Pros and Cons of home growing and in the end you should be convinced that growing is by far the best way to procure your sticky-icky. 





There are a lot of pros when it comes to growing marijuana. For starters, you have total control over the production of your weed. You know what you are putting into to, if there are any issues such as pests and what type of nutrients you are using. 



This gives you the ability to play around with the nutrients and methods to create the best crop you’ll smoke ever! In addition, growing your own marijuana at home also gives you a wealth of other benefits including, raw leaf, the ability to make hash and variety of strains. 



Juicing Raw Cannabis leaf is probably one of the healthiest things you can do. It’s packed with all the goodness that cannabis has to offer and will boost your immune system, energy levels and give you a fresh perspective on life. Some people don’t like the taste of raw cannabis leaf, but you can use it as an additive in your mango smoothies. 



You can even make a psychoactive cannabis smoothie by taking the leaf and mixing it with citrus and coconut juice. While I haven’t tried this yet…many people that I know have tried this and swear by it. 



The only problem with psychoactive cannabis juice is that you’ll be tripping for at least eight hours. It’s like a heavy dose of edibles. 



Finally, one of the biggest benefits of growing your own pot at home is that you get higher from your own stash. The reason is because you have a creator’s bias towards your crop. You have waited patiently for your plants to grow and now that it’s harvest time, there is a psychological expectancy in relation to the effect. In turn, almost every grower gets ‘higher’ on their own stash. 



There are plenty more benefits to growing your own weed such as crop rotations, a surplus of weed and much more. 







Growing your weed at home isn’t all fun and games, there are a few cons to the scenario as well. For some people who don’t have too much privacy at home, issues can arise. 



For instance, at times you could be growing a really stinky crop. A friend of mine had two plants that stank up his entire house. That was some sweet ganja, but if you live in an enclosed space such as an apartment complex, this could generate a few problems. 



Another downside of home growing, especially if you’re doing it indoors is the light expenses. You can remedy this by investing into a few solar panels and batteries but that can definitely increase your initial investment a few hundred dollars. It’s worth it, but still…some people want to grow for cheap. 



Nutrients and pests will also increase costs of operation. In many cases, growing hydroponically will greatly reduce the possibility of pest formation, however it can happen. That’s why you need to have a clean environment to do all your work because I have had crops ruined by spider mites and other nasty critters. 



Finally, since growing weed is an illegal activity, you will have the law to worry about as well. If you’re careful and keep your production to a minimal, you’d probably never have issues with the police…but one snitch neighbor can create some serious issues. That’s why it’s important to keep your growing operation under wraps. I know you want to tell the world, but rather smoke awesome weed you grew without the fear of cops busting down your door. Make it your dirty little secret.



The Bottom Line



Growing your own marijuana doesn’t come without risks, but the benefits far out weight the cons. 



Smoking marijuana might not be addictive…but growing it definitely is. It’s just a different experience and you’ll love to see your sweet babies grow from seed to the wonderful mature lady that will get you high for a long time. 



Always be careful when growing and as mentioned, keep it under wraps unless of course you live in a place where it’s legal…and in that case…grow them as big as you can possibly imagine!










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