cold start dab
cold start dab

What the $^#@$ is a Cold Start Dab?

Dabbing is fun and appealing to consumers who like concentrates, so what is a cold start dab set up?

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cold start dab

Cold start dab, also called reverse dabbing or low-temperature dabbing is a fast-rising cannabis delivery technique. Here, reduced temperatures and an excellent nail surface are needed to introduce the weed into the body. Another fun aspect is that it effectively conserves the flavors and terpenes in your dabs, with very little room for waste.


Definition Cold Start Dab

The name is a bit misleading because the process isn't at all cold. The process of loading a concentrate into a nail, ideally a banger, and heating it into vapor is known as cold start dabbing.

This differs from traditional dabbing (hot dabs), in which the cannabis concentrate is added after the nail has been heated.

Cannabis users who want to improve their terpene flavor profiles frequently use reverse dabs.

Cold start dabbing, on the other hand, is the best way for beginners to learn how to dab because standard dabbing methods make it much easier to overburn and waste concentrates.

Using a dab wand, heat your nail to an ember orange color and then place your concentrates in.

Reverse dabbing is just reversing the steps of placing your concentrates first then heating the nail with wax, shatter, budder, live rosin, or another heat source.

The beauty of cold start dabs is that you can drastically improve the flavor profile (Terpenes) of your concentrates while also conserving your dabs, saving you money.


The Technique of Cold Start Dab

Methods for heating preloaded concentrates on a cold surface have been around for a long time—health stone dabbing, which involves loading concentrates onto a porous stone in a nail, was popular long before quartz nails and low-temperature dabbing.

Cold start dabbing reformats the same concept for a new generation of dabbers who have advanced to better technology, particularly the use of quartz and borosilicates.

Low-temp dabs are traditionally made by preheating a nail and loading concentrates onto it. You can, however, load concentrate onto a cold nail first, then slowly heat it.

To begin, you need proper dab gear and quality concentrate. This includes a banger or a nail, most preferably quartz or ceramic banger. A thermal nail could also work. This unit ensures there's an even distribution of heat when the concentrates are being heated on the cold surface. It is best to invest in a quality rig that would be able to withstand the cold and hot functions in the unit.


The functions of each item in the unit

The dab rig serves as an handle for holding the nail, while the banger or nail is the location of vaporization. The great source is the butane torch, while the danger helped to reduce wastage during the transfer of dabs to the banger from the storage container.

There is a carb cap to confine and keep the heat from escaping the nail. Lastly, for a perfect dabbing process, there are Q-tips for cleaning the nail. Individuals who practice cold start dabbing claim that the bangers are more efficient due to their bucket designs that allow improved heat distribution.


How to reverse dabs

Once you've cleaned your banger and nail, as well as ensure everything is where is ought to be, you can go ahead to; Load your concentrate into the quartz banger or nail once you have your dab gear. You don't want to arson any residuals that have crusted onto the face from last dabs, so the nail must be clean.

Apply the carb or bubble cap to the nail after it has been loaded with concentrate. Activate your torch by slowly toasting up the underside of the nail with flame from a distance. The goal is to raise the temperature to a point where the concentrate begins to bubble and become a vapor. This usually takes less than 10 seconds.

Power down the torch at this point, rotate the cap to create convection and gobble. You should get 1-2 pulls, depending on the quantity and type of concentrate loaded, with a more delectable original pull.

After each session, you must clean the nails. This is done using a plain, dry cotton swab to brush the interiors and remove all leftovers. This is easy to carry out and can be done in seconds. One swab is enough to get the interior cleaned up perfectly. Do not clean the nail while it is still hot or warm. It is also best not to use any solvent, especially alcohol, while cleaning.


Advantages of Cold Start Dabbing

Unlike traditional dabbing, cold start dabbing extends the life of your equipment. This occurs because the nail is not exposed to enough heat, causing it to break. This is the absolute last thing you want because the quartz and borosilicate are both extraordinarily fragile and costly to replace

It's a quick and straightforward way to consume cannabis concentrate, which is useful when you're short on time.

Because you can enjoy all of the smoke, the concentrate retains its flavor, which is not the case with traditional dabs. This is because the low temperature helps preserve the terpenes that give the dab its smell and taste.

Unlike traditional dabbing, the hits from cold start dabbing are much smoother. As a result of being exposed to extremely high temperatures, your lungs and throats should not experience any adverse reactions caused by the concentrate-producing toxins.


The Cons of Cold Start Dabbing

Dabbing cold can waste concentrates; some material can be left in the nail after a hit. This char and residue should be removed and discarded so that you can start your next dab on a clean surface and get the genuine flavor profile of the cannabis.

This method doesn't allow for more than one dab per session, which can be inconvenient if you plan to share your rig with others or want to stock up on concentrates. When you have to wait for the nail to fully cool before cleaning it, the time saved by cold start dabbing is essentially wasted.


Bottom Line

Dabbing cold is a much better way to get acquainted with dabbing. You can make the switch from hot dabs to cold dabs if you want to try something new or if you feel hot dabbing wastes a lot of your concentrates.








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