cannabis dabbing temperatures
cannabis dabbing temperatures

Why You Need To Be Mindful Of Dabbing Temperatures

Why cannabis dabbing temperatures matter with a dab rig

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DanaSmith on Thursday Dec 6, 2018

Why You Need To Be Mindful Of Dabbing Temperatures

Dabbing: it’s trendy, it’s potent, it’s fun…. And it’s hot, literally.


While dabbing cannabis concentrates have become the consumption method of choice for many stoners, it’s critical to know that there is a right and wrong way of doing so. Dabbing, when done correctly, can provide blissful and powerful effects while offering a delicious spectrum of flavors. But it all boils down to the temperatures you’re using to heat your concentrates – this will make the difference between therapeutic cannabis use or potential harm.


Unfortunately, many dabbing enthusiasts aren’t being careful with temps. Far too many like to use sky-high, scorching temperatures. Dabbing is one of the newest ways to consume pot, but some research already shows that high- temperatures are a heated topic; and for good reason.




For one, terpenes. Terpenes are the compounds in plants that give them their unique aroma, and cannabis has its own set of terpenes that also have therapeutic value. But all terpenes are so sensitive to heat that the temperatures you use to dab can have a profound effect on the flavor profile of your concentrates. If you use very high temperatures you’re essentially burning the terpenes off, ruining any flavor which is part of what makes a great dabbing experience in the first place.


Health Risks


There have been a few studies indicating that dabbing at high temperatures could pose a health risk. In 2017, a study conducted by Portland State University researchers discovered that high dabbing temps could expose you to carcinogenic chemicals like benzene and methacrolein; compounds that form in high temperatures above 750F.


Given the health warnings, many dabbers still choose to ignore them and dab at high temperatures for many reasons. Perhaps some choose to do so because they think that concentrates don’t have any plant matter, which means that it can be dabbed at any temperature. Many also believe that doing so helps them get more bang for your buck, but the truth is that doing so can actually pose some health risks.


With the rising popularity of e-nails, it becomes more confusing to know how to dab properly especially if you’re a purist. Staying with low-temperature dabs actually result in more fulfilling highs that just can’t be replicated with high-temperature dabbing, and it assures you that you don’t lose any smoothness and flavor in the process.


Ideal Temperatures


0-300F: Very low


These temperatures defeat the purpose of dabbing because it vaporizes cannabinoids and terpenes only minimally. You basically won’t get to consume any of the therapeutic compounds in your concentrate with these temperatures, plus it will leave you with some oil that produces only a little vapor.



315-450F: Low temps


This is generally the sweet spot for vaporizing cannabinoids as well as terpenes, while allowing you to enjoy it flavor. Dabbing with these temperatures will give you a smooth high that’s also easy on the lungs, resulting in a pleasant flavor yet milder than hot temperatures.


450-600F: Medium temps


If you’re looking for a stronger effect and more pronounced flavor, this is a good middle ground. These temps also produce good combustion and vaporization.


600-900F: High temps


This temperature will result in red hot nails and combustion, resulting in a harsh hit with very thick smoke. Much of the flavor is lost due to the burnt terpenes, so your dab will taste pretty burn.


900F and up: Burned


These temperatures are NOT recommended at all. It could be dangerous to your health, especially your lungs.




Dabbing is a form of consuming cannabis that is meant to deliver a potent high that you can’t reach with other methods of consumption. However, the experience in itself is also supposed to be pleasurable. When you torch your cannabis concentrates to super high temperatures, this eliminates the flavor while reducing the effects that it’s meant to give you. You’re much better off enjoying the high from a strain when dabbing with low temperatures, all the while reducing effects to carcinogens.


When using a vape pen, which have heat settings which you can adjust, you should be experimenting with various settings to find one that works for you.


What do you think about dabbing in high temperatures?


What are the Best Temperatures for Dabbing Concentrates? from CannabisNet on Vimeo.








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