male cannabis plants
male cannabis plants

What to do with your Male Cannabis Plants?

Male Cannabis Plants Still Have Plenty of Value

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Aug 24, 2017

What to do with your Male Cannabis Plants



For all you growers out there, you know that the female plant is your baby. Whenever you see the testicle like pollen sacks on a cannabis plant, you immediately remove it from the grow. This is definitely what you should do, however don’t think for a moment that the male cannabis plant is useless.



Obviously, if you’re going to be growing weed to smoke…you definitely do not want to have a male plant in the midst as it would pollinate the female plants and produce seeds – ultimately reducing the potency of the plants itself.



However, for those of you who would like to scale up your grow operations, the male plant can be very handy.


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Breeding with Males



You know, leaving a male with females will lead to one thing…cannabis sexing supreme! By the time you’re ready to crop, all your buds will be scattered with seeds combining the genetics of both the male and the female plant.



Knowing this, you could use this mechanism to your advantage. A couple of grower buddies of mine simply replant the male away from the females, ensuring that none of the pollen escapes. They then take the pollen sacks and collect the pollen for future use.



Now, let’s say they are growing a particular strain that is quite nice. They would then take the collected pollen from the male plant and gently douse one female plant with it. They then collect those seeds for future grows.


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To do this, you’ll need to create 3 chambers.


  1. Your main grow chamber (this is where your lovely females will be growing)
  2. Your male grow chamber (This is where you’ll leave the male to mature and produce pollen and you need to ensure that it can’t send it’s pollenous love sacks to the females) This is also usually done in a separate room.
  3. The Sex Room – (Some people simply put a female next to the male during the flowering stage to do this, so technically you don’t need three rooms, however if you want to be more efficient with pollen harvesting and cross breeding, creating a sex room would not be a bad idea.)



With this set up, you can start creating your own unique strains, which is always cool. You’d be able to smoke weed that has never been smoked before! Ain’t that something!






If you’re going all out, you could grow hemp for its fibers. Obviously, this would only be recommended for people who want to work with Hemp and do not care about smoking weed. The male plant has softer material than female plants, meaning it’s malleable. In fact, you could produce up to 50,000 goods with hemp if you really get into it.



For most of the people reading this however, this option isn’t that appealing since most here want to smoke weed. However, if you are reading this and looking for a future business to invest in, hemp is definitely going to eclipse the marijuana market…hands down.



We just need to get past these political hurdles and you’ll see that Hemp will become a highly lucrative industry real soon.







A Male plant still produces THC, just at a dismal level. You could go through the entire process of maturing the plant and then simply using the trim and leaf to make hash. It’s definitely not the best use of your time, but it can be done.



This would be a viable option if you’re separating males for cross pollination. Once the male is done, just turn it into a mildly potent form of hash and you’ll get all the benefits from it. You’ll get more concentrated hash from the trim of the female plant, but why deny yourself the hash from the male plant? What’s the alternative…destroy it?




Roots and Other Medical Properties



Finally, the male plant is still cannabis, meaning that there are tons of cannabinoids in it. Some people take the male plant and simply juice it, or use the roots to make salves and balms. Never simply through out a male plant. Use it for what it is…it’s a medicinal plant after all.



Find out how you can use the leaf, the stem and everything else to your advantage. While most growers are always looking for an all-female cast, having a male plant can open up many doors for you.


I have been fortunate and haven’t come across a male plant within my grows as of yet (hope I didn’t jinx it), however if I do, I’ll definitely separate the beast from the ladies and use the same advice I disposed so freely within this article.



The question I have for the community is;


 What do you do with the male plants?


Feel free to follow us on and leave your comments below!












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