hemp market worldwide
hemp market worldwide

Cannabis Is Great, But The Hemp Market Is Worth Billions

Why Hemp Is The Billion Dollar Cash Crop We Were Told About

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Reginald Reefer on Monday Feb 27, 2017

Pot Prophecies: “The Billion Dollar Cash Crop”

The Cannabis Market is Big, but the Hemp Market May be Gigantic! from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


In 1938, Popular Mechanics published an article entitled, “Billion Dollar Crop” in reference to Hemp. At the time, a billion dollars would hold the modern day equivalent of $16,766,111,111.11 based on inflation and all that economic jazz. As of last year, Colorado grossed more than 1 billion dollars in Cannabis sales and the kicker here is, we’re only talking about cannabis – Not Hemp!


As the world sheds their old government induced beliefs and open up to a new era of cannabis, we are seeing society respond the industry quite favorably. In fact, in every state that has legalized cannabis either for medical or recreational use, have seen a growth within the industry. While the government is taking their sweet ass time to legitimize the cannabis industry, people are plunging forward and making it legit by themselves.


The money speaks for itself!


Now, it’s important to make the distinction between cannabis and hemp, since the 1938 article was referring to hemp and not cannabis for recreational or medical purposes. The reason economists back then esteemed hemp to be such a major cash crop was due to it’s 40,000+ uses including making plastics, clothing, food, medicine, textiles, oils and much more. Hell, the first Model T by Ford was built out of hemp and was engineered to run on “Hemp-Gasoline”.


Sadly, today we aren’t taking full advantage of the benefits of hemp in our society. We are only seeing the generated income from consumed cannabis, which is only a small portion of the total power of the plant itself. What would happen if we fully embraced cannabis as part of our society and utilized it for its full potential?


I’ll tell you what would happen. We’d have a shift in the balances of powers like you have never seen before. One of the only reasons why cannabis/hemp is illegal is due to the fact that it can compete with many major industries that have built their empires on the foundations of prohibition. With the ability to make non-toxic plastics, virtually replace all tree-based paper and when mixed with limestone, can become one of the sturdiest and ecologically sound building materials on the planet. Unlike concrete, Hempcrete petrifies overtime, meaning as the time passes, it becomes stronger. This is why there are hemp bridges that has lasted hundreds of years scattered over the world.


A cheaper, longer lasting, ecologically sound alternative seems to be the answer to all our problems in relation to the environment and even the economy, yet here we are crawling through 2017 still having to fight dinosaurs of the past.


While the cannabis market (medical/recreational) certainly is making an impact on society, it is brother Hemp that will revolutionize the scene.


You see, not everyone can have access to oil drills or owns acres upon acres of forest to harvest for paper. This is an exclusive club reserved for the dipshits who prohibited hemp in the past. Sadly, you’re not part of this club.


And even if you had the ability to ‘get into the game’, you’d have to have a substantial amount of money in your pocket to develop it, produce it and turn profit.


When it comes to Hemp, this all changes. Anyone with a few acres of land would potentially be able to grow a shittonne of hemp on it, roughly 3-4 crop outs per year.


Each acre of hemp could yield about 1000 gallons of bio-fuel. In fact, if the US only utilized 6% of their landmass for hemp production, they could be completely independent for fuel. No more need for war in the middle east, no more need to spill millions of gallons into the ocean, no more need for any of that.


And there is where we see the problem (for the oil tycoons). Their current arrangement makes society dependent on their existence. If people could become ‘fuel-independent” then there would be no more need for oil tycoons. This means that their fabricated social importance would quickly dwindle and disappear.


In other words, Hemp levels the playing field. Joe Schmoe from some godforsaken-spot-in-the-middle-of-nowhere could potentially build and empire for himself by acquiring a few acres of land. He could start supplying raw materials to producers, generate jobs all the while helping to save the environment.


But Big-Oil-Tycoon has a problem with this. And thus, we find ourselves where we are today. An entire political system erected to quell the advancement of hemp and cannabis, which threatens their livelihood.


Fortunately, the antiquated system is on its hind legs, fighting for survival and as we continue to reform and advance the cannabis agenda, it will slowly wither into the puddle of shit is has always been. One day, in conjunction with renewable energy sources and hemp production, we will finally be able to drive in the last nail into the coffin of Big Oil and their ilk.


Cannabis has already surpassed it’s billion dollar marker, and when we add hemp to the mix…it’s going to be a pleasant ride.








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