weed tolerance break
weed tolerance break

How to Properly Take a T-Break? (Resetting Your THC Tolerance Levels)

How do you take a THC break in order to lower your tolerance?

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Reginald Reefer on Monday Jan 11, 2021

How to Properly Prepare for a T-Break

how to take a marijuana tolerance break

I’ve written over the concept of a T-Break before, saying how it can benefit you, reset your high and a plethora of different reasons ‘why it’s good’. But it wasn’t until I read this post on Reddit that I realized that I never gave my readers the pathway on “how” to properly prepare for a T-Break.


Oh – what’s a T-Break? The “T” stands for Tolerance not to get too Sesame Street on you. Now, to give a quick summary on why T-Breaks are necessary;


1 – Resetting your Tolerance allows you to get higher for less

2 – A change in dynamics can be a good way to see things from a different perspective

3 – To see how much you actually depend on cannabis

4 – To see if you can

5 – To use it for motivation [I do this for 21-days and then I get to smoke as a prize]


The list goes on. However, while it’s always a good idea to understand motivation, it’s just as important to be able to prepare adequately. Fortunately for us all, “Tom” made this guide – which is very thorough.


I won’t be going through every page since there are 21 of them – but I will be addressing the main themes behind the document.


Week 1 – The Fundamentals of Quitting


This first week is packed with some solid advice. It talks about the functions within your body/mind that might get disrupted if you were to quit cannabis for any period of time.


This particular guide is divided into 3 weeks – which is a pretty decent time to go without weed. I believe the idea behind 21-days is because Behavioral Psychologists claim that it takes roughly 21-days of repition to form a new habit.


Considering that the author published it on a Center for Health & Wellness – [and that he mentions at the end he’s advocating a more balanced approach] – the idea behind the tolerance break is to “break the habit of smoking chronically”.


If you’re a chronic smoker without any interest of taking a T-Break, then you can simply scoff at the rest of this article.


This first week is packed with a lot of solid advice that should get you through the first seven days. The first three days are typically the “roughest” but as this guide reveals – week two things take a turn.


Week 2 – The Side Effects of Quitting


While I personally believe that the peak “discomfort” period for cannabis abstinence is roughly 3-5 days, some people do experience a more pronounced sense of “withdrawal”. There could be various reasons for this.


Nonetheless – Tom does explain in some detail the different types of issues one can experience from abstaining from cannabis. Of course, this will not apply to every person since every human as a unique experience with cannabis – but it does address some of the most common issues including;









These are common themes that many cannabis users share – the advice in there is solid and if it does not apply to you, at least it shows you a particular perspective.


Week 3 – Last Stretch


If you reach this point in your T-Break, you’re almost home free. For most people, by now going without cannabis should not be difficult at all. For some, it still may be hell. It all really depends on whether or not you truly are “addicted” to cannabis or not.


The final week is more a reflective week in Tom’s guide. It’s about connecting with people and concepts, it’s about analyzing your life without cannabis, how it helps, how it deters you from achieving your goals and everything in between.


At the end of the day, the person taking the T-Break has their own motivations and depending on your personal relationship with cannabis – you may have acquired a different appreciation for cannabis.


Nonetheless, on day 20 – Tom talks about those motivations. On day 21 – when you’ve accomplished your goal, Tom simply asks for you to reflect on this time – which is a great piece of advice.


Whenever I do a T-Break, the post-break analysis is key to getting meaning from the experience. It teaches you about yourself in ways I cannot explain in a blog post.


Should you take the T-Break Challenge?


It’s 2021, maybe you’ve been smoking for decades without ever taking a break – maybe it’s time. I am a strong advocate for taking periodic “fasts” from cannabis, even though I consider myself a “lifer”. I will probably be smoking up until I exhale my last breath – if that last breath can have some weed in it, even better!


The point however, is that depending solely on cannabis is not right either. Taking a break from it allows you to clear the cobwebs because even though Mary Jane is a killer plant – she isn’t the only thing on this planet worth while and sometimes, you need some abstinence to gain a fresh new perspective.


Do you think you can go 21-days without weed? Will you take Tom’s challenge? Let me know how it goes!



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