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weed tolerance

What To Do If Your Cannabis Tolerance Is Too High

How To Bring Your Marijuana Tolerance Back Down

Posted by:
BehindTheWaves on Saturday Mar 4, 2017
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What to do when your weed tolerance is too high


cannabis tolerance


If you’ve been smoking pot almost everyday for several years now, you’re probably wondering why it takes so much more to get you high than it did before. This is what happens when you develop a high tolerance to pot; it’s the same thing that happens when you consume other substances too frequently over a long period of time such as coffee and alcohol.



Developing a tolerance to cannabis is normal for chronic users, but there’s a way around it. Read up on our tips to help you manage your tolerance more effectively:



  • Consider going on a tolerance break for a short while. Heavy cannabis use can actually desensitize the receptors found in the nervous system and the brain. A 2002 study revealed that tolerance can happen quickly especially if you’re consuming strains that have a high THC content. Instead of taking a long tolerance break, try taking frequent breaks of 3-4 days at a time. If you can handle a week without it, even better. Cutting back is the most effective way to deal with sky-high tolerance, and trust me - when you get stoned again after your break, it will be pretty epic.




  • Learn the fine art of marijuana microdosing. It simply means taking the smallest possible amount of pot to achieve the necessary effects, especially if you’re taking it for medicinal purposes rather than recreational. If you’re used to smoking an entire joint over lunch, try using a one-hitter instead. Instead of taking a big ass dab, take one smaller one and consciously observe how it makes you feel. Microdoses are a largely underrated method of enjoying cannabis, but this method can also make you appreciate the herb without getting too stoned.


  • Experiment with your cannabinoids. If you’ve been taking strains with a high THC content for the past several months, switch it up and opt for high CBD strains instead. This is a great way to manage your tolerance while still taking in the therapeutic benefits of each cannabinoid; plus you don’t have to go on a tolerance break if you really can’t handle it. THC and CBD both have wonderful yet different effects in the human body. Taking high CBD strains for a change is an effective way of dealing with tolerance.


  • If you’re struggling with cutting down or cutting back, take some supplements. There are many great natural supplements out there that are useful in combating some of the side effects of cutting back from chronic cannabis use, even if you’re microdosing. Some users experience anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness as a result of reducing their cannabis intake; for that there’s melatonin and lavender capsules. Omega-3 fatty acids can also help support the endocannabinoid system, while B-12 vitamins can help you flush out toxins.




  • Use half the size of a dab or the amount of weed that you normally do when preparing for a smoke. It’s not uncommon to see users smoking way more than what’s needed to get a good buzz, but did you know that those last few puffs won’t actually contribute anymore to your hit? With a smaller amount, hold it in for longer and observe how high you can get with less weed.


  • If you’re one of those people who feels the need to smoke several times throughout the day, cut back! Did you know that it’s possible to stay high all day even if you don’t hit a joint every hour? When you do that, all you’re doing is increasing your tolerance and wasting weed.  Smoking top-shelf high THC strains should be able to do the job of keeping you stoned for up to 5 hours at a time.





  • Make smaller joints - if this means you have to go out and buy new papers then do it. Rolling smaller joints will give you the same feeling of accomplishment but in reality, you’re actually already smoking less.


  • Buy a chillum, also known as a one-hitter. A chillum lets you discreetly get a bit of your afternoon fix and because it can only fit exactly that - one hit, you won’t get tempted to go back for seconds, thirds, or fourths. Having a chillum in your pocket also means that you don’t have to carry your entire stash around which will definitely tempt you to smoke even more.



What helps you deal with a high tolerance to pot? Share with us in the comments below!












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