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potbiotics cannabis

Artificial Intelligence Can Now Pick Your Medical Marijuana Strain

PotBiotics Sits Down With Cannabis.net

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jsp1073 on Monday Jul 10, 2017

Artificial Intelligence in Cannabis


Cannabis.net speaks with David Goldstein, CEO and Co-Founder of PotBiotics, a company that uses cannabis research combined with artificial intelligence-based technology to help you find the exact strain you need based on your ailments. Think about PotBiotics as the Siri of weed, and they even have a solution that works for cannabis businesses serve patients better. Read more about it below.


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  1. Combining artificial intelligence and robotics with cannabis research is a revolutionary new way of helping patients receive exactly the kind of medicine they need for their ailments. What inspired you to start your work in this field?


  • Growing up in California, it was clear that the "medical" market was geared more towards adult use. Having a sick family member, it was hard to de-stigmatize cannabis as a medicine, and from living that experience, we wanted to create a solution that elevated the conversation to higher medical standards.



  1. Please tell us more about Nanobot, Brainbot, and Potbot. How can each of these benefit certain patients, especially those with life-threatening conditions?


  • We are currently launching a new website to reflect our new product line for PotBot and PotBotMD. PotBot is meant to be used by patients who have either never medicated or would like to get more clarity on how cannabis affects their medical regimen. By working on the cannabinoid level, we were able to add an extra layer of transparency that isn't currently available in the marketplace. With PotBotMD, we have created a patient relationship management platform that doctors can use to educate patients and to gain a better understanding of the current research done in the medical cannabis field.


  1. How has AI and robotics helped you develop your products? What were the obstacles of integrating AI into your developments?


  • At PotBotics we created a pipeline that automatically pulls in data endpoints relating to cannabis studies. The AI engine works on a graph-reasoning system in order to correlate new studies and patient feedback with ailments and strains. For example, if a new study comes out of Israel linking CBN to improved sleep, our system would correlate high CBN products with insomnia patients. 



  1. Are you also encouraging cannabusinesses and retail operations to use the app to better provide budtenders with smart recommendations? 


  • PotBotics offers a private label tablet solution for dispensaries that helps to automatically recommend products for patients. The white-labeled tablets can be used in the waiting rooms, so that patients can educate themselves before talking with a budtender, or budtenders can carry the tablets around with them to walk patients through the recommendation process. This ensures that dispensaries have the tools to make educated recommendations for patients while also capturing the data on their patient demographics and medication habits.



  1. Please tell us more about the (legal) obstacles you have faced in developing your products and how you overcame them.


  • One of the biggest obstacles we have faced when working in this industry is the fact that each state has a different regulatory landscape. In order to scale technology, it must be done on a state-by-state level. It's important to have industry leaders in the state help dictate how the software integrates with the states' current and potential future legal landscape.



  1. What are the other challenges that you see in the cannabis industry that you hope the app can solve?


  • With over 30,000 different strains available in the marketplace, we hope that our app can help patients understand the benefits of cannabinoids and how they play a role in dictating the medicinal benefits of the strain. Cannabinoids are the backbone of medical marijuana, and educating patients about their benefits is fundamental part of making smart choices when picking a medicine. 



  1. Have you been able to trademark the process? If yes, what was the process like?


  • As a software and technology company, we didn't have any obstacles in our trademark process.



  1. How else can you see AI and robotics contributing to wellness and cannabis businesses in the future? 


  • Because cannabis is such a new field of research, artificial intelligence can help with the predictive analytics needed to better understand how cannabis is used as a medicine. By building a system that looks at correlations of studies and patient outcomes, we can begin to formulate personalized medication outside of the original botanical form





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