cannabis tea and coffee pods
cannabis tea and coffee pods

Cannabis Coffee and Tea For Your Keurig Machine With BrewBudz

Cannabis Infused Coffee and Tea Pods Are Here

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HighChi on Friday Oct 13, 2017

Cannabis Coffee and Tea For Your Keurig Machine With BrewBudz




Kurt:                                      A great day at We are live in Las Vegas for the Brewbudz Cannabis Coffee Launch, and if you're not familiar with Brewbudz, they have a very special product that goes in your Keurig coffee machine to make cannabis coffee and cannabis tea. I am here live with Jeffrey Paul, in charge of the Brewbudz show here in Las Vegas. Welcome back, Jeffrey. Tell us, what's new since the last time we were here with with the Brewbudz brand?


Jeffrey Paul:                       Hey, thanks Kurt and welcome back to Las Vegas. We've been working on getting everything ready to launch. We are now delivering, first our teas into the dispensaries in Las Vegas. They're live, they're going and we're going to see some of the production here today. What our team is doing, both the Brewbudz's, Ken Abeneer's team, and the product development, and also our Silver State Wellness people here in Las Vegas were actually doing the production for us. We'll take you inside and give you a little show of what we've got going and have a further discussion about it.


Kurt:                                      And just to update everyone, we will be going live right now in the factory. We'll be hitting a dispensary a little later to talk to the bud-tenders who are selling the product, and then we will actually try it live on the air in a little bit, later on today. So join us for all three videos but let's go check out what a coffee cannabis factory looks like.


Jeffrey Paul:                       Come on in.


Kurt:                                      Alright.   Alright, walk us through what we've got going on here, in the famous Brewbudz.


Jeffrey Paul:                       This is the Silver State Wellness team that's doing the manufacturing for us. Over in the far corner is where the large bowls are, is where they fill and get the pods ready. From there they come over to this pod-sealing equipment. It's a specialized piece of equipment specifically to fill, to seal the pods prior to going into the final packaging stage. You see she puts the band, it goes in, it seals them and then they'll come out the side.


Kurt:                                      As you can see we have a lot of pods already done. You can see right here, this is the tea manufacturing we're currently at right now. So tell me about what kind of tea is in here.


Jeffrey Paul:                       Well the tea that we have currently in the dispensaries is a black tea blend with tropical fruit and flower and marigolds, blue safflower in it. So it's a black tea blend that's a little lighter, a little fruitier, a little sweeter. That's infused with tangerine dream so it's a nice uplifting.  What you're looking at there will be the next one to come out. That'll probably be out in the dispensaries in the next two weeks, that is what we call "Sweet Dreams" tea. It's chamomile with mint and also is eucalyptus, in has Indica in it. Nice, relaxing evening tea before you go to bed. We feel also, many people with sleep disorders will enjoy this.


Kurt:                                      What other brands of tea? You have a sleep disorder tea for people to help them at night. What is the next tea to come out after that?


Jeffrey Paul:                       Those are the two teas we're coming out with right now. We'll start with those two teas and that [inaudible 00:03:44]. Those two teas, our caffeinated arabica blend coffee and then also decaf coffee. That is four.


Kurt:                                      Let me take a smell. Wow that smells great. That is a nice looking pod. So this pod actually goes right in your Keurig.


Jeffrey Paul:                       You just take the pods, you take any of the Keurig, you hit the button, you drop the pod in, and push the button to brew. Within about 60 seconds you have a nice hot tea with a little bit of cannabis in there.


Kurt:                                      Eddie Cruz would like to know, "When can I get it in California?"


Jeffrey Paul:                       California will be up and operating, we're in the process of building out our facility there, which should be up and operating delivering product in California in December.


Kurt:                                      We're looking at December, Eddie. That's in December.  Let's take a walk around this way then and we will show people-


Jeffrey Paul:                       And after they've been packaged here all of them do get flow wrapped. They put into individual wrapping, and then they will be boxed.


Kurt:                                      Similar to this?


Jeffrey Paul:                       Yes.


Kurt:                                      This is what your box will look like.


Jeffrey Paul:                       Correct.


Kurt:                                      In the dispensary?


Jeffrey Paul:                       Correct.


Kurt:                                      Okay.


Jeffrey Paul:                       And I'll show you one at the dispensary. The other thing these boxes are missing is the child tampering ... the tamper evidence seal, which also gives you information on the strain that's inside the box.


Kurt:                                      Let's take a look at where it all gets put together. As you can see there, Brewbudz launched about a week ago in Nevada only, right now. Dispensaries are currently carrying the product. The boxes are going out, and you can see ... Tell me about what kind of teas we have going on over here.


marijuana teas

Jeffrey Paul:                       This right here is the chamomile tea. You want to give it a smell?


Kurt:                                      Let's smell that.


Jeffrey Paul:                       You smell the mint?


Kurt:                                      That's minty.


Jeffrey Paul:                       You can smell the eucalyptus in it. This has been ground a little finer than a regular tea because of the fact that it is going into the Keurig machine so you do need to grind it a little finer.


Kurt:                                      Oh, that's interesting. I didn't know that.


Jeffrey Paul:                       This is our black tea blend. You can see the blue safflower there. You can see the marigold in there. That has the tropical fruit.


Kurt:                                      Let's smell that one.


Jeffrey Paul:                       That is fantastic. That is an iced tea also. If you brew it ... if you have the patience, which most of us don't, to put it in the refrigerator and let it cool it's a spectacular iced tea also.


Kurt:                                      Wow. Excellent. And so we have full production of tea and coffee going on right now. And as you can see the budz themselves, the pods ... here's where they all get put in nicely.   Let's see if we can get ... Let's get our favorite scientist. Come on Brittany. For those of you who don't remember our first Brewbudz video, we have the head of science. We're actually going to go into one of their side rooms just so we can hear ... Welcome, our chief scientist, Brittany. Back again.


Brittany :                              Hi.


Kurt:                                      Brittany, last time we talked to you ... For those that don't know, I think there's a feeling that cannabis coffee and tea ... what's the big deal? Why can't I just pour a little bit of cannabis oil or a little bit of butter in my tea and just stir it around? Why do you ... What's the science and why do you work so hard on this product?


Brittany :                              The idea is for you to get a little bit of the cannabis in each sip, right? If you just were to put your butter or just your oil in your tea or coffee, it's just going to float on top. You're going to make sure you lick real good.


Kurt:                                      Okay.


Brittany :                              Otherwise you're going to be missing out on everything you're looking for.


Kurt:                                      So THC is not water-soluble


Brittany :                              No.


Kurt:                                      And to kind of bring people up to speed, if you do that they'll be an oil slick on your coffee and tea. It does not mix well.


Brittany :                              No.


Kurt:                                      So that has been your challenge.


Brittany :                              That has been my challenge.


Kurt:                                      We're in dispensaries. We have tea and coffee out there. People are buying it. How do you feel? How's the process been? It's been a few months ...


Brittany :                              It's been a long few months. For a scientist, it's been a fabulous time for me. Because that's what we love to do, is get into the lab and see what doesn't work and what does work and have a grand old time. However, the bosses would prefer that I find out what works.


Kurt:                                      Yes, that would be good for the bottom line.


Brittany :                              Yeah. But for me, it's just more science exploration. Basically we had to figure out, how do you trick the cannabis into getting along with water using food instead of chemicals and using food that is generally accepted as more in the natural, green, organic land? So we had to scour the earth to find different ingredients that would contribute to getting the cannabis emulsified throughout the cup so in every sip you're getting a dose and you don't have to lick your coffee mug to try to make sure you get everything. It's all inside of the liquid and it goes right down into your stomach. We've even so that it can survive the acidity in your stomach and get into the intestines so that you have a longer lasting effect.


Kurt:                                      Speaking of effects, you led me right into the next question. Someone tries a coffee or tea, when would the benefits or feelings start? Is it like an edible where it's going to be a delay? And how long would it last, if someone does one pod?


Brittany :                              Well there's a little bit of sublingual absorption. It depends on if you hold it in your mouth, how your body is. Everyone's different. Some people will see an effect after 15 minutes, other people will see it after there is the gastric dump, which is the 30-45 minutes depending on the average person because everyone's different. Once it moves past the stomach, which is 30-45 minutes, then you'll really start feeling things.


Kurt:                                      And how long?


Jeffrey Paul:                       We've been doing some trials [inaudible 00:09:34] surveys on it and what we're seeing is about 90% of people have said it's either 30 minutes or less or 30-45 minutes that they've been feeling the effects. So the onset of the Brewbudz.


Kurt:                                      Now the sleep tea, hopefully you'll fall asleep by then.


Brittany :                              Yeah.


Kurt:                                      But what about if it's a coffee and you're awake? How long would the effects last, roughly?


Brittany :                              It varies from person to person, but on average we've been hearing five, six, all the way up to eight hours.


Kurt:                                      Eight hours.


Brittany :                              Some people have said 12. I had some friends try it out and they-


Kurt:                                      They were okay for 12 hours?


Brittany :                              Yeah.


Kurt:                                      Alright.


Jeffrey Paul:                       That varies greatly from individual to individual. Depends on their cannabis consumption and it's also ... obviously somebody that's used to a higher dose, I mean these are ten milligram products-


Kurt:                                       Okay, ten milligrams.


Jeffrey Paul:                       They're not going to be getting that type of an effect. Somebody who's a light user, who is a light doser, will feel it more. And the length of the effect varies from individual to individual.


Kurt:                                      Gotcha.


Brittany :                              And it's also not your typical edible where it's like a straight hit high. You're definitely going to feel a full body effect there.


Kurt:                                      On the CBD side, heavier CBD strains is what you started with?


Brittany :                              No.


Kurt:                                      Or what did you


tangerine dream

Jeffrey Paul:                       No, we used the tangerine dream in the black tea, our Garden of Eden tea is tangerine dream.


Kurt:                                      Okay.


Jeffrey Paul:                       Which is a Sativa. No there is no CBD in there. Our Sweet Dreams tea is Fire OG which is an Indica, so we are not doing the ones at this point. That's for the future.


Brittany :                              You're going to basically experience a delayed effect of what you would feel when you're smoking a flower.


Kurt:                                      Okay.


Brittany :                              So.


Kurt:                                      Alright sounds good. So we will come back to Brewbudz a little later today at a dispensary with a box that's for sale. And we will see what it looks like in the dispensary. And hopefully we'll have someone purchase one and we want to go live and try this tea or coffee in front of the whole community. So I thank you for your time. Second video will be coming up from a dispensary here in Nevada where there actually is Brewbudz coffee and tea being sold. You can get it now, it is for sale if you're in Nevada. As Eddie answered, when in California? Hopefully by the end of the year, December it'll be available in California and we'll update you on some of the other states a little later. Stay tuned for the dispensary. Thank you guys.


Jeffrey Paul:                       Thank you.


Kurt:                                      In Las Vegas, check out this awesome THC wall right here. And we have our good friend from Brewbudz, Mr Jeff Paul to tell us, what is it like to be in a dispensary in Las Vegas with our product?


medizin las vegas

Jeffrey Paul:                       Kurt it's wonderful. We're finally here. We're at Medizin Planet 13. One of the nicest dispensaries in the city and it's got a very good reputation, especially on the medical side. Now let me introduce you to Tanya Luken, VP and director of sales, correct?


Tanya Luken:                     Correct. Yes.


Jeffrey Paul:                       This is her building.


Kurt:                                      Alright tell me about Medizin The Dispensary? We're in Las Vegas, by the way, everybody. So we're about to go in one of the nicest dispensaries in Vegas.


Tanya Luken:                     Welcome, this is Medizin and Planet 13, so we are both a medical and recreational store. We'd love to give you a tour.


Kurt:                                      Let's check it out. For those that have never seen inside of a dispensary or been to Las Vegas ...


Tanya Luken:                     You're in for a treat.


Kurt:                                      This is a treat.


Tanya Luken:                     So we have a full service dispensary. Full line of edibles, vapes, flower, and now Brewbudz.


Kurt:                                      Brewbudz.


Tanya Luken:                     Right this way.


Kurt:                                      Alright, show us a dispensary.


Tanya Luken:                     Over here, this is our edibles. For those of you that like gummies and chocolates and goodies.


Kurt:                                      Alright. Now I see some Dixie Elixirs, I see a nice mix of some cookies, some gummies ...


Tanya Luken:                     Yes, all of the above.


Kurt:                                      Since recreational's come in, what are some of your biggest edible sellers?


Tanya Luken:                     Our top seller is probably our peach gummy rings, and no doubt our Dixie chocolate bars and elixirs have been a hit as well.


Kurt:                                      Gotcha.


Tanya Luken:                     Alright.


Kurt:                                      Take us through some of your flowers. I'm showing everyone around the world.


Tanya Luken:                     Alright I'm going to do a quick tour of vapes, is that cool?


Kurt:                                      Go ahead.


Tanya Luken:                     Okay so we'll just go down here. Vaping is really in right now, anything that's grab and go for Vegas tourists especially. They love those so right this way. We also feature a full line of different concentrates so if that's your thing we make a lot of in-house shatter resins.


Kurt:                                      Look at that.


Tanya Luken:                     Yes.


Kurt:                                      People are liking the shatter. What's some of your more popular shatter strains or products or ...


Tanya Luken:                     I would say some of our more popular strains ... We've got a Panama Live Resin people really love.


Kurt:                                      The live resin, yep.


Tanya Luken:                     I would say our Irene shatters. They're all really good. They taste a lot like our Flower. Great flavor, great strength.  So over here we have our Flower.


Kurt:                                      Alright. This is what everybody loves to see.


Tanya Luken:                     Yep.


Kurt:                                      How many strains do you have on stock and are ready to be bought today?


Tanya Luken:                     We have probably about 30 strains or more in store and if you keep going, we have different vendors featured here with Shango, Matrix-


Kurt:                                      I see Shango.


Tanya Luken:                     Nature's Chemistry, Prime Cannabis, those are some key partners of ours. So as you go ...


Kurt:                                      What's one of some of the more popular recreational strains so far even though we're early on in rec? What do you find recreational users liking.


Tanya Luken:                     If you make your way down here, some of our strains that we actually grow right across the street I'd say some of our top sellers, actually number one seller in the store is Chloe.


Kurt:                                      Chloe, okay.


Tanya Luken:                     So award-winning Satima for us, we're really proud of that. We also have Mango Kush, Million Dollar Baby is a hot one right now. Yes.


Kurt:                                      That's a great name.


Tanya Luken:                     Crossed with Animal Cookies and Cherry Pie. So that's great flavor as well. And then our Blue is Beautiful, and Ocean Grown Kush bred. I would say those are some of the hot sellers right now.


Kurt:                                      And you have your own cultivation here in Nevada.


Tanya Luken:                     We do.


Kurt:                                      So do you grow ... how many of these strains are grown in your cultivation?


Tanya Luken:                     At least ten of them that you're seeing right now, but it always changes, so every month we've got another new strain that's coming in.


Kurt:                                      Looking at some of those names. Hells OG, Tangilope ...


Tanya Luken:                     A lot of beautiful Flower from our partners as well. And then we actually have someone in store right now that is looking to buy Brewbudz for the very first time.

brewbudz box

Kurt:                                      Alright let's check out a Brewbudz box.


Tanya Luken:                     If you don't mine interrupting the sale, Trevor.


Trevor:                                 What I have here for you is going to be the Tangerine Dream. Now you're going to get three individual ten milligram pods out of the Tangerine Dream. So what you can do is you just put them inside ... they're all composable right here for you, so you can end up getting biodegradable aspects out of it. It's going to be for more your morning time use. You get three of the pods at ten milligrams a piece. It's all made with Flower as well so you're getting a little bit more of a nice body buzz with a nice cerebral head high.


                                                It's not going to be as lethargic as what an edible might do in the morning. You're not going to sit there and wait about 2.5 hours for it to set in. It activates within about you know 35, 45 minutes at times. And you start to feel a little bit more of a buzz. It's a nice cerebral style high. It doesn't have a heavy come down with it. And it's all made with Flower as well so ...


Manny:                                Awesome. 


Trevor:                                 It's not going to have a heavier effect to it as well.


Manny:                                I've been looking for these. I'm glad that we carry them here and I have somewhere to come a purchase them at. Ten milligrams a piece, that's awesome to get your day going.


Trevor:                                 Absolutely.


Manny:                                Especially being a Sativa based tea, that'll really get those creative juices flowing so looking forward to..


Trevor:                                 We are going to have coffees as well coming up here in the future, hopefully. We're going to be hooking you up with free [inaudible 00:17:18] as well on the side of it for trying to purchase it for the first time.


Manny:                                Awesome. Also there's a pre-rolling side as well?


Trevor:                                 Not inside, it will be given to you on the side.


Manny:                                Awesome. So you can actually the flower that's made with it.


Trevor:                                 [inaudible 00:17:31] So you end up finding the ... yeah ...


Manny:                                That's awesome.


Kurt:                                      Alright. Well Medizin is one of the dispensaries here in Las Vegas that you can actually go and get the Brewbudz brand Keurig cups for tea as well as their coffee. And show us a little bit about the packaging. It's obviously child-proof. What else is on there? Is it the ...


Manny:                                So you've got the strain labels, so it's letting you know that it's a Sativa. That's good to know, I don't want to mix up and Indica when I'm waking up in the morning ... [crosstalk 00:17:57] and go right back to sleep. It's nice that they have that there. Also mentions if it's a tea, coffee, or which beverage it would be, which I like. Awesome packaging though. Gives you all the directions and stuff that you need on the side. So that's cool.


Kurt:                                      I think we should buy a box and try it. Do you mind if we come with you and do a taste test?


Manny:                                Absolutely not. I'm excited. Let's do it.


Kurt:                                      Hopefully everyone wants to try out the coffee, the tea, and let's go see what this is made of.


Manny:                                Go Brewbudz.


Kurt:                                      We'll check back in, in a few minutes after we buy a box. We're going to do a live testing for the first time on social media. Cannabis coffee. Get ready.


Manny:                                Let's ring it up.


Kurt:                                      Perfect.


                                                It's Kurt with We're at the magical moment we've all been waiting for in this beautiful home in Las Vegas, for an actual home brew of our favorite Brewbudz Keurig. We're going to be doing tea today. How'd you guys get here? That's crazy! Manny's here.


Jeffrey Paul:                       We've been waiting for you.


Kurt:                                      I just saw this box. Alright let's take a look at what we have. What do we have here, Manny?


Manny:                                We have the Tangerine Dream Sativa version of their tea. It's going to be a Brewbudz signature blend, so let's give it a shot. See how it is.


Kurt:                                      Alright. This is live Cannabis Keurig tea. We also make coffee, we bought some tea today on some request from our European fans to see how the Cannabis tea comes out. So this is the new Keurig, this is the latest Keurig machine, I believe it's the 2.0. Comes in a nice pod like this.   Looks good, let's open it up. Looks good. How's that smell? Give me a smell check.


Manny:                                Smells amazing.


Kurt:                                      And this is with the Tangerine ...


Manny:                                Nice and fruity.


Jeffrey Paul:                       Tangerine Dream. Yeah.


Kurt:                                      Tangerine Dream. This is going to be a nice Sativa tea?


Jeffrey Paul:                       It's a black tea blend with a little bit of tropical fruit and also flower. It has some Marigolds, and Blue Safflower. Give it a little lighter flavor than a regular tea. Just a tad bit sweeter too.


Manny:                                Smells absolutely amazing.


Kurt:                                      Look so we're going in. Here's our Keurig for those. Looks good. Now this is a little different on the environmentally friendly. Can you tell us a little bit about that?


cannabis coffee pods

Jeffrey Paul:                       As you noticed the pod, it was not plastic. It's a mesh and what looks like a plastic ring is actually a bio-resin that's made from the chaff, from the coffee when you dry it. It's a hundred percent compostable, once it comes out of there if you put it into a municipal composting facility, in as little as five weeks it goes from being trash as most K-cups are, to being fertilizer you can use for your tomatoes.


Kurt:                                      Okay.


Jeffrey Paul:                       Something completely natural.


Kurt:                                      So this is biodegradable, not hurting the environment.


Jeffrey Paul:                       No, compostable. Even better than biodegradable.


Kurt:                                      What's the difference for those ...


Jeffrey Paul:                       Compostable, it breaks down, it's actually beneficial for the soil. You can use it in your garden ... biodegradable, it just deteriorates over time. This is done quickly.


Kurt:                                      And this is a fully cup of Cannabis tea, right out of the Keurig. And let's see. What does the pod look like when it's all done? Just to show people that don't have Keurigs what we're talking about being compostable. So if you flip that over you'll see it does not have the plastic, which has been part of the Keurig's story that people don't like in landfills, like some of these cups for example. This one is compostable, so that will break down and you're not hurting the environment. We have a very nice Sativa tea here that we're going to try. I don't know how hot it is, Manny, but let's see what you think.


Manny:                                Let's give it a shot.


Kurt:                                      To be fair we did brew a little bit of extra tea here so if everybody can grab a cup, and get some initial reactions. I know it might be a little warm. I will yes. I will try that. Let's start with, Manny's might be a little warm here. We'll give him a second.


Manny:                                Definitely.


Kurt:                                      Alright.


Manny:                                It's steaming there for sure.


Kurt:                                      I was going to say. I bet the review will be good, but let's check it out.


Jeffrey Paul:                       This is actually one of my favorite teas. Yes, it's very good.


Kurt:                                      Now, do you have a cannabis taste to it. Let's see.


Tanya Luken:                     Hmm.


Kurt:                                      Because that's one of the things people want to know. "Am I going to be tasting Cannabis leafs?" Is there a Cannabis smell that kids would smell or your friends would say, "Who's got the stash?"


Tanya Luken:                     No it smells like an herbal tea, actually just had some regular tea this morning and this is very comprable. Just beautiful flavor.


Kurt:                                      Very clear.


Tanya Luken:                     Very clear.


Kurt:                                      Alright, and Manny what do you think. Are you a tea guy?


Manny:                                I am actually. I like it to relax, I like it to get me going, get those creative juices flowing. This is amazing. Nice and crisp on the flavor, you can taste the fruit flavors that go into it.


Kurt:                                      A very fruity smell for those that can't smell it in here. It's a very fruity smell. The serving size ... full cup ... how much THC or cannabis are we talking about?


Jeffrey Paul:                       There's ten milligrams of THC in each serving. The serving size will depend on your setting, on your Keurig, whether its eight, ten ounce, or twelve ounce. The THC content will not change. One of the other things you've got to keep in mind in this, because it is a Flower based edible, it's not just THC. You get the other canavenoids, terpenes that are in the Flower in your cup of coffee too. So you get the full entourage effect.


Kurt:                                      So ten milligrams is about a standard cup and for some people that will seem just right. Other people, if you have a higher tolerance may not be quite as strong.


Jeffrey Paul:                       Right.


Kurt:                                      But that's a good place to start.


Jeffrey Paul:                       And somebody that's sensitive or smaller or ... it might be too much. So they drink half a cup or so. We always recommend; start light and adjust as you need.


Kurt:                                      Tanya, is being in charge of Medizin The Dispensary in Las Vegas, where do you see this in a product line for your clientele coming in? It would appeal to who?


Tanya Luken:                     I think it would appeal to really all age groups. Anyone that does enjoy that coffee or tea in the morning whether you're a traveler. A lot of the rooms actually have the little Keurig pods. At home, we get a lot of locals as well. I think they're really going to enjoy this.A lot of people coming into The Dispensary on Saturday in their sweats with a cup of coffee or tea so, Brewbudz is just that next natural progression.


Kurt:                                      Is this non-GMO? Question coming in. Is there any GMO? The tea leaves? Do we know?


Jeffrey Paul:                       The tea leaves are sourced out of Asia, I believe so, will not commit to it.


Kurt:                                      Gotcha. Gotcha. Adrian Johnson wants to know, are they doing free samples? There is a promotion coming up this weekend, actually.


Tanya Luken:                     There is a promotion.


Kurt:                                      What do we have going on at Medizin?


Tanya Luken:                     From 10-1 we will actually have Brewbudz in store. There has been talk of un-infused samples. I can't confirm that yet but we're hoping that will be the case. I would love for everyone to be able to try this.


Kurt:                                      So that's this weekend.


Tanya Luken:                     That's tomorrow.


Kurt:                                      Tomorrow.


Tanya Luken:                     Yeah.


Kurt:                                     If you're in Nevada-


Jeffrey Paul:                       I will confirm that. Yes we will have un-infused samples there for anybody to try.


Kurt:                                      Okay so if you'd like to try it you certainly can come and if you're in Nevada or coming to Las Vegas tonight or tomorrow, Medizin is the dispensary. Brewbudz will be there tomorrow with samples, and you can actually buy your own packaging. So are they in Reno's dispensaries yet, Bill would like to know.


Jeffrey Paul:                       Yes they are, a number of different dispensaries up in Reno yes, do have it.


Kurt:                                      Okay, so they are in dispensaries Bill. I know you live in North Carolina so tell us the expansion plans for Brewbudz now. Where can people get, and try this as far as California, Massachusets, legal states?


Jeffrey Paul:                       Nevada's our first launch. California will be up and operating buy the end of the year. Colorado about the same time frame. That'll be followed by Washington, Arizona and Oregon in the following months. And then over the next 18 months we will be adding 12 more states in the East Coast is definitely where we'll be going.


Kurt:                                      Sounds good. Unfortunately, Adrian, they will not ship to non-legal states. At this time we are not. But hey maybe we'll have a change in Federal law here coming up. Pennsylvania?


Jeffrey Paul:                       Pennsylvania is definitely one of the states we're interested in and that's still being settled as to what their laws will be in the final. But we are definitely evaluation Pennsylvania for the next round.


Kurt:                                      Excellent. Well we hope you enjoy this Brewbudz special, and we'd like to thank Medizin in the Las Vegas dispensary. If you'd like to buy a box of coffee or tea again, compostable in your Keurig. You're actually seeing Cannabis tea and coffee made for the first time online with If you have any question you can certainly check out the Brewbudz website as well as their social media pages and how else can they contact you?


Jeffrey Paul:                       Through the website by all means. Also one thing I want to mention is over the next three months we have a program where if you register on our website you go into a drawing. We're going to be giving away every month for the next three months, Brewbudz for a year. So one box of Brewbudz every week for the next 12 months. That'd be the easiest way is through either our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or our webpage.


Kurt:                                      Gotcha. And how would someone, if they'd like to come tomorrow to Medizin, how would the get there? What's the address? Any specials going on?


Tanya Luken:                     So the address is 4850 West Sunset Road. You will see Medizin and Planet 13 on the outside of our building. We open at 10am. We are open tomorrow until 8pm. Just simply come in. Check in, and ask for Brewbudz.


Kurt:                                      Alright. Sounds good. Well thank you everybody for your time. Thank you Manny for being our tester.


Manny:                                I wish there was a smell cam here so you guys could smell it.


Kurt:                                      Yeah it does smell. Very fruity.

Manny:                                Another neat thing I wanted to add too, they also throw in a free pre-roll of the strain that's used in the tea so you actually get a sample it that way which is a really neat idea as well.


Kurt:                                      So if you come into Medizin tomorrow it is a pre-rolled Flower. You'll get the same Flower that's put in the actual pod. So you can come in, get a little bonus for trying it out and you can't order online. You need to be in Nevada at this time with California coming on. Can you get high on this drink?


Jeffrey Paul:                       It all depends on your sensitivity. Ten milligrams is a small dose, it's what's permitted legally in edibles in most states for an individual dose. Somebody who's a light user, they'll definitely feel it. Somebody who's a heavier doser, medical user, they may not.


Kurt:                                      To be clear you do have different variations. One's a heavy Indica for anxiety, sleeping. And there is a Sativa coffee to kind of pick you up.


Jeffrey Paul:                       Right.


Kurt:                                      So if you're looking for that high effect, you would go more toward your Sativa type one.


Jeffrey Paul:                       The black tea that we're sampling with the Tangerine Dreams is in the store now. The Sweet Dreams tea with the Indica will be available in the next two weeks.


Kurt:                                      It is better than drinking alcohol, John, you're absolutely right. Smells a lot better too, I'll tell you that. Alright thank you to everybody, thank you to the fans watching. Like I said if you can get to Nevada-


Tanya Luken:                     Cheers to Brewbudz.


Kurt:                                      Brewbudz and come see Medizin and then get ready because they'll be launching ...


Tanya Luken:                     Tomorrow.


Kurt:                                      Tomorrow. Robin, great question right here. "Is it available as a regular tea bag?" Non Keurig.


Jeffrey Paul:                       Today no, in the next three months we will have version, yes.


Kurt:                                      Yes so there is a non Kuerig tea bag and coffee packet coming, so for those ...


Jeffrey Paul:                       In the next three months it'll be coming.


Kurt:                                      And that's in Nevada first?


Jeffrey Paul:                       We'll launch it in all the markets we'll have up at that point so I would assume California and Colorado would get it at the same time.


Kurt:                                      Okay so yeah it is coming. There will be a non-Keurig version so a tea bag. Adrian Johnson would like to know, "What are your views on the new bill about the edibles not being able to be made in animal, human or insect shapes?" Is that a Nevada ... Maybe you're the person to talk to so.


Tanya Luken:                     How do I feel about it? Well it's the law so we have to follow it. We just don't want anything to be kid friendly. So everything needs to look professional and packaged as such so unfortunately the fruit shapes I know are fun but we just got to keep it business.


Kurt:                                      Now was it Colorado or California, there's no more, even the names. No more Girl Scout Cookies not more Cinderella? You can't use that. There's certain-


Jeffrey Paul:                       I think that's Colorado.


Tanya Luken:                     It occurs by state.


Kurt:                                      Okay.


Tanya Luken:                     But we have strict regulations here and of course we have to follow them.


Kurt:                                      Absolutely. Thanks for your time. We're going to enjoy this tea and hopefully check out Brewbudz and come by Medizin tomorrow and meet them. Thanks everybody.


Jeffrey Paul:                       Thank you, Kurt.




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