cananbis keurig cups
cananbis keurig cups

Cannabis Infused Coffee For Your Keurig Machine - BrewBudz Is Here

Keurig Cannabis Coffee and Cannabis Tea Is Real

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HighChi on Wednesday May 3, 2017

Did you know cannabis infused coffee is here, and Nevada is the first place you can get a cup to fit right into your Keurig machine?

Cannabis Coffee Drinks Will Be a Monster Hit from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


Brewbudz (See them at is the first mover in a what is sure to be a massive market for coffee infused cannabis coffee, as well as cannabis infused tea. got invited into the Nevada factory for a sneak peak right before launch on how cannabis infused Keurig cups are going to be made, all the way from the cannabis strain selection to the filling of the cups.   Nevada is just the first step for Brewbudz as California, Oregon, and Washington are soon to follow.


Do you love coffee?


Do you love cannabis?


Do you love science and how the figure out how to get cannabis into a water soluable, water friendly form?


Watch this behind the scenes video to find out more about Brewbudz and cannabis infused coffee and tea!


00:00 Kurt: Las Vegas, Nevada. We have a lot of interest, tons of interest right now in cannabis-infused coffee, and these guys are the leaders of the cannabis-infused coffee space. I am in the Nevada secret laboratory, as we like to call,'s secret access to what could be in your Keurig cup, at least if you live in Nevada, very shortly. And I am going to introduce you to the guy who is bringing it to Nevada, Jeff Paul. How are you? Welcome to


00:33 Jeff Paul: Hey, Kurt. How you doing? Well, welcome to our pod room, as we call it. This is where we're doing the manufacturing here for Nevada.


00:40 Kurt: Alright, so we are manufacturing Keurig-based pods that fit cannabis-infused coffee and tea, as we found out earlier. So tell me about... How did the idea come about for you? When was the "a-ha" moment that this is what you wanted to do in the cannabis niche?


00:54 JP: Well, the whole birth of this is behind our founder... Is Mike Hayford, that his brother had cancer, and the interest in the... Excuse me here.


01:08 Kurt: No, go right ahead.




01:10 JP: Is the interest in how cannabis can help him. I got involved also... I'm also a cancer survivor. Although I wasn't able to use cannabis when I went through it is... That was the inspiration for it. But what we were looking for is... What Mike really focused on in the start of this was a product that was healthy. Is that... In the edibles market right now, the majority of it is sweet, it's sugary, it's unhealthy. So we were trying to look for products that are good for the person, good for the earth, and that's what brought us to Brewbudz. 'Cause it's a 100% natural, fully compostable product. The pods are fully compostable. It is... So we're able to bring something that's good for you, good for the earth to the market.


01:55 Kurt: Alright, and where do you see the coffee niche as far as the cannabis space, as far as demand, say in the next five years. Is this gonna be in everyone's kitchen? We'll just say in Nevada or where... How do you think this is gonna flow? Are you guys gonna be 24 hours a day ramping up here or... 'Cause coffee's huge. Coffee is everyone's favorite morning drink.


02:13 JP: Well, if you look at a couple of things here, is one, coffee is the second-largest rated commodity in the world after petroleum. And tea, our other product, is the second-largest consumed beverage in the world after water, so the potential for the markets is huge. And when you compare the coffee sales, just coffee sales, to chocolate sales in the non-medicated market, it's about five times the size of chocolate, so...


02:40 Kurt: Wow, so we're talking.


02:41 JP: So the potential is great, and...


02:43 Kurt: So I assume this is...


02:44 JP: So we'd like to see it in everybody's home.


02:46 Kurt: And I assume this is not as easy as just taking some flour and mixing it... Grinding it up and mixing it in with your ground-up coffee, so you must have some science involved and some real brainpower, correct?


02:58 JP: This has become much more complicated than we ever expected when we first started it. But we feel we've finally gotten to the point where we're ready to launch. And yes, we have had some science, a lot of science behind it. We have two people on staff that have worked with us closely, Britney House, who's our pharmaceutical chemist, and also Camille McKinley, who is our food scientist. And they're here with me today.


03:26 Kurt: If we could ever talk to them... Hey, what do you know? Here they are.



03:29 Kurt: Ladies, who'd like to go first and explain how you got a job dealing with cannabis and coffee? [chuckle]


03:39 Camille McKinley: Well, I moved back to Nevada to be here for my son who is a disabled adult in a group home. And I was looking for work in the food industry, and a job happened to open up here, and I applied for it, and I got it...


03:54 Kurt: And you're enjoying your time here getting ready for launch. Alright.


03:57 CM: Absolutely, absolutely.


03:57 Kurt: And on the science side, when you saw the job come up or maybe you could explain how you came into the cannabis niche.


04:05 Britney House: I came to Nevada because my mother moved here and she's elderly and she was going through some pretty significant health scares, and so I thought it'd be best that I was in-state to help with her with her medical issues. Then when I moved here, I was just searching around for jobs and kind of fell into this position.


04:25 Kurt: Really? That sounds like a story.




04:27 BH: I know, right? ... And it just so happened to line up exactly with my experience. I come from a pharmaceutical world where we deal with products that are insoluble in water and difficult to get to the areas of need in the body, and so that's been my experience for the last six or seven years. And I came here and it's like, "Oh, well, look. Cannabis is just like that." It's difficult to dissolve in water, 'cause it doesn't like water. [chuckle] And it's difficult to get it to... To have the high bio-availability in the body, and so I get to use all of my past experience and transfer that over to cannabis.


05:11 Kurt: What's been the biggest challenge coming in from what you thought it would be dealing with cannabis and coffee to what you're seeing in real life?


05:20 BH: [chuckle] Well, at first it was like, "Mmm... How are you going to do that? It has to go in water and it doesn't like water. I don't get it. How are you gonna do it?" And so dealing with that and taking my experience, and working with the different compounds that Camille can bring in as a food scientist, and we sat there and painfully, and painstakingly, went through the different processes to prove our concepts and get it into the cup.


05:48 Kurt: And for the viewers, this just isn't about decarboxylating it, mixing it in and throwing it in a mug or cup. Not at all.


05:54 BH: I wish it was that easy.


05:55 Kurt: It wasn't that easy. So there's obviously a lot more to it if someone's thinking, "Oh, I can do this at home. I have a Keurig."


06:01 BH: You can, but if you like chewing on grass, that's about all you can...




06:04 Kurt: That's what you're gonna get. So my version's gonna be chewing on grass.


06:07 BH: Yeah.


06:07 Kurt: Alright, now talk a little about the teas. You guys also have a line of teas coming out, do a little quick shot over here. How did you pick the flavors and the blends? What's going on with the teas?


06:17 JP: We work with a tea specialist, of course he's British, imports hundreds of different...




06:23 Kurt: Of course he's British.


cannabis tea


06:24 JP: Teas to the United States. And we sat down with him, as far as what were the most popular blends that they have, but also looking for flavor, looking for premium teas that people will enjoy. Something that's different than your standard green tea, black tea, chamomile tea. So that's where we've got the Garden Of Eden, a black tea that's got flower petals and fruit which is a very... It's a fruity, light, black tea. Our Sweet Dreams, which is a chamomile tea with eucalyptus in it, and a little bit of spearmint, so that will be infused with the Indica for your evening, let's relax before we go to bed.


07:05 Kurt: Wow. I have people commenting, "I want some, I want some, send me some." They're ready, they're ready. I think you found something. "I need some tea!" Everyone likes the tea, alright.


07:13 JP: The tea we feel at nighttime, especially for sleep disorders, with an Indica will be fabulous for us. And then the black teas with the Sativa infusions for the morning, a little pick-me-up, let's get this day going.


07:27 Kurt: Gotcha. Well who can show me, let's take a look at some pods or kinda how it's gonna look. Do we have any samples that we can look at? I know they are not in manufacturing yet. It'll be starting next week but the lab is set up, the machines are here. Who wants to walk through? Maybe show me what's going on, on some pods here, so people know what we're talking of.


07:43 JP: Let's show how we fill them, and...


07:47 Kurt: Alright.


07:48 CM: Okay. So we'll have a homogeneous blend of our based product...




07:57 JP: Woops.


07:57 Kurt: That's why we go live.




08:01 Kurt: And that's it right there, we're looking at...


08:02 CM: This machine measures it out for us.


08:04 Kurt: Wow, let's take a look, let's have... And this is currently just coffee so the viewers know we are not... That is not cannabis based so if you're looking for something it's not there yet, next week. And it'll be done by hand. And these will be filled.


08:25 S?: Right.


08:26 JP: Well, the deal is we'll have a series of trays full, we'll fill the trays, and at this point, yes, it is by hand. We're working on technologies to mechanize this further, and I'm gonna get more automated. And then from the fill, we filled also with the cannabis product, it will go to the sealing equipment.


08:44 Kurt: Alright, where's the next step, what's the next step?


08:46 JP: That's right behind us here. That's the...


08:48 Kurt: Mr. Burrow, I see you with your hot chocolate question, hold on one second, wait 'til you see what's coming... So we're going in, this is how it will look. These will be mixed with... What kind of strains are you looking to use in your first batches of coffee?


09:04 BH: The first one, the Sativa, we are doing...


09:07 S?: Tangerine Dream.


09:08 JP: Is Tangerine Dream.


09:09 Kurt: That was Tangerine Dream, yep.


09:11 JP: Which is a Sativa dominant strain, and in the Indica it is the Fire Kush?


09:19 S?: We have Fire OG.


09:20 JP: Fire OGs.


09:21 Kurt: Fire OG. So how many coffees on day one will you be able to... Someone could buy?


09:26 JP: We'll be starting with two coffees, a caffeinated with Sativa, a decaf with an Indica, and two teas, the black tea and the herbal tea that we mentioned earlier.


09:39 Kurt: Gotcha. So we're in here, we fill them up and...


09:41 JP: They fill them up. They'll put them in here six at a time.


09:44 Kurt: Okay.


09:44 JP: This machine has to be fired up for a full run to make it worth while. And then it goes in, gets sealed.


09:53 Kurt: Sealed up. As you can see the tops are right there, ready to go.



brew budz roller


09:57 JP: Yep. They get seals on, it cuts the top, and then it will drop it down where they'll be taken to the next step, which is the FloWrap.


10:05 Kurt: Gotcha. So they come out here, down at the bottom...


10:07 JP: Correct.


10:07 Kurt: And then they'll go into a FloWrap box. We did have someone ask about it and I'm gonna show it 'cause I know it's over here already. I did my due diligence, but as you can see coming in the future, when we said, when will these be ready?


10:19 JP: The coffee and tea will be out in the next two weeks here in Nevada in the dispensaries. California and Colorado will follow. That'll be in the next 60 to 90 days.


10:33 Kurt: Alright, I have Bobby L Moore saying, "How about a high CBD tea?"


10:36 JP: A high CBD, a CBD only, and one-one are in the process, we expect those to be launched in the next 60 days.


10:43 Kurt: There you go, Bobby, next 60 days. "Blue Dream?" from Travis. Anything coming out with the Blue Dream?


10:49 JP: Today, it is not in our plans, but in the future we are working on this much more. The unique thing about coffees, teas and the strains of cannabis is each one has its own aroma and its own flavor. So we're working to do combinations, mixes where the cannabis now becomes added for the flavor. So it complements the flavors of the coffees and teas, and it's an integral component of the flavor and not just what it has inside of it. So in there we see more, possibly Blue Dream and other strains we will be using.


11:24 Kurt: Well, Bobby says thank you, and he'll be a big fan of Tangerine Dream, 2010 Cannabis Cup winner, he'd like to point out. So there you go, there you go.


11:32 CM: And [11:32] ____ a lot of other beverages and other products out there we are maintaining our terpenes, and you will get the full flower effect.


11:39 Kurt: Okay, so we have full terpenes. Can you explain a little bit how you're... Is there a tricky way to do that you've discovered that you can reveal? Or, how is that done to keep the full terpenes through decarboxylation and everything else?


11:52 CM: Well, we just have a good understanding of how all of the cannabinoids work, how the terpenes work, and we'll monitor them as we move through our process, so that we're gonna be able to maintain them and keep them in...


12:05 Kurt: Alright. Javier Guerrero asks, can you order online in the future? I live in the south where legalization is not coming soon?


12:12 JP: That's a ways away. We'd love to be able to offer that, but realistically with the Federal Regulations that will not be happening for a while.


12:20 Kurt: Okay.


12:21 JP: All that will be done on a state by state basis just as the industry is right now.


12:24 BH: Yep. Call your representatives, tell them what you want.


12:26 Kurt: Alright. So if so someone wanted to ask you a question or get more information where should they go?


12:31 JP: The easiest is send an email to



cannabis box tea


12:38 Kurt: Okay, Well...


12:42 JP: Or go to our webpage


12:46 Kurt: Alright. So John Marx would like to ask, "Can you order CBD only when it's ready?"


12:50 JP: When it's ready, yes, we will have them, we will sell...


12:52 Kurt: Alright, coffee and a tea, right? CBD only?


12:54 JP: Yeah. Coffee, teas, and correct.


12:56 Kurt: "We need this in Portland, Oregon. I haven't found any good coffee out here." Anything in Oregon?


13:01 JP: Oregon we'll be coming... Oregon, Washington will be launched after California and Colorado, yes.


13:08 Kurt: "Michigan, can I get it?"


13:09 JP: Michigan is on our radar. We don't have the date as of yet. We'll follow Washington, Oregon with Arizona and then we will look at our next group of states that we're gonna do, but yes, we wish, we plan to be in 18 states in the next 18 months.


13:24 Kurt: What about cold brew? If someone like myself prefers ice coffee, is it as simple on the science and taste side of just, "Hey, let it cool down and add ice", or is there plans for an ice coffee line?


13:36 JP: There's plans, yes, for cold brew coffee, cold brew teas, and no, it's not just as simple as putting ice into it. What you can do for an ice, but for cold brew, it's a cold brew, it has to steep for at least 12 to 18 hours.


13:50 Kurt: And Bobby would like to ask another question, "Colorado?"


13:55 JP: Colorado and California are right after Nevada, we hope to be there in 30, or excuse me 60 to 90 days.


14:01 Kurt: And our hot chocolate fan would like to say, "Canadians drink coffee too, we want this."




14:07 Kurt: So if we have any Canadian plans, obviously, with the legalization next year, but crossing the US borders I assume will still be a problem 'til we change.


14:17 JP: Yes. Canada is something that we'll have to talk about in the future. At this point, we don't have any detail on them.


14:24 Kurt: And Blair Cox is throwing a Hail Mary saying, "Florida, I'm guessing that's gonna be down the road."


14:29 JP: Florida is definitely on our radar. Also later this year we'll have more details on that. Obviously, part of that will depend on what goes on with the Florida legislature and giving laws [14:38] ____.


14:39 Kurt: Hi Julie, you asked about Oregon. We just covered that. We'll have a replay of it. They are, Colorado and Oregon are very soon, and again, it is Brewbudz and we'll show you a little bit of the products that's ready. They will be starting actual cannabis-infused next week, actually filling the cups with cannabis. So keep an eye out. Any information you need we'll put the website address up over this video in the final version, and I'd like to thank you guys for joining us today at to find out a little bit more about cannabis-infused coffee.


15:13 JP: Alright. And thanks for joining us. Thanks for coming by and we're very excited about this because this is just the first step of many more products that are fully natural [15:24] ____ flower based and we see this being something that'll be very popular, and high quality where people can enjoy it to their ritualistic habits. Their morning coffees and teas and their cannabis.


15:38 Kurt: Oh quick, last two. "South Africa?", and "Will there be bags of coffee?", that they could buy a bag?


15:43 JP: South Africa, ooh, that one I can't answer...


15:47 Kurt: That's down the road. Yep.


15:49 JP: Brew blends will be following shortly also, which will be individually packaged coffees and teas that you can use in your pour over, your French press, your tea ball or whatever your favorite brewing method is.


16:00 Kurt: Excellent. Thank you very much. Hey, thanks for everyone that joined us. Great questions. And keep an eye out and once they start adding more states, we'll give the updates on as well. Alright. Thank you guys.


16:11 JP: Thank you.


16:11 S?: Thank you.



cannabis coffee or cannabis tea








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