pass a marijuana drug test Befox Detox
pass a marijuana drug test Befox Detox

Smoke All the Weed You Want and Pass Any Drug Test? Did German Company BeFox Discover the Cannabis Holy Grail?

BeFox Detox allows cannabis users to continue use before and during a drug test!

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The Undercover Stoner on Tuesday Aug 31, 2021

Smoke All the Weed You Want and Pass Any Drug Test? Did German Company BeFox Discover the Cannabis Holy Grail?

befox thc detox pill

When fist heard about a German company that could help you pass a marijuana drug test without any 30-day or 6-week break, we were very curious.  We tracked down BeFox Detox and asked if they would share their secrets on how you can use cannabis day-in and day-out and still be able to pass a pot drug test. Minerals and consistency were the key, so we asked them to explain.

How did you first get interested in Cannabis space?
I think it’s quite ironic we proceeded to found the company BeFox and initiate sales of the BeFox Detox as a result of numerous friends and family members of ours being taken into custody in road traffic because they smoked a joint weeks (or sometimes months) before and subsequently were not able to pass a urine test.

In Germany and many other countries that means you are going to at least lose your driver’s license for a couple of months. If you appear to be a frequent consumer (test result is used as an indicator), you will have to prove to the Government that you stopped consuming Cannabis in order to get back your license, which again depends on a psychiatric examination (medical-psychological assessment) and payments of fines and services worth thousands of Euros.

To provide more freedom and self-determination while at the same time combining our knowledge bases of bio-chemistry and natural health is the background of the BeFox Detox.

In general our company’s goal is to intensify the relationship between human individuals and nature by resolving deeply rooted conflicts in the life of our society today and to drive the resulting change in awareness of one's own body with an appreciation for healing and health based on a holistic perspective.


What is the BeFox Organic Detox and how does it work?
The BeFox Detox is a 100% natural THC-cleaner solely consisting of organic minerals resulting in a negative urine test 16-20h after consumption, even for frequent consumers. The combination of more than 81 trace elements with the highest bioavailability enhances the body’s metabolism resulting in your fat-lipids being filled with minerals instead of THC-byproducts.

You start with a build-up phase as you create a surplus of minerals in your body to enhance detoxification resulting in fat-lipids being cleared of degradation products and filled up with minerals instead.

As soon as you have the first negative test despite consumption (we include 3 urine test-stripes in every package to test after 7/14/21 days) you enter the maintenance-phase in which you just maintain the supply of minerals in your body.

There’s no change in your way of consuming, but instead you enhance one of your body’s own abilities and by detoxifying and regenerating while providing high quality minerals in a certain state and distribution, one’s organism will then continue to prefer storing minerals instead of THC-byproducts which then will be flushed out of your system directly after you have been consuming resulting in a negative test already 16-20h after consuming instead of 30-120 days without our product.


When did you think about a business idea for detoxing cannabis from the body and how did you friends and family react?
Our intention behind the company BeFox is deeply rooted in a holistic approach.

To solve a conflict in and for cannabis consumption and by that providing more self-determination to people “like us” really fueled our approach and as soon as we realized the potential of our product, we initiated everything needed to start operating with our company as conscious and sustainable as possible.

Our friends were and still are super enthusiastic. It’s also very motivating for our team to be able to help people you know out of complicated situations that might influence their everyday life to a certain extent.

On the other hand we also had to deal with a lot of stigma, whereas many people didn't believe in the existence of an all natural THC-cleaner which provides for negative testing without the need of abstinence and were questioning us, the liability of our scientific approach and the trust in our company.

Family members, but especially people of older generations, were also very skeptical. Their reasoning and understanding is rather influenced by media and jurisdiction instead of scientific conclusions, which encourages us even more to pursue our goals and provide more education.


What advice would you give yourself now if you could go back 5 years and tell your past self-something?

You’re doing great, just keep following your heart. It’s all worth the hustle.


What has been the biggest challenges in growing your idea into a company?

There were lots of obstacles. You have to imagine, we invented a product, built our own production site, scaled sales and are about to enter new markets in various countries - all in our first year without a single cent of debt capital. This demanded a lot of patience and discipline from all three co-founders and basically everyone involved in the project. I don’t think there was a single process that went without any issues, yet again we gained unbelievable experiences during that first year.

Trust in our vision was the best advice we could have had.


Do you think we will see full Federal legalization in the USA in 2021 or 2022?

The day will come, there's no way around it. When exactly is not really relevant.


So once you are taking the minerals and passing a urine test, you can smoke all the weed you want and you won’t turn up positive on a drug test as long as you are taking the mineral pills each day?

Yes, basically. There are some criteria in order for our product to function in the best way.

Firstly, our product is not made for people who consume Cannabis from the moment they wake up in the morning until they go to bed at night. Your metabolism needs to be able to degrade and flush out THC before there’s more entering the body.

Also if one consumes more than 4-5g daily, the body will probably never fully get rid of THC in general. So in regards to your question: yes, you’re able to smoke as much as you want and still won’t turn up positive on a drug test as long as you finished the build-up phase with our product and don’t consume too heavily on a regular basis.


 What advice would you give someone looking to get started in cannabis today?

Mind over matter! Also, to find the right focus and to keep that alive is something we really appreciate. People will recognise sooner than later, if you are willing to go the extra mile.

What is the best way for people to contact you with a question? Email, social media?


Everything is appreciated. Most of our clients contact us via chat on our website, or on instagram/ telegram

Do you have any special coupon codes for readers?

Of course! 21% discount for 2021!  Code: Cannabisnet21


befox detox

If someone is ordering BeFox Detox for the very first time, what advice can you give them?

Make use of our team as a knowledge hub and at the same time be open for creating a new consciousness for your mind, body and consumption.

Focus and reconnect with yourself! Question the things you were taught.

Be and drink water my friend.

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