cannabis travel tips
cannabis travel tips

8 Tips For Traveling With Cannabis

How To Fly With Marijuana And Other Cannabis Travel Tips

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DanaSmith on Thursday Jun 15, 2017

8 Tips For Traveling With Cannabis 

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With Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington now offering cannabis products for sale to adults, it’s no reason why more people are planning vacations to these states. Aside from producing some of the country’s most delicious bud, stoners will also have a lot to look forward to when traveling to these beautiful states: from city to scenery, all these states are worth traveling to especially if you appreciate cannabis.



If you want to make the most out of your cannabis vacation to these states, here are some tips for a safer and more enjoyable experience:


los angeles dispensaries

  • Invest time in doing your homework about the best dispensaries to visit. There are many different retail options to choose from in each state, but the only way to find out which ones are really worth going to are by checking out reviews and feedback from customers which you can find online. This is especially important if you are looking for specific strains (especially rare ones), edibles, and products that you would like to enjoy during your holiday. Get in touch with them through their social media pages if needed; then you can decide from there.


cannabis condos

  • Book your accommodations close to the cannabis district of the state you’re visiting. Legal states each have their own zoning regulations which is why some areas in different cities will have much more dispensaries available while others will not. Some of these regulations prevent dispensaries from being built near schools and churches, so just like with any other trip, it’s always about location, location, location! Booking accommodations near the cannabis district will also help you save time and get to know the area more – it’s likely that a stoner-friendly district will have a ton of fantastic restaurants and activities to appreciate while high!


bag of weed

  • Understand the sales and possession laws in the state you are traveling to. All legal states permit adults to own up to an ounce of bud. However, it’s a completely different story when edibles and concentrates are involved. Go through the database of legal cannabis laws in each state from the NORML database. But don’t fuck around; some states produce extremely potent bud so don’t purchase too much. In many legal states it’s not uncommon to find abandoned cannabis at empty lots and even with uber drivers! Don’t waste such a precious plant!



confident man

  • Be as confident and smart as McGyver if you intend to bring some weed home. This is not something for the inexperienced, but there are ways about it. You’ll probably encounter some amazing pot products that you don’t have back home and will want to take it back, although transporting weed out of state is illegal too. Each legal state has its own set of consequences and this is never recommended, but based on feedback from experienced travelers, here are some things to keep in mind:


edible packaging

  • Remove packing from all edibles, vape pens, and topical products that state it’s got some THC in it.


  • Avoid smelly cannabis products; from bud to creams. Some are more dank than others. If you’re taking some topicals home, they can leak their odor and get you in trouble. Transfer green creams to packaging of other colors if possible.


  • Separate liquids and electronics using a separate bin aside from your carry on. Smile when you hand over your bins.


  • In your carry-on, less than a gram of weed can most likely be safely used especially if it comes with an airtight container that you can buy from a dispensary.  Flying with cannabis requires you to know the laws of your departing state and arriving state.


hemp bag

  • Use pouches that made from organic fibers – these products have a  better chance of hiding the smell of cannabis. These pouches can be used to keep your rolling papers along with other things such as your deodorant and rolling papers. Don’t put any electronics or liquids in this bag.


clean your vape pen

  • Clean large vapes before transporting it. Vapes that still contain cannabis in the cartridge will definitely reek of the plant, so make sure that you clean it well.


  • If you are taking home more than 1 product, such as bud, oil, and topicals, spread them throughout all the different components in your suitcase as long as you don’t have dank bud. Mix your small amounts of oil in your toiletry case, any devices or batteries with the rest of your gadgets, and so on.


  • Be a responsible cannabis user. Uncle Sam keeps a closer watch on legal states to see how well (or not) cannabis legalization laws are working. Don’t be an irresponsible stoner and contribute to the negative stereotype; be discreet, respectful, and nice. It took several years of hard work from activists to give you the opportunity to enjoy the options of cannabis travel that we do at this time. It’s completely possible to have a totally pleasurable cannabis vacation to a legal state with no issues at all, but don’t be that one case that ruins everything for the rest of us!


cannabis dui

  • Use your common sense and don’t DUI! Make sure that you’ve planned out your logistics and transportation options before even getting to your destination. You might prefer to use public transportation options like trains, have a car and chauffer rented, book Ubers, or book a cab. During your research, check what forms of transportation are most practical for your location. Keep in mind that cannabis DUI are extremely serious offenses and it’ll be close to impossible to get out of this sticky situation since law enforcement simply has no tolerance for it. Say goodbye to your life if you’re found driving under the influence of cannabis.


  • Spend your time immersing in the destination’s most unique attractions, restaurants, and activities. Legal cannabis states have a ton of things for stoners to enjoy. Research about what cannabis-related attractions are available in the state you’re traveling to. The stranger it sounds, the more likely it’ll be a ton of fun – so get adventurous!


black market cannabis

  • Don’t buy weed from the black market. Even in legal states, it’s common for people to offer you unregulated and untested cannabis on the streets. It might be cheaper and much more tempting, but the quality will suck and you won’t even know if you’re getting synthetic cannabis.


What are your tips for enjoying cannabis vacations to legal stats?












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