australia ships cannabis abroad
australia ships cannabis abroad

Australia Exports 3,300 Pounds of Cannabis, Germany Imports Weed from Jamaica - Who Needs UN Drug Treaties?

The world is moving forward with international cannabis trade despite the US dragging its feet!

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Lemon Knowles on Monday Dec 18, 2023

australia exports cannabis abroad

You may remember the report that Germany was already importing marijuana from Jamaica as part of their medical marijuana supply shortage, despite UN drug treaties not allowing the shipping and selling of the Schedule 1 drug.  Now a report from the Australian ODC shows Australia is now shipping over 3,000 pounds of cannabis to other countries.

In 2022, Australia witnessed a significant surge in both the production and importation of medicinal cannabis, according to official data released by the Office of Drug Control (ODC). The figures highlight a remarkable increase in the domestic cultivation of cannabis. It also shows a substantial rise in imports, showcasing the evolving landscape of medicinal cannabis in the country.


This article delves into the key findings from the ODC data, exploring the reasons behind the growth, the regulatory framework influencing the industry, and the changing patterns of international trade in medicinal cannabis.

Domestic Production on the Rise

The surge in medicinal cannabis production in Australia, totaling almost 25,000kg in 2022, signifies a remarkable 49% increase from the previous year. This upswing is closely tied to the proliferation of cultivation facilities nationwide, showcasing a positive and transformative trend within the domestic cannabis industry.


The burgeoning number of facilities underscores a concerted effort to meet the rising demand for medicinal cannabis, driven by evolving patient needs and a growing acceptance of cannabis-based treatments.


Concurrently with the industry's expansion, the Office of Drug Control (ODC) has substantially enhanced transparency. The introduction of a specialized cannabis data webpage underscores the ODC's dedication to offering stakeholders a thorough and current perspective of the medicinal cannabis landscape.


This commitment to transparency not only cultivates trust within the industry but also empowers stakeholders to make well-informed decisions. As the ODC persists in prioritizing openness, stakeholders can look forward to gaining a more intricate understanding of the factors influencing Australia's medicinal cannabis sector.


This endeavor sets the groundwork for a future that is both sustainable and transparent, positioning the industry for continued growth and responsible development.

Importation Trends: A Significant Upswing

Imported medicinal cannabis skyrocketed in 2022, reaching 24,887kg, a staggering 247% increase from the previous year. This surge can be linked to various factors, including an increased demand for diverse strains and the need to supplement domestic production to meet growing patient needs.


Canada emerged as the primary source, contributing to 85% of the total imports, with a notable 266% increase. Portugal, Germany, and Denmark also experienced substantial growth in cannabis exports to Australia.

How are so many countries importing and exporting marijuana with UN drug treaties in place?

Export Dynamics: A Cautious Approach

Despite the significant upswing in both domestic production and imports of medicinal cannabis in Australia, the growth trajectory in the export market remained relatively restrained. In 2022, Australian firms exported 1,510kg of cannabis, reflecting a modest 6% increase from the preceding year.


This measured approach to exports aligns closely with regulatory guidelines prioritizing meeting Australian patients' healthcare needs as the primary imperative.

ODC assistant secretary Avi Rebera underscored the significance of maintaining this cautious balance between domestic demand and international trade. Emphasizing transparency, Rebera acknowledged the pivotal role of regulatory requirements in directing the industry's export strategies.


This calibrated approach ensures that the growing Australian medicinal cannabis sector prioritizes the well-being of its domestic patient base. At the same time, it also participates thoughtfully in the global market, reflecting a commitment to regulatory compliance and ethical medical practices.


Cannabis Stock Overview

The comprehensive dataset also offers valuable insights into the cannabis stock maintained by Australian companies. In 2022, the total stock "at hand" declined, reducing from 17,700kg in 2021 to 15,400kg.


This stock encompasses a spectrum of cannabis sources, including those derived from a company's own cultivation and production activities and purchased stock from domestic sources or imports. Additionally, it includes cannabis retained specifically for manufacturing activities.


The decrease in the overall stock signals a dynamic and adaptive industry landscape where companies are actively engaged in strategic inventory management. This decline may result from various factors, such as adjustments to meet fluctuations in demand, alterations in cultivation practices, or shifts in regulatory requirements.


It reflects the industry's responsiveness to changing market dynamics and the commitment of companies to align their stock levels with the evolving needs of the medicinal cannabis sector.


As Australian companies navigate this dynamic landscape, carefully managing cannabis stock becomes pivotal in ensuring compliance with regulations. It also fosters agility and resilience within the industry. This nuanced approach positions the sector to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving market while maintaining a robust foundation for sustainable growth.


International Trade Partnerships

The data reveals intriguing trends in Australia's international trade partnerships within the medicinal cannabis sector. Imports from Canada dominated the market, showcasing a robust 266% increase, while Portugal, Germany, and Denmark also demonstrated substantial growth.


Conversely, imports from Colombia and Israel witnessed declines, reflecting the changing dynamics of Australia's global trade relationships.

Export Destinations: A Shifting Landscape

Regarding export destinations, Germany retained its status as the predominant market for Australian cannabis, absorbing 62% of the total exports in 2022. Nevertheless, this figure represented a notable decrease of more than 27% compared to the previous year. The decline in exports to Germany may be attributed to various factors, including evolving market dynamics, regulatory changes, or shifts in local demand.


In a noteworthy development, Australia's medicinal cannabis industry diversified its global footprint through exports to New Zealand and the UK. These countries emerged as the only additional markets for Australian cannabis exports in 2022. This diversification suggests a strategic effort to expand market reach and explore new avenues for international collaboration.


The inclusion of New Zealand and the UK in Australia's export portfolio signifies the industry's adaptability and responsiveness to evolving global demands and regulatory landscapes.


As Australia continues to navigate the intricate landscape of medicinal cannabis exports, these shifts in destination markets underscore the need for flexibility and a nuanced understanding of international dynamics. The industry's willingness to explore diverse markets positions it for sustained growth and resilience in the ever-evolving global medicinal cannabis market.


The data released by the ODC provides a comprehensive overview of the medicinal cannabis landscape in Australia for the year 2022. The surge in both domestic production and imports underscores the growing demand for medicinal cannabis within the country.


While international trade partnerships flourish, the cautious approach to exports highlights the regulatory emphasis on meeting domestic patient needs. As the industry continues to evolve, transparency and collaboration will play crucial roles in shaping the future of medicinal cannabis in Australia.





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