Argentina starts exporting cannabis
Argentina starts exporting cannabis

The International Marijuana Trade Explodes - Argentina Joins Australia, Canada, Jamaica, and Colombia in Exporting Cannabis

The world is not waiting around for US rescheduling in order to estabish an international marijuana market!

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Chiara C on Friday Jun 7, 2024

argentina shipping cannabis to europe

UN Drug treaties be damned!  While the signed UN drug treaties say you cannot ship cannabis around the world, and while the US fumbles rescheduling marijuana, the rest of the world has started the "international cannabis import/export business".

This week, Argentina stepped up joining the list of growing countries that are growing and exporting cannabis to other countries.

Argentina is making significant strides in the global cannabis market, with a focus on Europe as it increases exports and secures key deals. Two major developments showcase the country's ambitions: the first medicinal cannabis export from Corrientes province to Switzerland, and Patagonia Heritage's entry into the German market.


Corrientes' Cannabis Export to Switzerland


In a landmark move, Corrientes Governor Gustavo Valdés announced the province's first export of medicinal cannabis flowers to Switzerland, as reported by El Planteo. This historic agreement was finalized during a meeting in Geneva with Scott Hylen, founder of 54Trees Consulting, positioning Corrientes as a formidable player in the global medicinal cannabis market.


"This global market continues to grow," Valdés told LT7. "Corrientes can become an important player." In a video shared on social media, Valdés expressed gratitude to Hylen for facilitating this market entry and highlighted discussions on the potential of CBD produced in Corrientes.


The cannabis exported from Argentina will come from the interdisciplinary project Caá Cannabis. This initiative involves the Government of Corrientes, professionals from INTA (the National Institute of Agricultural Technology), the National University of the Northeast, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Government of Jujuy, Cannabis Patagónico, and Brest & Brest. The project focuses on developing high-quality, safe cannabis products that contribute to public well-being and promote industrial, socioeconomic, and scientific development.


Valdés further noted, "After investment, research, and labor to develop a quality Corrientes strain, we are ready to enter the world market where there is a high demand for flowers that can be produced in series in the greenhouses of Caá Cannabis in Corrientes."


Patagonia Heritage's European Partnership


In a significant move, Cantourage Group SE, a leading European producer and distributor of medicinal cannabis, has partnered with Patagonia Heritage, an Argentine company renowned for its high-quality cannabis products, as reported by El Planteo. This collaboration aims to introduce Patagonia Heritage's exclusive variety, "The New+," to the German market, marking a milestone in the medicinal cannabis industry.


Founded in 2021, Patagonia Heritage is dedicated to providing natural alternatives for patient well-being, aligning perfectly with Cantourage's extensive European distribution network. Alejandro San Miguel, the co-founder of Patagonia Heritage, expressed his enthusiasm: "The partnership with Cantourage is very important for us as it ensures we work with the best in the field, allowing us to reach as many patients as possible throughout Germany and other European countries."


"The New+," developed in collaboration with Canadian producer Lyonleaf and the renowned Humboldt Seed Organization, boasts a unique genetic profile. This Indica-dominant hybrid, a descendant of Girl Scout Cookies (Sherbs cut) and Larry OG, features an exceptional terpene profile, including myrcene, limonene, linalool, and caryophyllene.


Produced in state-of-the-art indoor facilities, "The New+" adheres to strict quality standards, including a 14-day hang dry and 21-day cold cure process, culminating in an exclusive hand trim that ensures premium-quality buds.


Bernhard Retzer, Cantourage's global sales director, remarked, "We are thrilled that an increasing number of suppliers want to enter the European medicinal cannabis market with the help of our long-standing distribution expertise on the continent. Patagonia Heritage is an exciting addition to our portfolio, as it is the first Argentine brand in European medicinal cannabis. Patients can expect more products and cultivars to be available in Germany, the UK, and other countries worldwide soon."


Patagonia Heritage's entry into the European cannabis market signifies a significant advancement for the Argentine company and underscores the growing global demand and acceptance of medicinal cannabis. This collaboration promises to enhance the offerings available to European patients, ensuring access to the highest quality cannabis products.


The Future of Argentina's Cannabis Market in Europe


Argentina's recent moves in the cannabis industry signal a strategic push to establish a strong foothold in the European market. With the successful export of medicinal cannabis from Corrientes to Switzerland and the introduction of Patagonia Heritage products in Germany, Argentina is positioning itself as a key player in this rapidly growing sector. The European Union's regulatory framework, which increasingly supports the use of medicinal cannabis, presents a lucrative opportunity for Argentine producers. The country's favorable climate, combined with its expertise in agriculture and emerging research capabilities, provides a solid foundation for producing high-quality cannabis products that can meet European standards.


Other Argentine provinces are investigating initiatives such as Corrientes and Patagonia Heritage. The cooperative endeavors encompassing regional administrations, academic institutions, and global associates demonstrate a holistic strategy for guaranteeing product excellence and competitiveness in the marketplace. This comprehensive plan seeks to promote economic expansion, scientific advancement, and the nation's agricultural potential. Argentina intends to increase the area it cultivates cannabis in the future and make investments in cutting-edge technology to boost output effectiveness. To bolster international alliances and expedite regulatory procedures, it is also making efforts to bolster its position in the European market. Argentina's proactive measures might position it as a major exporter, helping both its economy and the worldwide medical cannabis community, as the demand for cannabis for therapeutic purposes continues to climb.


Expanding Production Capabilities to Meet Global Demand


Argentina is dedicated to expanding its capacity for production to fulfill the increasing demand for medical marijuana across the world. The nation is making significant investments in cutting-edge facilities for cannabis production and processing to guarantee that the caliber of its cannabis exports satisfies worldwide standards. Cutting-edge technology, such as climate-controlled greenhouses and precision farming methods, are being used to improve product uniformity and production efficiency. Argentina wants to enhance its production to meet the growing demands of the European market and other markets by increasing the area under cultivation and improving growing conditions.


Argentina is concentrating on creating a strong regulatory framework that enables efficient operations and export procedures in order to support this development. Enhanced quality control protocols and streamlined rules are being established in partnership with global and local stakeholders. This guarantees that Argentine cannabis products stay competitive in the market and meet international standards. Furthermore, further R&D projects supported by partnerships with academic institutions and research centers are expected to spur innovation and enhance product offerings. Argentina is positioned to become a major exporter in the medical cannabis market because to these coordinated efforts, utilizing its strengths in agriculture and scientific discoveries to satisfy the expanding demand on a worldwide scale.


Bottom Line


Argentina is at a turning point in the global cannabis sector with its strategic focus on growing its market share in Europe through large export transactions. Argentina confirms its rise as a serious participant in the international cannabis sector with Corrientes creating history with its first medicinal cannabis shipment to Switzerland and Patagonia Heritage forming a ground-breaking cooperation for entry into the German market. These accomplishments highlight Argentina's capacity to manufacture high-quality products that fulfill strict international requirements and its dedication to satisfying the growing demand for medicinal cannabis. Argentina puts itself in a position to benefit from the increasing demand and acceptance of medicinal cannabis across the world as a major exporter by continuing to invest in its manufacturing capabilities and legal frameworks.





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