cannabis restaurants
cannabis restaurants

Cannabis Friendly Restaurants in Los Angeles

Marijuana Cupcakes, Cannabis Dressings, and Weed Side Dishes

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DanaSmith on Thursday Jun 15, 2017

Cannabis-Friendly Restaurants in Los Angeles


cannabis restautrants


For Angelenos, LA is pretty much a stoner’s paradise. From world-class dispensaries to fine dining infused with cannabis, the city of angles has something for every cannabis connoisseur especially if you’re the type who loves to eat.



Top-quality legal cannabis is so widely available in Los Angeles that it would be a sin not to match it up with some of the city’s best restaurants, particularly those that are 420-friendly.



If you find yourself in LA, dine at one of these restaurants for the ultimate foodie experience, after you’ve visited your favorite LA dispensary of course.



Cheba Bakery

  • Cheba Bakery is a well-established collective in LA, specializing in baked cannabis goods including brownies, cupcakes, birthday cakes, cake pops, and so much more. This is your go-to place if you want to gift a special stoner someone with an infused cake that not only tastes great – because the bakers go to extreme lengths to ensure that their edibles are aesthetically pleasing too! Everything at Cheba Bakery is freshly baked and tastes so good – you won’t even know you’re being medicated!


Bull and Dragon Cannabis

  • Bull and Dragon is one of LA’s premier cannabis supper clubs, where chef Aaron Zeigler serves up fantastic European, Mediterranean, and Asian fusion dishes all carefully infused with the plant. Bull and Dragon provides one of the most unique cannabis dining experiences in the area; the fresh produce is handpicked from the chef’s own garden so you can be assured everything is as fresh as they can get. All the ingredients used are locally sourced and presented in such a way that will make you feel like you’re dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Some of the superstar dishes at Bull and Dragon include prosciutto, fava beans, and burrata drizzled with infused olive oil; Japanese sweet potato gnocchi, short rib filanese with risotto, black cod and much more.


wake and bake club

  • Wake and Bake Club is a members-only cannabis café, reminiscent of Amsterdam style cafes where you can smoke joints or puff on your vape in peace as you read a book or chat with friends. Owned by young cannapreneur Brian Williams, Wake and Bake has a fee of $10 per day for membership. What you get is cable television, free WiFi, delicious coffee from craft roasters, and a super cozy place to lounge and enjoy your buzz. Here, you can also purchase pre-rolled joints and party-sized products in limited flavors; there are also some edibles and organic juices. Monthly and yearly membership subscriptions are also available.


pop cultivate

  • PopCultivate Dinners is for the ultimate foodie who wants to experience the beauty of gastronomy and cannabis: a marriage made in heaven. Founded by Chris Yang, a scientist in training turned chef, he merged his knowledge in science to hold one-of-a-kind cannabis dinner parties. Dinners are usually composed of 5 or 6 courses including a small charge for a ticket. Dinners are held in areas with outdoor lounges, so that you can smoke a little more if you want to enhance the flavor of your dishes. Aside from that, meals are already infused with some cannabis integrating a seasonal theme. Yang includes a total of 50mg of cannabis for the entire meal, and guests are invited to bring their own booze. Purchase your tickets online and you’ll be told where the next location will be. 


herbal chef

  • The Herbal Chef is founded by professional cannabis chef Chris Sayeh, who’s available for private bookings. If you’re looking to impress your guests with impeccable cannabis-infused meals, Chris is the guy to call. While based in LA, Chris is willing to travel anywhere for private events as long as his travel costs are subsidized. Good news for wine lovers; Chris can also recommend wine pairings that will go well with your menu of choice. All guests of the Herbal Chef is required to join his cannabis collective, where you’ll find the plants used to infuse each meal. If you have any dietary restrictions, he can cater to that to – he’ll ask guests to fill up a questionnaire so that he can whip up delicious dishes even if you’re vegan, require a gluten-free diet, or have other preferences and limitations.




What are your favorite 420-friendly eateries and services in the LA area?










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