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Cooking With Cannabis

Cooking with Cannabis Part 3: How To Get The Right Dose

How Much Cannabis Should You Put In A Meal?

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DanaSmith on Friday Apr 29, 2016
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Cooking with Cannabis Part 3: How To Get The Right Dose


How Much Cannabis Goes in the Bowl for Cooking with Cannabis? from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


For beginners, cooking with cannabis can be a little tricky. With some practice, it can get easy enough for even my grandmother to do. However, one of the most complex aspects of edibles is getting the right dose.

Too little, and you won’t feel anything at all. Too much might lead to anxiety and a bad trip. Seasoned potheads can attest to how good the hit of edibles are. It’s more on a body high, and it lasts longer. While it can be challenging to describe, we can all agree that it’s too good to pass up but it will still affect everyone differently.

That being said, follow these tips and tricks to help you get the right dose the next time you cook with pot:


1. The standard dose for edibles, according to Colorado’s regulations is 10 milligrams. As a general rule, those with low-tolerance or who aren’t used to the hit of marijuana should start consuming edibles containing only half of that dose.


2. Understand the different factors that affect one’s hit: these include metabolism, age, body mass, body chemistry, and gender. This is important because THC affects your fat cells differently even though you’re a chronic smoker.


3. Treat edibles the same way that you would a pharmaceutical medicine: never take it on an empty stomach. The best way to go about it would be to have something in your stomach beforehand, or eating with some munchies prepared on the side.


4. When cooking for yourself or other people, consider experience as a major factor in deciding how much weed to put.  If a person you are cooking for has had very little experience with marijuana, go easy on them because the edibles can affect them stronger than smoking would.


5. Exercise restraint and have patience when waiting for your hit to kick in. When it comes to edibles, you can’t snack on them mindlessly the way you would with other kinds of food. If you lose track of how much you eat, you can be in for a long and possibly blurry hit. Fat and metabolism is different for each person so there really is no way to gauge exactly when thecannabis will kick in. Avoid eating more than your first dose until the hit has settled into your system.


The anecdotal rules of thumb for infrequent tokers are as follows:


2mg: Infrequent users will experience mild to no impairment


2.5mg: The psychoactivity experienced may be compared to having a glass of wine. This dosage is ideal in managing social anxiety, enabling focus, and is enough to get the munchies.


5mg: Occasional users will experience a significant high and increased appetite with 5mg. The buzz is comparable to having up to 3 glasses of wine.


10mg: Occasional users report a strong buzz with 10mg. This dosage is ideal for those who need a distraction from pain.


15mg: Regular users can still be comfortable with this dose; however, infrequent users report feeling uncomfortable with a dosage this high.


For the best results, you may want to invest in getting a scale especially if you’re new to cooking with cannabis.


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Do you have any other techniques to help you gauge dosage more effectively? Share it with us!









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