mushroom tourism vacations
mushroom tourism vacations

Magic Mushroom Tourism and Vacations - The 5 Best Places to Vacation and Do Psilocybin Mushrooms

Magic mushroom or psilocybin tourism could be the next big travel niche idea!

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DanaSmith on Friday Jun 24, 2022

magic mushroom tourism and vaxations

The Best Places For Magic Mushroom Tourism


Psychedelic drug lovers these days have an abundance of choices when it comes to various hallucinogenic drugs.


Magic mushrooms in particular are sprouting up like weeds, and it’s getting easier than ever to acquire them not just in the United States but around the world too, but what is psilocybin anyway? There are several destinations and organizations that host mushroom retreats where you can have a spiritual experience for a few days with the guidance of a shaman, or you can also go to beautiful places where you can acquire mushrooms and trip on your own.


Places both near and far offer excellent ways to enjoy magic mushrooms.


Here are some of the best places to travel for magic mushrooms around the world:

  • Jamaica: Jamaica isn’t just a fantastic place to try world-class cannabis, but magic mushrooms too. This gorgeous tropical destination is home to numerous organized magic mushroom and other psychedelic retreats, but it isn’t surprising considering that it’s such a beautiful place for a spiritual journey to take place. There are many retreat centers that are already in operation around Jamaica, though you can also buy the shrooms yourself along resort towns especially in Negril.


The good news is that it’s legal to grow psilocybin mushrooms, which is why mushroom tourism is a growing industry in Jamaica. On top of that, it was never illegal in the first place, which is why vendors can openly sell mushrooms on the street and people can hold psychedelic retreats here without worry of running into trouble with the law.


  • Mexico: Oaxaca in Mexico has long been on the top of the list for magic mushroom tourism in this country. Nearby, look for San Jose del Pacifico, a town around 3 hours away which is renowned for ancient use of magic mushrooms. Because it’s so famous for magic mushrooms, you’ll even find souvenir shops that sell tons of items with magic mushroom themes.


Finding the actual mushrooms is easy here, too. Simply ask around hostels and various accommodations where you can find it. There is also the option of foraging for it in the nearby forests, though the best time to do this is between June through September.


As of the time of writing, mushrooms are still illegal except if they are used for ceremonies or during traditional spiritual practice. Indigenous Mexicans have been using magic mushrooms since millennia for the purposes of spiritual healing and divination. If you want to be sure and avoid trouble, best to go with a reputable tour organizer if you want to avoid problems with the law.



  • Pai: Once a famous hippie town, Pai still has remnants of its old bohemian life scattered all around. Especially in little cafes and bars where you can buy magic mushroom shakes. Mushrooms grow abundantly all over the region, which is turned into affordable shakes that contain really potent doses of mushrooms. The most popular bars known for mushrooms is Paradise Bar and Sunset Bar, so just go up to the waitresses and ask for their happy shakes. These places have also been set up to accommodate trippers, with neon lights, colorful paintings, and other décor that help enhance the high.


Currently, mushrooms are still illegal in Thailand though Pai is one of the few places around the country where authorities tend to turn a blind eye so it’s generally tolerated.


  • Gili Islands: The Gili Islands just off Bali have a laid-back and relaxed hippie vibe. Gili Trawangan and Gili Air, in particular, are home to vendors openly selling magic mushrooms. These vendors offer the mushrooms as you walk along the streets and the beach, and both islands have lots of secluded, tranquil spots that are perfect for hallucinating at sunset. If you prefer to trip out at night, there are trance parties going on in Gili Trawangan almost each night too.


  • Amsterdam: Amsterdam, as well as many other cities in the Netherlands, already offer a wide array of healing psychedelic retreats. Safe and legal programs can be found all throughout, which are wonderful for people who have the intention of doing some serious inner work and healing as opposed to a fun trip. There are around a dozen retreat type sot choose from each year, though we can expect that this number may only continue to grow over the next few years.



Advice for Taking Magic Mushrooms


When traveling for magic mushrooms, always practice precaution. Be sure that you are with friends that you trust, especially if you’re a newbie to mushrooms. Take the lowest dose possible at first and wait a few hours to see if you need to top up.


It’s also important to take magic mushrooms only if you are in a good or happy state of mind should you intend to try it without a medical professional or in a retreat setting. Tripping without the guidance of a medical professional around you, if you are going through depression or grief, can result in an extremely bad trip.


Where is your favorite place in the world to trip on magic mushrooms?




These are some great places where you can trip out to magic mushrooms. However, be wary of the current local laws regarding mushrooms; some places may tolerate them while in others they may be outright illegal. We don’t condone illegal uses even if other tourists can get away with it, so always do your research before planning a trip to take magic mushrooms.





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