oakland dispensaries
oakland dispensaries

Oakland Dispensaries Offer Great Marijuana Selection

Dispensaries in Oakland Love The Grand Daddy Purple

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Oaktree on Friday Feb 17, 2017

Oakland Dispensaries



San Francisco’s neighbor Oakland has some of the best dispensaries in the West Coast. The hilly city is a scenic destination and a great place to live, probably because the good pot is so abundant.



Visiting Oakland’s several awesome dispensaries is best done by car, although public transportation is also an option. Most of the shops are located in downtown Oakland, the Grand Lake District, and Jack London Square. These places are easily accessible by bus. For visitors, taking the BART is also recommended since it stops at 8 locations around town.



oakland dispensaries


Oakland’s dispensaries carry a dizzying array of top-shelf cannabis products. They have a fantastic selection of edibles, topicals, creams, lotions, flower, and paraphernalia. Oakland dispensaries are so complete, that even if it’s you’re looking to build your first-timer’s pot kit you’ll easily find everything that you need. The budtenders at Oakland dispensaries are also friendly and super helpful in consulting patients who aren’t sure about what to buy. For seasoned cannabis users, try something new when visiting Oakland dispensaries: ask the budtenders what strains are popular and give it a try if you haven’t yet.


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After visiting Oakland dispensaries, there are several notable attractions around town that are worth visiting. The Oakland Museum of California is one of the West Coast’s most famous museums; this one is entirely dedicated to the art, culture, and history of the Golden State. Even the building itself is a piece of architecture to admire. This is highly recommended especially if you’re a stoner who enjoys the cultured things in life.



But Oakland’s dispensaries are best visited before checking out the many natural attractions of the state. Oakland is a well-loved destination for stoners who enjoy nature tripping with their buzz. Redwood Regional Park is a stunning redwood forest just a few miles from downtown Oakland, definitely worth a day trip especially if you want to get away from the city for just a few hours. During the mid-1800’s the Redwood Regional Park was a busy center - this is actually where most people got their building supplies for San Francisco Bay Area!



Lake Merritt is one of the most stunning urban areas in California. The heart-shaped shoreline is a great place to commune with nature, and it’s also really accessible from the city too. Lake Merritt is also where you’ll find the oldest wildlife refuge in the country; it’s been around since 1870.



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Oakland dispensaries have everything you need for the ideal trip this side of the West Coast. Oakland’s people are just as awesome as the bud you’ll find, so you won’t be disappointed when visiting the dispensaries.



The most common zip code searches in Oakland dispensaries include94601 94602 94603 94605 94606 94607 94608 94609 94610 94611 94612 94615 94617 94618 94619 94621.



Use our map to find the most convenient Oakland dispensaries. We also provide you with all the information you need in choosing a dispensary. From social media accounts, menus, reviews, operating hours, and more, we’ve got you covered for all your Oakland dispensary needs.










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