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Seattle Dispensaries

Seattle Dispensary Dank Deals

Seattle Dispensaries Have Some Great Deals On Bud

Posted by DanaSmith on Wednesday Jul 12, 2017
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Dank Deals: Seattle Version




Seattle is a gorgeous city, and one of the most welcoming for the cannabis community.  Checking out the many sights and attractions in this beautiful city is best done when you’re baked, after visiting one of the many amazing dispensaries Seattle has to offer. Save some money on a good bargain and you’ll have more money to spend on the munchies!



Here are some of the best dispensary deals in Seattle that you should check out (keep in mind that most dispensaries only allow you to use one promo; most discounts can’t be stacked!)



greener today dispensary

  1. A Greener Today is an award-winning recreational cannabis dispensary that’s been around since 2012, despite having their roots in the medical approach to cannabis. A Greener Today prides themselves in welcoming every kind of customer and being able to give them a customized cannabis product no matter what their needs are. The shop has won more than 20 different awards, so you can be sure they know their bud. Offers include:
  • Everyday specials: 15% off a select concentrate or flower brand
  • Early bird special: 10% off Monday through Saturdays if you arrive before 10:30am
  • Grand opening special for their Shoreline branch (offer ends July 16, 2017); 20% off



Trees Collective

  1. Trees Collective is a popular neighborhood favorite in Greenwood serving top-quality cannabis products. Though it’s small and intimate, Trees Collective has long been a favorite for serving top-shelf bud and a good selection of edibles.  Trees Collective also has some exceptional daily and monthly deals you can’t miss:
  • Mondays: NWC 5-pack joints go for $20 fon all flavors; NWCS joints at just $5 from 8am to 12pm
  • Tuesday: 100mg Magic kitchen edibles for $20
  • Wednesdays: Spend $100 and get any pre-rolled NWCS for $5
  • Thursdays: 100mg edibles at $5 up
  • Magic Kitchen edibles: $45 for 2 (doesn’t apply to Marmas and Pebbles)
  • 2 NWCS Crystal Clear cartridges for $75 or 3 for $120




herbnelements dispensary

  1. Herb(n) Elements welcomes everyone no matter what preference or needs you have when it comes to the plant. Their shelves are stocked with a wide range of diverse cannabis products. They also have an awesome rewards program where you can get 20% off any regular priced item for every 10 visits but they also have other great deals you shouldn’t be missing:
  • 4th of July specials run from June 28 to July 4: 25% off Leaph, $25 for 1g of Solstic shatter, $23 for 80mg of Legal Lemon Ginger Sodas




Starbuds dispensary

  1. Starbuds is your friendly retail cannabis store in Kirkland, and one of the newest! They’re currently developing a Refer a Bud program, but don’t miss their wide range of choice specials!


  • Everyday deals: Choose from $5 and $7 grams on special flower discounts
  • 20% off your purchase for every 5th visit
  • Munchie Monday: 20% off any 1 piece of edible
  • Top Shelf Tuesday: $2 off a gram that’s $14 or more
  • Wax Wednesday: Purchase 1 or more concentrates and get one for an equal or lesser value at 20$ off
  • Vape Thursday: Purchase 1 or more vaporizer cartridge, and get one for an equal or lesser value at 20% off
  • Joint Friday: $2 off any pre-rolled 1-gram joint
  • Stock Up Saturday: 20% off any packages 7g or more
  • Sunday Funday: You get to choose any daily deal!



Seattle Tonic Dispensary

  1. Seattle Tonics is for the true cannabis connoisseur: they have a 2,000 square foot showroom where all their products are displayed. It’s easy to see why this mind-blowing dispensary can easily take your breath away, literally. Take your time to check out any of the products and buy what you want. Seattle Tonics also has several quality products at low prices, and a parking lot that can fit over 200 cars! But before further ado, check out their specials:
  • 20 pcs of hard candy for just $18, up to 6 flavors and up to 100mg
  • Pre-rolled joints start at $4
  • Select concentrate strains for $20 grams
  • Edibles start at $3
  • Happy Hour Wake and Bake from 8-10am Monday to Saturday
  • Happy Hour from 2-4:20pm every day where you can get a mystery joint for $5



What are your favorite dispensaries in Seattle for their amazing deals?








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