stoner friendly activities
stoner friendly activities

Stoner-friendly Activities in Oregon

Oregon Cannabis Spots Are Booming, So Check These Out

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jsp1073 on Wednesday Jun 28, 2017

Stoner-friendly activities in Oregon  (Check out new events page, click here! Updated Daily)


stoner friendly oregon events


Oregon is a wonderland for all kinds of cannabis enthusiasts: hippies, hipsters, nature lovers, party people, and so much more. Oregon is also home to a ton of the best dispensaries in the Pacific Northwest, so a cannabis holiday over there should be in order if you haven’t visited the state yet. Since it’s also just legalized recreational cannabis use, you can be sure that this Pacific Northwest paradise has top-shelf bud, AND activities for you to enjoy while high.



Here are some stoner-friendly activities you should check out while buzzed in Oregon:


little amsterdam

  • Little Amsterdam PDX is one of the best names in cannabis-infused therapeutic services, including acupuncture and massage. Little Amsterdam should be your first stop in Milwaukie as soon as you feel a little tired from all the sightseeing; or you’re a patient in need of cannabis-infused therapies. The establishment has a cozy, welcoming vibe and you can be assured of discretion and privacy.


saturday with mary jane

  • Saturday with Mary Jane is a cannabis-centered tour of Portland unlike any other you’ve ever been to. The tours are led by Sarah Jane, an award-winning journalist so you can be sure that you’ll be getting first-hand information on all things cannabis in the city. The tours, aptly called Toke of the Town, are held weekly beginning at the waterfront esplanade located in downtown Portland. The tour includes guided access to a dispensary, opportunity to engage with cannabis experts, learn interesting insights about the hidden history of the prohibition era in Portland, and have the ability to buy cannabis with special discounts.


oaks amusement park

  • Hit up the Oaks Amusement Park after a smoke and discover your inner child. The family-friendly playground is ideal for the young ones, as well as the young once. There’s a ton of fun activities the whole family can enjoy, such as a classic-style carnival, roller-skating, boardwalk attractions, mini golf, and all the delectable amusement park snacks that will take you back in time. The Oaks Amusement Park also caters to special occasions, so green parents might want to consider taking a trip here for a special birthday, picnic, or just about any milestone – but make sure to light up discreetly before you head over.


ground kontrol

  • Ground Kontrol is heaven for anyone who loves playing video games while high. Video games and cannabis is a marriage made in highven. Located in Chinatown, there aren’t any couches here so visitors are encouraged to get active and kick ass at the arcade – or, do your best at least, depending how high you are. Ground Kontrol has over 90 of the most famous arcade games to choose from so if you’re a video game freak, you’ll go nuts here. There’s also an in-house bar and they serve delicious food if you get the munchies.


NW cannabis club

  • A visit to the NW Cannabis Club will only set you back $20, but if you already have an MMJ card it’ll be 50% off your admission rates. The NW Cannabis Club is the perfect social lounge where you can light up, socialize, and chill with a ton of cannabis-friendly toys to choose from: vapes, foosball, board games and so much more in what feels like a dive club. But what really stands out here is the 50-foot dab bar!


goodfoot lounge

  • The Goodfoot Lounge is a must-visit for anyone who loves old school hippie music. After you toke up, head over to the Goodfoot Lounge where your senses will trip out with the pinball machines, psychedelic artwork, and amazing local bands that play covers of Phish and Ween. The Goodfoot Lounge gets extra packed on Friday nights, but do head over any night that you can – definitely a highlight for any music enthusiast.


forest park

  • Head over to the Forest Park, a fantastic hike just a few minutes from downtown Portland. The Forest Park is the biggest city park in the country and you’ll love unwinding in nature where expansive greens, lush scenery, and hiking trails perfect for potheads who love immersing in the outdoors while high. Forest Park is home to over 70 miles of trails, so there’s a lot of ground to cover (also a great place to take your outdoor-loving and tokin lover!)


What are your favorite stoner-friendly attractions in Oregon?











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