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The Most Advanced Grow Facility In the World (VIDEO)

Want To See A Super Advanced Grow Facility In Las Vegas?

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Oaktree on Friday Mar 11, 2016

The Most Advanced Grow Facility In The World?  Las Vegas, Nevada!

The Grove Las Vegas - Most Advanced Grow Room Ever? from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


Cultivating Cannabis in a commercially regulated industry has changed drastically since it emerged from basements. Genetic and technological advancements in equipment such as lighting and nutrients are improving crop productivity on a monthly and yearly basis, as we are observing these changes in nearly every aspect of our industry. The process by which cannabis was cultivated in basements does not scale to department store sized cultivation facilities. As the sector continues to mature across the globe, traditional industrial practices are essential to safety and long-term sustainability. 

In the cannabis industry we face scrutiny around the large carbon footprint that we create. New states that are emerging in the industry are placing a serious negative impact on power grids, thus giving way to the notion that the industry we take pride in is seen as a “dirty industry” to the environmentally conscious. It is our industry duty and responsibility to reduce these impacts and clean up what is and what could become a power grid monster as it is related to indoor cultivation processes and practices. 

American Cannabis Company, Inc. (ACC) has taken many steps to combat the carbon footprint issue over the last six years by working in regulated cannabis markets to discover and test new technologies that disrupt and positively change the current cultivation practices set in motion. Over the last three years we at ACC have been fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to design and build next generation facilities, but there is still room for improvement. Cannabis as a high margin crop is driving innovation and with each project there are new technologies to present our clients seeking a competitive edge on the cost to produce a gram of finished goods.

Extensive research and development around LED lighting has been ongoing in our business, as we have been in anticipation of adopting this technology and we strive to find solutions that perform at the highest of standards.


Optimizing your production square footage and cubic footage is the only way to compete in this rapidly moving industry. It blows my mind to see operators still designing rooms with aisles as they lose 30% of their grow space to walkways for employees. By looking at the horticultural industry, we can adopt standard practices to utilize every inch of space to turn a higher profit. Many facilities have high ceilings and do not utilize the vertical cubic space to their advantage. Heating and cooling empty space can pull revenue directly from your bottom line, and many operators/growers still do not take this into consideration. 

The High Density Cultivation System (HDCS) takes advantage of the vertical space while being conscious of utilizing the wasted aisle space. By utilizing vertical racking and mounting the racks on mobile carriages we are able to completely utilize the full capacity of cultivation facilities. Wasted space equals wasted dollars when you pay attention to your bottom line. The HDCS is the next generation of commercial cannabis production. 


Positive results from the HDCS:

1. Reduce power by use 50% by using LED lighting (can still produce the same grams per sq. ft. as competitors, cost of goods sold reduced by 50% or more)

2. Reduce HVAC by 50% due to using LED and reducing the BTU’s 

3. Reduce labor through the use of SoHum Living Soils by eliminating nutrient mixing and purchasing. (This soil requires just plain water and no added nutrients are required, zero chemical to purchase, zero labor to water plants)

4. Increase production by utilizing wasted space both vertically and horizontally by using the HDCS

5. Reduce/Lower cost per gram





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