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Seattle Munchies

The Seattle Munchies Guide

If You Get The Cannabis Munchies In Seattle You Will Be Fine

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DanaSmith on Monday Jul 24, 2017

Munchies Guide to Seattle



Seattle is legit one of the best cities in the USA for any stoner to live or visit in. There’s a ton of great dispensaries all over Seattle, this beautiful city, as well as activities to enjoy while you’re high. But for many of us, we love eating our way through our buss. If going on a food trip while you’re stoned is more your cup of tea, we’ve rounded up the best places to satisfy your munchies in the Seattle area:


suchi land seattle

  • Marinepolis Sushi Land is highly recommended for those of you who love sushi AND prefer to spend your time stoned alone, instead of interacting with other people. Marinepolis Sushi Land has the perfect solution – in the form of conveyor belt sushi. Come in, take a seat, choose your delightful Japanese fare of choice as it passes right by you. There’s no need to even interact with waiters here, so it’s perfect for enjoying your munchies in solitude. Here’s an extra bonus: Marinepolis Sushi Land has a ton of cheap but delicious items on the menu too (items start at $1), so if you’re stoned but broke, this is the place to be!



nacho borracho seattle

  • Nacho Borracho is a place you’ll WANT to be while you’re stoned. Legit Mexican fare for those of you who love munching on cheesy, crunchy nachos and all the sinful but too-good-to-pass-up stuff their cuisine has to offer. You’ll feel like you’re transported to Mexico with the cacti, piñatas, and even booths with boobs and balls carved into them. Nacho Borracho also has an excellent Sunday brunch menu. Don’t forget to order the creamy, delish avocado margaritas with just about anything you order. Probably one of the best things about this place is that the avo margaritas are on tap!


hot cakes seattle

  • Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery is THE place to be if you’re stoned but have to satisfy that ultra-demanding sweet tooth. Sink your teeth into the sugary, warm comfort of their molten chocolate cake, which is a staple of the restaurant, but there’s also a lot of goodies on the menu you have to try. Come in with your other buzzed buddies so you can sample different things on the menu, like the caramel sauce, smoked chocolate chips served in a mason jar, or the s’mores kit. Trust us, the Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery is a must-visit: their food is so good they even have an OH WOW stamp, which came after years of documenting customer reactions when they taste their food. That OH WOW stamp is on all of their products, so don’t even think twice – just go!


Beecher cheese seattle

  • Beecher’s Handmade Cheese – do we ned to say more? Cheese. That one word that’s practically synonymous to bliss. Orgasm in a bite. A stoner’s best food. Beecher’s specializes in handmade cheese that will have you coming back for more dairy goodness. You can buy as much or as little as you please, from tasting samples, buying a few ounces, or hoarding an entire sack of cheese if you please. There’s no limit to the cheesiness at Beecher’s – this is ground zero for cheesy goodness in Seattle. They also have a “World’s Best” mac and cheese and the flagship wedge that you mustn’t leave without trying.


beths cafe seattle

  • Beth’s Café is a popular favorite among locals (stoners in particular) for MANY good reasons. Beth’s is open 24 hours a day and they’re famous for their giant pancake servings, milk shakes that are so good and taste of childhood nostalgia, and 12-egg omelets that you can enjoy even if you’re buzzed at 3am. They even have all you can eat hash browns, and along with their burgers and other diner favorites, you’re guaranteed that you’ll never walk out of this restaurant hungry. Beth’s Café has that all-American diner feel that everyone loves, and has the menu to prove it too. Walk in, grab a booth, and no one will care about how red your eyes are. They’ve been serving legendary greasy goodness since 1954 – definitely a staple of Seattle’s food scene. Beth’s was also voted by Seattle Magazine as “Best Place to Cure A Hangover” so you know if it’s good for hangover munchies, it’s good for stoner munchies too!










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