Cannabis for Depression
Cannabis for Depression

10 Things You Should Know About Cannabis And Depression

Medical Marijuana For Depression Shows Miraculous Results

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DanaSmith on Thursday Dec 7, 2017

10 Things You Should Know About Cannabis And Depression

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Depression is a silent killer. Not everyone has the courage to admit that they are suffering from one form of depression or another. But with 350 million people worldwide living with this mental illness, it’s highly likely that you and people you love have come face to face with this dark monster at some point in life.


Depression comes in many forms. The occasional blues is normal, but depression is described as a feeling of overwhelming sadness for a prolonged period of time. Big Pharma has identified a lucrative market among the depressed, and unfortunately for patients that translates to addictive medicines that often go abused. For those who have seen the light, cannabis is the answer.


Here are 10 things you should know about cannabis and depression:


  1. The enocannabinoid system regulates many functions, including your mood. Studies show that when people experience emotional stress, their bodies produce less endocannabinoids. A lack of endocannabinoids also leads to more anxiety, stress, and depression. But when cannabis is used, this can restore normal endocannabinoid functioning to ease depression and stabilize your mood.

  2. Cannabis has been used to treat depression since 1621. The first time cannabis was documented as a possible treatment for depression was in 1621 in a medical publication called The Anatomy of Melancholy. Today, there are hundreds of scientific studies backing up this claim. There’s no doubt that cannabis use can lift that

  3. There are cannabis strains created to treat depression: We live in interesting times! There are now dozens of strains available on the market that can help you treat depression in all forms. Whether you’re looking to medicate with an energizing sativa, need a relaxing strain to help you fight depression-induced insomnia, or something in between, there’s a cannabis strain out there for you.

  4. Cannabis is more affordable and safer than conventional treatments for depression:  It’s common for many people to pay therapists by the hour, and shell out hundreds of dollars a month on painkillers that have terrible side effects. These costs will add up over time; plus, painkillers come with the risk for abuse and overdose. Meanwhile, there hasn’t been a single recorded case of cannabis overdose.

  5. Cannabis can boost depression-induced appetite loss: People can typically be divided into two categories: the emotional eaters, and those who lose their appetite when faced with stress and depression. For the latter, there are cannabis strains that can help you regain your appetite. Not getting adequate nutrients in the body is only going to make depression worse, but cannabis can help you love food again.

  6. Cannabis is a well-known mood enhancer: Cannabis has been used since ancient times to fight mental illness like depression, even though people didn’t have a name for it back then. The cannabinoids in cannabis; THC, CBD, and others, all have uplifting properties that work in the brain to stabilize mood and reduce symptoms of depression.

  7. States with medical cannabis laws have seen a decrease in suicide rates. A report called High on Life? Medical Marijuana Laws and Suicide concludes that cannabis is an effective treatment for mood disorders including depression. The proof is in the pudding: the analysis revealed a sharp decrease in suicide rates among 15-19 year old males in states with MMJ laws just 2 years after legalization.

  8. Microdosing may be more effective: You don’t have to get blasted out of your mind just to treat depression with cannabis. Some studies show that low doses of THC may actually be MORE beneficial for people suffering from depression, while too much may have the opposite effect.

  9. Cannabis can treat depression-induced insomnia: If you find yourself tossing and turning when you’re down and out, you’re not alone. Insomnia is a common effect of depression, although other people sleep too much. People who struggle with sleep when depressed can benefit from cannabis. The herb hits two birds with one stone!

  10. Studies show that cannabis users are less likely to feel depressed: A 2006 study revealed that individuals who consume cannabis daily or occasionally have reduced levels of depression symptoms compared to people who never used cannabis. The study showed that weekly users have a more positive outlook, while daily users reported less depressed moods.


Have you used cannabis to treat depression? Share your experience with us in the comments below!








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