Valentine's Day Gifts with Marijuana
Valentine's Day Gifts with Marijuana

A Happy Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Cannabis Enthusiasts

Get ready to have a fun and sexy Valentine's Day with your stash!

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Lemon Knowles on Sunday Feb 14, 2021

A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Cannabis Enthusiasts

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Valentine’s day has become somewhat of a global holiday to celebrate love. Though the day itself is never given as a holiday, different people from different regions go out of their way to make the day memorable for their loved ones. The initial concept of valentine's day seemed to start with partners celebrating each other and showing love. However, in the world we currently live in, valentine’s day is now similar to Christmas in February, with red and white theme everywhere. This is because valentine’s day has now transcended from being just for lovers. Now, friends, colleagues, family members, neighbors, etc can celebrate the day of love with each other via gifts, and so on.

What better gift can one give a loved one than the valuable gift nature gave us. Cannabis can be the spice you need to make you and your loved ones valentine's day one for the ages. Know this, you can never go wrong with cannabis in the mix. It could be used to make the day memorable and it can also be the best gift you can get a partner, friend, or family member, especially if they're weed lovers. You can easily go beyond the conventional and traditional gifts such as chocolates and flowers by spicing up the curiosity of your partner with cannabis products. The growth and acceptance of cannabis in society have made canna-products great gift items that will be well appreciated.

Are you looking for quality marijuana gifts to suprise your loved ones, stop searching! Here’s a breakdown of quality cannabis-themed gifts that you can get for your partner, friends, family, or even colleagues this valentine's season.


One of the prominent uses of cannabis products is to promote relaxation. Cannabinoids in cannabis especially CBD works through the endocannabinoid system to promote calmness and relaxation. This helps to relieve the body of mental and physical stress and there’s no better time to promote relaxation than on the back of a global pandemic.

A good example of a cannabis product that can be given as a gift this valentine's season is CBD bath bombs like Vertly's bath salts. This thoughtful gift will surely be appreciated if your partner is a cannabis enthusiast that knows the goodness CBD can do to the body. Such bath bombs infused with CBD help to promote a deep sense of relaxation for the user.

Mud Masks by Nourish Mantra is another example of a cannabis product that helps the skin become clearer and pleasant. The smoothness caused by the product helps the user to relax the body and mind. Saint Jean is another example of a special product you can get your partner to feel fancy. It ensures the user has no eye bag and relaxes the skin.  There are other examples of cannabis products out there that can show your partner you are thinking about them.


Many cannabis enthusiasts are in love with cannabis edibles. This is because edibles can be easily consumed without going through the process of inhaling smoke or vaping. This opportunity can be maximized as there are edibles that can stimulate the oral senses way better than ordinary chocolate. Boxed chocolates that are infused with beneficial cannabinoids are now in vogue and they will make a great gift for cannabis lovers this love season. Kiva Confectioneries has quality chocolates infused with cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, and CBN.

There are foodies that love to eat the food and then there are those who delight in making the food. This is why cookbooks also make a wonderful gift for cannabis lovers. It provides important information and quality recipes that cannabis enthusiasts will surely delight in. Washington Wine + Food for example provides quality wine pairings alongside top food recipes. Dessert Person is another example to be considered for those with a sweet tooth. Meal prep kits like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron could also make the best gift this love season.


It won’t be valentine’s day if something special doesn’t happen after all the beautiful moments that have been made during the day. Cannabis is also useful in this line as there are special gifts that you can give your partner to send the message of what your desires are. Cannabinoids are known to elevate mood through the endocannabinoid system which is why cannabis lubricants and arousal oils with cannabinoids will make the perfect gift. The scents are the novel experience your partner gets exposed to from such products that cannot be matched.

Some cannabis products are the perfect fit for this peculiar role. CBD by Playboy’s products is well-suited for this role with their special vanilla scent and special sensations. Standard Dose also has Common Bond lubricant which easily washes off the skin due to its lightness and provides special sensations. Undies can also be the best gift to send the best message this love season and spice things up a bit. MeUndies have quality underwear sets that last long and are comfortable. These underwear sets have adorable sets and come for both men and women with special Valentine’s Day underwear for women.


While many may be in the market for intimate and thoughtful gifts, many are also in the market for fun and entertaining gifts. A sine subscription for Winc Monthly Wine Club at $39 monthly is up there with money well spent for a gift. SommSelect Monthly Wine Club is quite higher at $99 monthly but you can be sure that you will get your money’s worth.

If you are in the market for products that will help your partner enjoy their joints, you can choose to go for ashtrays and pipes from Playboy. They add a unique feel to the smoking experience and make it more fulfilling. Special rolling papers like ZBooks will also be well appreciated because they are bright and stable and make the smoking experience better.

Bottom line

Getting the best cannabis gift largely depends on who you're giving the gift. It's imperative you know what they desire, their preferred method of consumption, and so on.





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