mmj patient health
mmj patient health

3 Things That MMJ Patients Need To Be Cautious About

Always Be Cannabis Careful On These Health Issues

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HighChi on Monday Oct 16, 2017

3 Things That MMJ Patients Need To Be Cautious About



The United States has roughly 1,246 MMJ patients as of 2016 data, and that number continues to increase every single day. More people are learning just how valuable cannabis in in saving their lives as well as that of their loved ones. It’s the MMJ population that continues to drive advocacy and legalization efforts (we’re not denouncing the recreational benefits of cannabis here), because to them, accessing cannabis spells the difference between life and death.


MMJ patients use cannabis to treat a wide range of illnesses; from non-fatal conditions such as eczema, to life-threatening conditions such as epilepsy, cancer, HIV, and much more. To patients, cannabis is medicine and should be treated as such. Many of them even prefer not to get high off the stuff – they simply want to use it to get cured.


But before you buy cannabis as medicine, there are certain things you should look out for. There’s no doubt that the cannabis industry is profitable, but in terms of regulations it’s still in its infancy. Choosing quality medicine and evaluating how you use it can either contribute to your sickness or heal you:




A San Francisco Bay Area laboratory recently discovered that an alarming 80% of cannabis produced by California cultivators tested positive for mold, as well as fungus, pesticides, bacteria, and other things that you don’t want in your body especially if you’re sick. Mold is toxic no matter where you’re exposed to it; whether it’s in your home or in the cannabis you smoke.


Without careful growing, mold in cannabis can be a serious health threat especially for MMJ patients. The moist environment in which cannabis is grown can breed mold, fungus, and harmful bacteria. Dense cannabis flowers make a suitable environment for mold and mildew to thrive in, especially once the bud is a little damp.


If you’re sick and have a compromised immune system, molds can cause lung infections. Mold can also contribute to sickness because of mycotoxins and endotoxins; toxic compounds that can cause sickness. Endotoxins in particular can exacerbate asthma and lung problems. Long-term exposure or inhaling large amounts of these compounds can increase your risk of developing infections and make autoimmune disorders worse. If you already have a serious respiratory condition, these infections may lead to pneumonia and cause illness in other parts of the body.


Pesticides and Fungicides


The first cannabis recall in history occurred earlier this year when an Oregon brand tested positive for high amounts of pesticides. Last year, Colorado found 49% of cannabis samples tested positive to unapproved pesticides. Organic and clean doesn’t just apply to the food we eat nowadays; with cannabis companies getting on the hot seat as testing becomes more prevalent, but for good reason.


If you don’t want harmful pesticides and fungicides in the food you eat, why would you still put them in your body when you use cannabis especially if you’re sick? The solution to getting pesticide-free medicine is either by growing it yourself or by asking your budtender for lab-tested cannabis before spending your money and putting your body at risk. Reputable dispensaries often will have no issues about answering questions with regards to lab testing results, or the kinds of products that they use to grow their cannabis.




Dabbing is one of the most popular ways of consuming cannabis, but these days it’s been on the hot seat because of potential health hazards. Dabbing with butane hash oil in particular, have been found to contain carcinogenic and toxic compounds such as benzene and methacrolein – basically things that could cause cancer and that shouldn’t be in the human body. While under regular temperatures dabbing is safe, when placed under high heat or the same temperatures that simulate real-world dabbing, these chemicals multiply at concerning amounts that significantly increase the risk for cancer in your body.



Additionally, making your own cannabis medicine at home is also the method of choice, but not if it comes to dabs. The process of making your own butane hash oil dabs at home poses a dangerous, life-threatening risk due to the fire hazards involved due to the butane.


If you’re an MMJ patient, we hope this information helps you make more informed decisions the next time you medicate or choose where to get your medicine from.









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