cbd for athletes
cbd for athletes

5 Ways CBD Can Boost the Athletic Side Of You

CBD For Athletes Gets a Big Push From Legalization

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jsp1073 on Tuesday Jul 24, 2018

5 Ways CBD Can Boost the Athletic Side Of You

5 Ways CBD Can Boost Athletic Training Results from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


The bare truth about working out or choosing a game to excel at is that each muscle of the body becomes aware of its existence. Right, the pain becomes a constant companion and later on, insomnia accompanies the pain.


And what’s the worst that can come out of it is that you might have to abandon the one thing that keeps you going because of the physical incapabilities caused by injuries, pain, and sleeplessness.


This is precisely the reason athletes take help of painkillers and they never know when this help becomes an addiction. There even comes a time when even the opioids don’t work for the pain and that’s when players divert to marijuana.


A way to painless, good sleep, right?


If there are any players here, I don’t think I have to spell out the risk they are taking by depending on painkillers and marijuana. And if you are not a big shot yet in the games but are willing to, or are just looking for a way to keep your athletic side of you alive, CBD oil, the non-psychoactive cannabidiol product is the way to go.


What Is CBD Oil?


Cannabis, the until-now-infamous plant is made of cannabinoids, organic compounds which are the building blocks of cannabis. There are more than a hundred different cannabinoids in all the species of cannabis, and one of them is CBD.


The other cannabinoid even more popular than CBD is THC, the one which makes you high on smoking cannabis. Both these cannabinoids have been researched and found extremely helpful in alleviating physical and mental health issues resulting in the conditional legalization of CBD products.


Oils made using CBD extracted from hemp which doesn’t have more than 0.3% THC content are completely legal to use. Pure CBD oil is what we are talking about here for boosting the athletic side of you.


5 Ways CBD Can Be The Athletic Booster You Are Looking For


         1.  CBD Works On Pain Elimination


Pain is the dominating factor contributing to the abuse of opiates and marijuana amongst athletes. The endeavor to excel at the sport can make fatigue and sleeplessness due to pain a constant thing in your life.


CBD hemp oil, the one with no THC content, communicates with the endocannabinoid system and reduces inflammation which eventually decreases the pain. In case of injuries, muscle spasms, and sprains, CBD infused balms are the best choice for the site-application.


Professionals such as Bas Rutten have publically spoken about their inclination towards the harmless CBD treatment to fight their painkiller addiction and pain, both at one time. Consuming CBD pre or post workout could easily beat the heaviness of sore muscles eliminating chronic pain.


         2. Beats The Pre-Performance Anxiety


I wouldn’t need to make you understand what it is regardless of whether you are an athlete or not. Most of us have performed in front of a crowd and however good we may be, breaking a sweat is what happens.


We have the tendency to wet our pants even for a simple school performance, I can only imagine the players who have to make decisions in real-time which could affect the image of not only them but also their team and country if they are nationals.


In such circumstances, pressure built-up can ruin everything even if you are better than your adversaries. CBD can ease your nerves in these situations without landing you in trouble. Because it is absolutely THC free, there is no stigma involved here.


Many of the socially anxious people have experienced amazing results after trying CBD. Using CBD products on the day of your game could make you feel the calm which is needed to focus properly.


        3. Sleeping Like A Baby Can No More Be A Dream


The recurring complaint amongst athletes is about the inability to sleep bearing the extent of unbearable pain. It becomes almost impossible for the players to get a better sleep which eventually affects their game.


This cycle of insomnia and hardcore practice could actually kill your career. Sleeping pills and painkillers are not a way to go and you know it. Wouldn’t it be great if you get your sleep naturally without waking up to sore muscles?


Pure CBD oil does that exactly. CBD is known to induce calm on its ingestion. In fact, studies have shown the therapeutic benefits of CBD in inducing sleep in PTSD patients who are insomnia-ridden because of anxiety.


With the help of CBD, athletes may not only enjoy undisturbed sleep but will also be able to return to their practice sessions all fresh and healthy.


      4. You Might Get Surprised By Your Own Endurance


What’s important for you as a sportsperson? Well, even I can guess, all athletes want to excel at their own sport, right? But is only possible if you practice tirelessly. The amount of hours you need to put into the game has a crushing effect on the bones and muscles.


Over time, you may not be able to endure as much as you could before which shows in your performance. CBD, the non-psychotic compound of cannabis has the ability to boost your endurance level as it successfully heals the spasms, pain, and tiredness.


Many marathon runners and other off the hook athletes have admitted using CBD to increase their strength and endurance which allows them to practice more intensely and eventually leads them to success.


       5.  CBD Is The Perfect Supplementary Source


Even if you are not an athlete, nobody is spared from the fever of gymming, right? The increasing demand for proteins has made the millennials embrace whey protein drinks. While they are perfectly fine, there are natural options like hemp proteins which might be equally beneficial for all who are looking for an external protein source.


Other full-spectrum CBD products have some of the crucial nutrients and vitamins which are not only necessary for our well-being but are rare. Hemp is one of the very few sources of the complete amino acid profile and the perfect omega fatty acids ratio.


Consuming CBD-infused oils could keep these vital nutrients in check without depending on the synthetically developed pills.


Pretty interesting, right? Could you have imagined how CBD is not only for the sick but also for the healthy to stay even more healthy and have an athletic progression guiltlessly? Go, boost your athletic side!

5 Ways CBD Can Boost Athletic Training Results from CannabisNet on Vimeo.














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