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How CBD Can Improve Athletic Performance

No Longer Banned By the WHO or WADA, CBD For Athletes Catches On

Posted by HighChi on Thursday Mar 22, 2018
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How CBD Can Improve Athletic Performance



The use of cannabidiol (CBD) for healing a wide range of ailments is becoming increasingly widespread. From treating chronic pain to epilepsy, CBD offers a multitude of therapeutic benefits.

CBD is also being used by athletes for its powerful performance enhancing properties. Amateurs and professionals alike are turning to CBD for their athletic needs, before and after sports. Athletes are exposed to strenuous physical activity that can affect everything from the internal systems to the muscles, and without the aid of proper healing, performance can be compromised. Athletes are prone to fatigue, muscle wear and tear, injury, and much more. This is why athletes need to pay careful attention to their bodies – ensure that they always have the strength, endurance, and energy needed even after a long day of practicing.


It’s a particularly good time for athletes to start using CBD if they haven’t before. Late last year, the World Anti-Doping Agency announced that CBD is no longer banned. The agency is responsible for overseeing drug testing for the Olympics as well as regulating anti-doping guidelines for international sports leagues, including the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). In the World Anti-Doping Agency’s statement, they said: “Cannabidiol is no longer prohibited,” although THC remains banned.

Here’s how CBD can benefit athletes:


  • Sports-related inflammation: Athletes are faced with inflammation on a daily basis. Even minor injuries such as a sprained ankle will severely limit your range of motion because of inflammation. Recovery isn’t possible until inflammation has been addressed completely. Although athletes are generally prescribed the RICE method (rest, ice, compression, and elevation), CBD is an effective natural medicine to aid in the healing of inflammation. Taking CBD regularly can help athletes combat chronic inflammation, which can cause serious health problems down the road.


  • Reduces stress on the adrenal system: Any kind of physical activity puts a strain on the human body, especially the adrenal system. The adrenal system needs to work doubly hard to compensate, while helping to regulate how the body responds to physical stressors – and exercise is considered a stressor. When the adrenal system works hard, it releases more amounts of cortisol, the stress hormone, into the bloodstream. A 2004 study conducted by researchers at the Department of Neuropsychiatry and Medical Psychology from the University of Sao Paolo in Brazil discovered that CBD is effective in curbing the release of cortisol, which aids in the reduction of stress caused by physical exertion.


  • Pain relief: Athlete are constantly plagued by joint soreness and muscle pain, which can affect performance. However, CBD’s analgesic properties are well-known and well documented.  Without CBD, or cannabis for that matter, athletes would have had to turn to over the counter (OTC) medications and harmful, addictive opioids to their pain. CBD can do the job without any side effects at all, plus its healing benefits for pain can be felt almost immediately. CBD also inhibits the body’s absorption of anandamide, a compound that aids in regulating pain – more anandamide in the body means that more pain is felt.



  • Improve insulin sensitivity: Excess weight on athletes can be a deterrence to peak performance. One of the causes of excess weight gain a problematic insulin sensitivity. Low insulin sensitivities result in glucose being stored as fat, which can be a problem for athletes. Researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem confirmed that CBD can help improve insulin sensitivity, reducing the risk for chronic conditions such as diabetes as well as cardiovascular disease.



Athletes today are lucky with the multitude of ways to integrate CBD into their lifestyle. There are CBD edibles, CBD capsules, tinctures, vaping, high-CBD strains, and so much more to choose from.


Have you used CBD to enhance your athletic performance? Let us know in the comments below!


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