cannabis for obgyn
cannabis for obgyn

Ancient Times to Today - Cannabis for Obstetric and Gynecological Health

Marijuana for gynecological issues has been around for thousands of years

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 Ancient Times to Today: Cannabis for Obstetric and Gynecological Health

obgyn and marijuana

The health status of the world is dependent on the health of women, this is because women are the torchbearer of the next generation. Women are the light that brightens up the world and are the center of life. Gynecologist-obstetricians are frontiers in the process of improving the lives of women's health and even widen their knowledge. These obstetricians and gynecologists have the mandate to help women in their trying times, through different illnesses, during pregnancy and labor. The medical dealing of the female reproductive system is called Gynecology while the critical study of pregnancy, childbirth, and post mortem period is called Obstetrics.

In gynecology and obstetrics, cannabis has an age-long culture of usage as a medicine. Right from ancient times even up till today, cannabis has been a major part of the treatment of several obstetrics and gynecology illnesses. From time immemorial, cannabis has been used for health-related purposes and more recent research data further validates the viability of CBD and THC as substitutes for the treatment of several gynecological conditions. Since the times it was discovered by humans, women's health and cannabis have been inseparable. Cannabis use in old gynecology and obstetrics unfold the chemistry between the peculiarity of the female cannabis flower and a woman's nature. For diseases related to the reproductive system, cannabinoids have always acted as an effective ingredient for years. And until today, cannabis still plays a major role in the health of women.

 Cannabis Use Among Women

Period Pain

From several users' experiences and studies, there is no doubt that cannabis contains some pain-relieving components. Today, several women now combat issues related to menstruation with cannabis. Researchers found that chemistry between estrogen and THC can ensure a great level of pain relief. Also, THC has played a role in chemotherapy treatment for years through its antiemetic components. The conclusion is that cannabis is more effective as a pain reliever in women.


In their fertile years, endometriosis does affect 1 in 10 women in the world. It is a painful health situation that causes the inner tissue of the uterus to grow elsewhere and it leads to scars, risk of fertility, and extreme pelvic pain. Recently, an online survey conducted found out that women who used cannabis extracts or CBD oil while going through endometriosis were able to get their pain reduced drastically in the best possible way.


For the first time in history, scientists are trying to figure out if using cannabis to ease prenatal nausea is safe for a baby's development. If it is confirmed, it will change the narrative of cannabis in the medical world. It was also discovered that marijuana helps against bleeding and also enhanced uterine contractions during child delivery. This is another aspect where cannabis has helped in enhancing women's health.


Using cannabis before sex can result in a wild pleasurable sexual experience in women and the sex drive will be ignited with a sharp force. Cannabis use in a woman can help with anxiety hereby reflecting on her sexual life. Cannabis scientists are currently working on a product that is aimed at boosting sex life and ensuring an overall great experience.


The menopause stage can be a very difficult one and it is usually filled with several symptoms. Studies have shown that cannabis can ease some of these symptoms. The Endocannabinoid System has been proven to regulate sleep pain perception and mood. Cannabinoids can help to reduce the risk of postmenopausal osteoporosis by regulating bone development. Homeostasis can be maintained by the use of cannabis. Menopausal sleep and mood problems can be treated effectively with CBD.

Research has also proven that a part of the brain in women is more affected by cannabis consumption than in most men. It also seems that women are duly affected by the eventual symptoms of marijuana withdrawal and they develop tolerance to cannabis faster than men.

In May 2019, a survey among women published in a Gynaecology and Obstetrics journal presented important anecdotal support for the use of cannabis among women. Among over 2000 women with an average age of 38, 16% described that they used cannabis to treat gynecological conditions like menstrual cramps. 36% reported using marijuana to treat medical conditions like anxiety, pain, and depression showing that cannabis use for the treatment of obstetrics and gynecology health conditions isn't uncommon and with more studies being conducted the use and applications can only increase.











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