cannabis and PMS
cannabis and PMS

Can Cannabis Help With PMS?

Menstrual Pain Takes A Hike With Some Green Bud

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Can Cannabis Help With PMS?

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Like may women, you may find that turning to ice cream and other such comfort foods may help you to overcome the discomfort that you may feel whilst on your period, as well as the various early warning signs that it is quickly approaching.  Using cannabis to treat PMS however is again being researched.


During Queen Victoria’s reign, it was famously noted that one of her own physicians actually prescribed a dose of medication containing marijuana to help overcome the pains that came with the menstrual cycle.  Around the same time, women across America were being prescribed medical syrup known as Dysmenine to ease the pain and discomfort of menstrual cramps.  This medication contained a dose of marijuana.


Fast-forward to the present day, and slowly, doctors are beginning to prescribe marijuana for PMS again.  A licensed medical professional who is permitted to prescribe medical marijuana to patients is known as a ‘green doctor’.  If you visit one in California, it is possible that you could walk away with a prescription for the substance.  If you have severe pain caused by PMS, then it is something that doctors are now recommending marijuana for.  In the most severe cases, medical marijuana facilities in Colorado also prescribe patients with cannabis as a treatment.


What you may be wondering is just why doctors are now deciding to prescribe medical marijuana to patients suffering from severe PMS symptoms.  Quite simply, it has been proven time and time again to lower pain.  In addition, THC, which is an active ingredient in marijuana, has also been shown to reduce the symptoms of nausea and anxiety.  These properties of marijuana collectively help the symptoms that come with PMS, including headaches, abdominal cramps, and mood swings.


It does not come as a surprise that marijuana is being prescribed to help with these symptoms however.  Even before green doctors had started making recommendations to their patients to try the remedy, for decades, women have praised cannabis for offering them relief from their temporary symptoms during that particular time of the month, especially the pain associated with menstrual cramps.



Now you may be wondering why it is that physicians are only just beginning to see this benefit to women for medical marijuana use.  Well for a start, there as not been a great deal of research carried out in relation to the connection between marijuana and periods.  This doesn’t mean that there is any doubt about it’s usefulness to women, but it is just that PMS has so far not been considered to be of great enough importance to research.  At the end of the day, research costs a lot of money and so other illnesses such as cancer and PTSD have been regarded as being more important than the short term symptoms faced by some women.


Another reason why there has been a lack of research into the treatment of PMS symptoms using marijuana is due to the federal government.  Getting permission to legally test the effectiveness of marijuana involves a lot of legal paperwork, especially as it is not legal on a federal level.  For this reason, validating any research at all into marijuana use for PMS is very tricky.




There are also some conflicting opinions when it comes to offering women marijuana to treat the symptoms of PMS.  THC has been known to cause paranoia and other mental health issues when it is used for prolonged amounts of time.  It can also lead to the patient over eating.  Neither of these long-term side effects are helpful to women who suffer from severe PMS symptoms.


Even if marijuana is prescribed for PMS however, it is recommended that the patient is careful about the dose that she takes.  The correct dosage for the patient is the lowest possible amount of marijuana that is required to ease the symptoms to a comfortable level.  If the patient follows the appropriate guidelines for choosing the correct dose, then it is possible to use medical marijuana without the psychoactive side effects that it can cause.


If you have been recommended to use medical marijuana for severe PMS symptoms, you may be wondering what strains are going to be best for you to use.  It is important that you always look for the strains of marijuana that are indica dominant.  The indica strains are best for relieving pain, and this is not a property that can usually be attributed to sativa strains.  When you choose a sativa variety of marijuana plant, you will experience a high feeling.  You are also likely to feel hungry after you have used a sativa strain.  This is not likely to help with your PMS symptoms.  Due to the more mellow feeling, the effective relief from menstrual cramps and the lower risk of being left with a hungry feeling, indica strains are usually the plants to look out for when you are choosing your medical marijuana products.





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