Incontinence and Cannabis
Incontinence and Cannabis

Can Cannabis Treat Incontinence? Peeing Is Believing

Cannabis Can Help A Weak Bladder, too.

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DanaSmith on Friday Jul 22, 2016

Can Cannabis Treat Incontinence?

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Few things in life are more embarrassing than the inability to control your bladder. But fear not: the life-saving marijuana plant may have another use for a loved one suffering from incontinence or OAB (overactive bladder).

A 2015 study discovered that a compound in marijuana known as CBG or cannabigerol can help people with bladder issues. The researchers tested the bladder contractility in both mouse and human specimens. The results of the study showed that exposure to CBG reduced these contractions, which improves the symptoms of urinary incontinence. A previous study of the connection between cannabis and incontinence in patients who are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and Neurogenic Detrusor Overactivity revealed that patients who were given cannabis extracts that contained high levels of THC experienced an improvement in their symptoms by as much as 25%, which is enough to reduce the discomfort caused by incontinence to be honest.


But while such improvements are good, we also have to consider that a high THC content will get you stoned. This might be good news for people who enjoy the psychoactive element of cannabis but the truth is that not everyone does. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done so that doctors can analyze if other compounds in the cannabis plant can be just as beneficial for incontinence without giving their patients an unwanted buzz.


The fact that cannabis can positively affect incontinence should still be treated as good news. After all, as much as 27% of men and 43% of women have to live with an overactive bladder, as reported by the American Urological Association. They also state that up to 39% of these cases remit in a year and most of those diagnosed have to deal with OAB on a daily basis.  Most patients with OAB are from the elderly age group and are usually female although it can have debilitating effects no matter what age group you are in. Sudden and frequent urges to urinate can become so overwhelming that it’s no longer uncommon for sufferers to be so afraid to leave their own homes in fear of an accident


Currently, treatment options for those suffering from incontinence ranges from prescription medications, behavioral techniques, electrical stimulation, medical devices, absorbent pads, and surgery for extreme cases. Treatment for incontinence easily goes north of $12 billion a year in the United States alone.


Other Positive Effects


Marijuana consumption can present several health benefits, whether you are suffering from incontinence or not.  Another study found that cannabis can reduce the risk of bladder cancer for men. 84,170 male participants were studied by medical professionals at the Northwest Kaiser Permanente. During an 11-year period, 89 men developed bladder cancer; these men were marijuana smokers. These numbers are much lower compared to the 190 men who developed bladder cancer and were not marijuana smokers. The researchers said, “After adjusting for age, race or ethnicity, and body mass index, use of marijuana only was associated with a 45-percent decreased risk of bladder cancer, whereas use of tobacco was associated with a 52-percent increased risk.”

When we discuss the health benefits and medicinal value of cannabis, incontinence and bladder issues are rarely brought up. We never usually think about how this plant can actually help the millions of people who are suffering from OAB. Thanks to scientists who are progressive enough to do the research, people with incontinence may now have a new alternative or natural complement to their medication that can reduce symptoms while protecting from cancer. Cannabinoid receptors have also been discovered in the bladder, which has spurred new interest in the benefits of cannabis on overactive bladders. When we consider the current treatment options for incontinence as mentioned earlier, you can easily see that many of these options are not only embarrassing but they are just so inconvenient to do, unless you don’t mind inserting electrodes into your privates to strengthen your muscles, or wearing diapers. Cannabis research for incontinence gives us high hopes of facing this dreaded illness with some dignity.



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