Mass 420 deals
Mass 420 deals

Massachusetts 420 Deals and Best Products - Roll Up with These Dank Brands!

420 Deals and Steals in Massachusetts - Coming Up Soon!

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BostonBakedPete on Tuesday Apr 18, 2023

Roll Up This 420 with the Best Products, Deals and Celebrations in Massachusetts


Cannabis has become a staple in the culture of Massachusetts since its legalization in 2016. As we approach the biggest cannabis holiday of the year, we’re here to give you the inside scoop on the best products, deals and celebrations across the state.


Expect to find great deals across Massachusetts with the top discounts ranging from 15% to 42% off the entire store. Stock up on 4/20 for the best discounts, with most dispensaries offering 25% off storewide, according to data collected from Treez, an enterprise cloud commerce platform for retail operations. Treez, analyzed 7500 discounts representing more than $3.5 million in sales to uncover discounting trends and insights during the week of 4/20.



Cultivar Collection 420 Strain Release

To kick off 420, Cultivar Collection by Trulieve released two new strains as limited Massachusetts exclusives. The strains include Vapor Fuel and Sunset Summit, available in pre-rolls and 3.5 grams. Cultivar Collection is grown by Trulieve’s master growers who carefully cultivate and breed phenotypes in small-batched rooms to deliver an elevated flower experience like fine wine. Visit Trulieve on 420 for 30% off Cultivar Collection products.


Meet the Cultivar Collection Grower

On April 19th, Trulieve will host a Meet the Grower event at their dispensaries located in Framingham, Northampton, and Worcester. The event will include a BOGO sale, buy two Cultivar Collection 3.5g whole flower and get one for $10.

modern edibles

Modern Flower

A brand of popular strains and progressive cannabis products, Modern Flower represents the modernization of cannabis. Evolved from the collective community’s favorite offerings and created with the needs of a broad range of modern-day customers in mind, it offers a balance between affordability and powerful effects.


On April 20th, visit a Trulieve location for 30% off all Cultivar Collection, Modern Flower, Sweet Talk, Muse, and Momenta Products. In addition, get a CLONE for $18! Festivities will include ice cream trucks from 12-5 pm.


blue river edibles

Blue River

Blue River, the pioneer of cannabis concentrates and solventless extraction known across the US for its boutique, high-quality signature concentrates recently opened the first farm-to-table cannabis dispensary in Cambridge, MA. Visit their flagship dispensary for their exclusive signature Flan and Live Rosin concentrates.


rosin poppin

Rosin Popping Boba

If dabbing is not your thing, try the Rosin Popping Boba by Blue River. The cannabis-infused boba can be added to your favorite beverage or dessert! It is created from strain-specific live rosin blends and organic fruit juices and is sold in single serving 5mg nano-doses, equipped with an oversized straw.

savy edibles


Savvy reflects a new age of cannabis, catering to the aficionados who want more for less. With an extensive product line, Savvy includes portable buds, stashed in 7 or 14-gram bags, 300mg pens, and 1-gram cartridges. Available at Zen Leaf dispensaries and across the state of MA.



Verano offers a purposeful, curated collection of cannabis strains, pre-rolls, vapes, and extracts. Each product is derived from a premium flower cultivated in-house, and fitting for every comfort level and taste. Available at Zen Leaf dispensaries and across the state of MA.


In celebration of cannabis’s largest annual holiday, Verano is offering a number of exclusive 420 promotions spanning the company’s extensive brand and product portfolio across its 126 Zen Leaf and MÜV dispensaries. Dispensary guests will be greeted by a 90s throwback theme, and Zen Leaf and MÜV visitors can follow the company’s social media and subscribe for email updates to get the latest info on Verano’s 420 celebrations which also include food trucks at select locations and other exclusive sweepstakes and giveaways.





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