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Rick Simpson Cannabis

Cure Cancer With Cannabis THC, Not CBD Says Rick Simpson

Curing Cancer With Cannabis Involved THC, Not CBD Says Rick

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Oaktree on Friday May 27, 2016

The Cannabis.Net interview with Rick Simpson, of Rick Simpson's Oil fame.  For more information on Rick and how his oil recipes are curing cancer, as well as a host of other diseases, please visit his site  Pheonix Tears.


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Rick Simpson Says THC is the Key to Cancer Treatments, Not Just CBD from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


Ah, there you are. Very good...

Okay, we got each other.


Alright. Rick, it's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Curt at Cannabis.net, and you're kinda one of my Michael Jordan hero. So, thanks for taking the time with us today.


Well, the real hero in all of this is actually the extracts, I'm just the messenger.

So, just to update people, there's a lot of things on the internet about your oil, I don't wanna go too far in the beginning of the story, but... How about you tell us... A lot of people think you live in the US or Canada, can you explain where you're at right now in life and why, living?

I'm living in Croatia, I'm in Europe. I gave up on Canada a couple of years ago. Actually, for the last... Well, since 2009 I've been spending most of my time in Europe, but I don't... People are under the misconception that I live in the US and all of this, and I can't even travel into the US. The Canadian government gave me a criminal record for saving people's lives and that prohibits me from even traveling into the United States. So, I haven't been in the US since... What was that?

Do you feel if you entered the US you would be arrested? Say if you flew into New York or LA?

Oh, they would probably... They'd likely toss me in Guantanamo Bay for God's sakes, I'm a medical terrorist.


Honestly, I don't know what's wrong with the people of... The American people, or for that matter people everywhere, why do they take this nonsense from their governments? It's a God given plant and we all have the right to use, it even says that right in the Bible, and yet people cower and are afraid of their stupid governments and their police forces. And I have to laugh at these people in a way because these police officers themselves, they have family members that these extracts would be a great benefit for. But I treated many police officers myself and their families, and believe me, when one of them are dying, well then they started singing a whole different tune in regards to this medication. It's just sickening, the simple truth is the American government or nobody anywhere ever had the right to outlaw this plant's use in the first place. We used it for thousands of years all through history. It was basically man's best fiend. But the big money didn't want it that way, the same big money that controls our governments in the shadows, they wanted sell their own... Do the things their own way so they could make big profits, so the first thing you do, prohibit cannabis. Cannabis doesn't present a danger to the public, but it does present a great danger to these big money types.

Gotcha. Well, they say that people have changed due to inspiration or desperation and it feels like we're at desperate times now for some of these medical researchers and people who are dying in-sick. Could you just tell our viewers a little bit what's the difference who people that are neophytes and just beginning between Rick Simpson Oil and say temp oil or CBD type oil? Give us a background.

Well, the oils that I produced were all from the indica strains, they heavy sedative indica strains, and the more powerful the better. And that really, that's the real what they call now, the Rick Simpson Oil, that's the real oil, but thanks to Sanjay Gupta and fools like that, they get on CNN and they start spurting off about about CBD. Now, my oils or the extracts that I produced did contain a certain amount of CBD, there's no question, maybe 2%, maybe even up to 6%, but the THC levels in the oils that I produced were very very high. So, and if you look at things, like the American Cancer Institute itself openly admits right on their own webpages, that THC is very effective in the treatment of several different forms of cancer. It's like I said, I don't say that CBD doesn't have it's benefits, but I'll tell you one thing brother, if you've got cancer, you better be looking for THC. Having a small CBD content could be beneficial, no question, but it's the THC that to me it's the main cancer killer.

And I would also like to tell people out there that I do not sell this oil, I'm not in the position to supply the extract even to myself, but there's all kinds of people out there making claims that they're selling the real Rick Simpson Oil, and they're... They're using my name to sell their products. And in many cases people order these extracts and what they get has little or no healing value at all. So, it really is one big scam and I'm disgusted about it all. Are we froze up?

I can still see you but I see it says "Internet problem", but I think we're okay. Can you still hear me?


Okay, there you go.

Yeah, okay. No, I mean, it really disgusts me that this type of thing is going on. And of course the governments, they're happy to see this taking place, because they wanna see these extracts discredited, and what better way to do that than to let all these criminals scam the public with these extracts that have, like I said, no healing values. It discredits the use of this medication. But the real extracts themselves, if they're properly made, they really do have the healing powers that I've always told the public, so this is what people have to understand. I'm not in this for the money, I simply... We put up the phoenixtears.ca website back in 2004, and we told the whole world how to heal themselves, for nothing. The information's all there. I sold... I have two books on this subject which are available on my website too, and we brought up the... And actually the first book, Phoenix Tears: The Rick Simpson Story, that's available in print.

And if we... We just started a publishing firm here in Europe called simpsonramadur.com and you can order the Spanish translations and the English books through that website as well. But the idea was is to give people the knowledge so they could make their own extracts and become self-sufficient. But so many people they just, "No, where do I buy it?" I get these emails all the time, "Where can I go to get the extracts?" Well, how would I know? I have no idea about the medical qualities of extracts produced by others. So, it's impossible for me to answer such questions and like I said, my goal was to have people produce their own. And they always come back, "Well, it's against the law where I live." Damn, it was against the law practically everywhere until just recently, but if you have a sick or dying loved one, damn the laws. Roll the cannabis you need and produce the extract to heal them. These governments, and the whole thing is nothing but a fraud, and I think it's just about time for the human race to grow up.

That sounds like it's happening worldwide. You're actually right at the beginning of the legal tipping point and tidal wave for this subject. In our lifetime, in 2016. Look what's going on in the US and Europe, and what's gonna happen when the US goes federally. You'll be one of the guys on the Mount Rushmore of this movement.

Well, I don't really care about that, it's like I said, the oil is really the hero in all of this... It's just that I got put in the circumstances where I had to use the oil to deal with my own medical problems. And believe me, when I started discovering the real healing powers of this substance, I was just blown away.

Okay. I have a theoretical for you, since you...

No, because I had cancer patients coming to me, people dying with terminal cancer, they were also diabetics, they had arthritis, and all kinds of problems. They would get on these extracts and everything that was wrong with them would just disappear over a short period of time. I had arthritis and things myself, it all disappeared. The oil brought me back to a healthy weight, and then it cured my cancer. People get up there and they say, "Oh, how dare you say that cannabis cures cancer." Well, I have the pathology reports and everything to prove that it had. And I had a huge amount of evidence to back me up.

I went through the corrupted legal system in Canada. And these judges and the rest of them, they're all involved in this right up to their necks. Because again, like I said, no one ever had the right to outlaw this plant in the first place. And really, what's been going on in Canada, 1923, they outlawed it in Canada. 1937 they used the tax act in the US to basically outlaw it. And since that time, both the Canadian government and the American government have been committing genocide against their own people. Harry Anslinger went to United Nations, I think it was in 1954, and he had cannabis declared to be a non medicinal plant. Look at this plant's history. It's used in medicine.

How dare anybody say that cannabis is non medicinal. And then the single convention tree in 1961 and then some treaties afterwards... Basically if you wanted to be a member of the esteemed United Nations, which is also controlled by the rich elite, then you had to make sure that your public did not have access to cannabis. The whole thing is a fraud and it disturbs me that so many people worldwide are suffering and dying, for no other reason than greed. And this is what this is all about because in reality our world is being run by... You can only call them what they are, they're a pack of psychopaths. And all they want is money and power, and they don't care who they have to hurt or harm to get what they want. And that's whats going on.

Let me ask you, as far as having as much history and knowledge about the oil, if I had a time machine and could look three years in the future, when there's a lot of research on this and you'll be vindicated or validated. What are the three things that the oil you're recommending are gonna show us. What are the three that I don't know right now. Is it gonna cure x cancer... What do you know that that we're all gonna find out say, three years from now?

Well, see the problem is the proper research has always been held back.


This has been my goal, to get a big facility, a big firm, grow the proper strains, produce the extracts, and then evolve them to even higher healing levels, which would be quite easy to do. But when people caught on to all this and they all started running off in different directions. To me, what I see happening in the US makes absolutely no sense. Even the cannabis movement itself, you look at organizations like NORML, and they're going along with the government. Please tax and regulate it. We don't need... We grew this plant for thousands of years with no regulations at all, so why do we need to regulate it? Nobody dies from cannabis. This is ridiculous. But, what I see happening right now, the governments are all trying to keep a lid on this because they want their friends in the pharmaceutical industry to control this. But the simple truth is, most of us really don't have much money. And are we gonna go out, and are we going to pay the pharmaceutical industry tens of thousands of dollars for a treatment that we can grow right in our own backyards and produce ourselves? By now people should realize the pharmaceutical industry, they're nothing but a pack of gangsters. And if they supplied extracts, they would never supply you with the real thing, because they don't want you to heal.

They want you to keep coming back and buying more. So this is what I see happening. The governments are playing this control game right now, but I think in a short time within the next couple years, that people will just say, "Get lost." They'll go out and grow their own cannabis. They can't put everybody in jail. And I really think that what's happening now is going to allow the cannabis plant to set itself free. And when we set the cannabis plant free, we also set ourselves free from all this domination from these mega rich individuals.

And here's what people have to understand. These big-money types they control our governments, our governments in turn control the medical system, the legal system and practically everything else in our lives. And they're all bought and paid for. They're not working for the people any longer and I don't think they ever have. When you read the wonderful documents like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, well these were all written by... Many of these people that wrote these documents used cannabis a great deal. And it is a pretty well known fact. And if you look at the wording of these documents, that's all you have to do is read it and understand it. But what they've done, they basically they shredded the Constitution and really I've said right along, I think the last President we had, the last real president in the United States of America; I think his name was Kennedy. The rest of them... What followed after him was nothing but trash.

Medically speaking with an honest to God full faith effort into, quote, "Rick Simpson Oil or high THC oil", what will we find out on cancer? Will it be treated with conventional means? Is it good for prostate? Will it be good for kids? What do you think we're gonna find out that you know that other people either aren't listening to you or we just need more research? You're gonna say I told you so three years from now, and what are they gonna use it for?

Well, it's not just me. The top experts in this field in the world they're all agreeing with me, you know, what these extracts can actually do. And all this nonsense, "Cannabis must be kept away from our children, 'cause their brains are still developing". You know what a pile of garbage that is for God's sakes. Melanie Dreaver did a study back in the '80s, 1980s. And she wanted to find out where the healthiest babies on the planet were born. Well guess what? They're born in Jamaica to mothers who use cannabis a great deal. Now if the mother's use of cannabis did not harm the baby in the developmental stages, in the womb, and indeed these babies are the healthiest babies on the planet, then why should it be kept away from anyone of any age? The doctors love to pill our children full of all of these chemicals like Ritalin and trash like this.

And for God's sake stay away from vaccinations; that's another thing that's causing autism right through the roof. It seems like everything originally actually made it known that they wanna repopulate this planet. Well, I have no problem with that, but let's start with them. Because they're the ones that are giving the human race all this grief and it just sickens me.

Excellent. Do you think with the current changing of political climate that there'll be honest research done into this? Or do you feel that when it is legalized and allowed to be researched that it's just gonna be a drug company, like you said, putting in not the real stuff and not giving it honest, pure definition?

Well, it's like I said, they can't hold it back because making this extract is so damn simple. The people that can't afford to play the pharmaceutical games, they're just gonna make their own extracts. And if they're wise, they'll follow my instructions on Phoenix Tears and make the extracts properly. And if they do that, they'll find that these extracts really do have astounding results for basically all forms of cancer. And from what I see, like AIDS, multiple sclerosis, all of these horrible illnesses. Diabetes. Things that the medical system really has no answer for. It's going to prove itself. It's actually already proven itself. If you go up on YouTube, just look at the hundreds of testimonials up there. Now these are people that actually had documented medical conditions. Many of them were actually right at death's door. And they're just openly telling the public what they did.

But the governments say that's not a real scientific study. We need human trials. This is baloney. The human trials, as far as I'm concerned, human trials have been underway ever since I brought this information to the public. And if they weren't, then all of that information wouldn't be up there on YouTube. So how dare they tell us to ignore this. Do we really have to sit around and watch all these people die, until these white coated researchers get around to agreeing? Well, basically the important ones are all agreeing with me now. Harvard University started agreeing with me in 2007. In 2011, the American Cancer Institute started singing a different song about cannabinoids. And today, all of these drug companies are out there trying to patent it. That should tell you something for God sakes. But it is our, it's just our natural right, as humans, to heal ourselves. And no one has the right to prevent that and this nonsense you see in the US with tax and regulation, and even people like Cheech and Chong. They're up there saying, they're saying, "Oh, regulate it!"

You know, what are they, slaves? You know, as far as I'm concerned, well that organization, NORML, I had no use for them anyway. I mean, you've got a pack of lawyers that have been running around for over 40 years, pretending that they wanna legalize this plant, and they gathered in a great deal of money to support this cause, but in reality, if you look back on these laws and the way they were put in place, they were all put there with the use of corruption. Do the American people actually have to follow laws that are based in corruption? And these learned lawyers could not...

I mean, 40 years ago, they should've wiped that off the books 40 years ago. Well actually when Nixon was in charge, he formed the Schaefer commission. And the Schaefer Commission, that was the idea Tricky Dicky wanted to get to the bottom of this cannabis issue. So he had the Schaefer commission formed. They came back and they told Nixon to legalize this plant, and that they did not even consider cannabis to be a narcotic. Nixon took the same report that he had ordered himself and threw it in a trash can, and a short time afterwards, he starts the War on Drugs. And what drug did he focus on, for the most part? Cannabis. Your country is being run by criminals, and it's just astounding to me that the American people have put up with this for this length of time.

I wanna go back to something you said earlier, because I think our listeners and viewers would know. There is no...

There is actually no Rick Simpson oil to buy, so when they see it saying "The real Rick Simpson," the real Rick Simpson oil is the recipe in the book that you make yourself. So if you were to be aware if anyone is saying, "I have Rick Simpson oil," the best case they're hoping for, it's not endorsed by you, is that the person using your name used your book to make this oil.

Well, I mean, there are many people out there that are trying to produce high-quality extracts, but I don't know who these people are. I have no way of knowing. But for every one that's producing the proper extracts, there's 10 that aren't. And all of these claims... The CBD oil things like of that nature. I mean, they do have healing properties. That's been proven with epilepsy and many other conditions. But to me, it's the synergistic effect of all these different cannabinoids working together. That's when you see the real magic. And the extracts that I used to produce, you see, I was growing many different strains of Indicas, and what I was noticing, like some were better for pain relief than others, some of these extracts, and others would be better for lowering ocular pressure for glaucoma patients, or controlling blood sugar and all of that for diabetics. So one day I was sitting there, and I had about six jars of oil sitting in front of me from different strains, and I got thinking, I said, "Well, what would happen if you just mixed them all together?" The minute you do that, then you've got an extract that works on everything, and very effectively.

But luckily, for the human race, most of the heavy sedative Indica strains are very, very effective in the treatment of cancer. You do run into people that you can't heal, but I've always said, basically, this has by far the highest success rate of any treatment that I've ever heard of. It is a very high success rate. But sometimes you'll get people that are so badly damaged from chemo and radiations... This is another thing that gets me, is why do grown adults think that poison and radiation is suddenly good for them? If this was the case, maybe we should all move to Fukushima, there's lot of radiation there and we could all be healthy, couldn't we? The thinking here... I mean, the chemotherapy, that started out with mustard gas from the first World War. Poisons. We looked up 35 different types of chemo one time. Every one of them, just rank poison. And when you take chemotherapy, you're poisoning every vital organ in your body. How could that be good for you? Your hair falls out. But people, "Oh the doctor said... " Well, I don't give a damn what the doctor said. Most doctors are nothing more than idiots and they know nothing about healing.

Okay. I have to ask, what is your current enjoyment for a strain? Do you smoke, is it an edible, do you take it as a recreational drug still, or where are you at personally? I'm curious.

No, I have no problem with that, I'm sure if I have cannabis, I'll smoke it. I don't mind, there's no danger there. And actually, even the smoking aspect has been proven now to have medical benefits, because people that smoke cannabis, on average, live about six years longer than those who don't. But if I had the extract, I would be taking it every day. And this is what I say with everyone on Earth, every man woman and child should be ingesting small doses of this oil every day to protect them from this horrible, poisoned environment we're living in. This is the reason we're seeing all of this sickness. It's the gulf oil spill, Fukushima, and all these big poison industries that are polluting our planet, and we're not designed to live in a poisoned environment. It's compromising our immune systems, and that's the reason we have so many people becoming sick. But if we turn the cannabis plant free, we can detoxify the Earth. We can put people back on the land where they belong, and making a living by growing cannabis. We can supply our energy needs, our medicine. We can put an end to starvation, and take all of these harmful industries that we have today, switch them over into hemp based industries.

Something that's earth friendly. This nonsense about fossil fuels and all this. We don't need fossil fuels. They're driving the CO2 levels way up on our planet and the beauty with cannabis is, anything that you can create from petroleum products... Or from petroleum, you can create the same thing from cannabis, in an earth-friendly way. And when cannabis is growing, they smell... They... Right now with these new enzyme processes they have, they can produce as much as 1,800 gallons of ethanol off of one little acre of land. 1,800 hundred gallons, that's enough to heat your home, run your car. And have a few hundred gallons left over to sell.

If you want. But you see, they don't want us to be energy independent. It's really... And no matter how you look at this, if you're half awake and you look into this subject, you'll see that our whole way of life is nothing more than a horrible illusion. That we've allowed these rich individuals who control everything to create. And that has to come to an end because at the rate that this planet is being poisoned, I think in a very short time, and I mean a very short time, we could all end up going extinct. And I hate to see the human race end up that way.


So do you currently have access to cannabis or oil, or recreational where you are?

No, they still have laws in this country against growing it. You know and people think, "Oh, you just go to the Netherlands." You can go to the Netherlands and you can get CBD oils, but you can't get the high THC. And this is what you need. You know, the government and the rich elite, they're always presenting these smoke screens. They go, "Oh, all of these countries now, have legalized the medicinal use of cannabis." They're not saying why, but the real reason is, is the healing power of these extracts. That's the reason they're legalizing it. And it's going to happen no matter what. They can't stop it.

I was doing an interview one night with a gentlemen in England. And he said, "Rick" he said, "What you did" he said, "You lit 10,000 fires, all over this planet." In reality, that's what I did do with this knowledge. And people just started producing their own extracts and healing themselves. And then that knowledge spread. But I was so disappointed in the Canadian government, because when I discovered all of this, I went to every political party in Canada. I went to Doctor David Suzuki, who was a renowned researcher. And he has his own TV show called, The Nature of Things. I went to him. We went to the Canadian Cancer Society. We went... Even went to the United Nations. Nobody would do a damn thing, because apparently to them, money is much more important than human lives.

So if you could have one or two strains tonight with you, to enjoy. What are the Rick Simpsons, from your history. What strains do you enjoy? What were your favorites?

Well, this is not a matter of strains. I had my own methods. I had about 40 strains of my own. I used to do my own breeding.

And some of the tricks that I did... I made some of these strains so powerful that most people couldn't even smoke them. I mean this stuff would just knock you down like you wouldn't believe. But you see the problem right now is, with the seed companies. They're all producing... They're all selling all of these different strains. If you go to a seed company and you... Say you went through a strain like northern lights. They all sell northern lights. But if you ordered northern lights from five different companies and you grew them. You would find that you're growing five entirely different strains of cannabis with different medical values. There's no stability. And this is what we need. We need seeds that people can order and grow. And put their trust in, but right now, when you order seeds from a seed company, you don't know what you're gonna get. So it's impossible for me to tell people what strain.

Other than the fact, I always say, look for a strong Indica variety that is at least 20% THC or even more. There are many out there like LA Confidential, Pineapple Kush. Some of these strains are up in 25, 26% THC. And there's actually strains now that are over 30. So to me, this is... The seed companies are more about the connoisseur market. These people who like the taste of blueberry or other bubblegum. All these different varieties. I don't care about that side. Go ahead sell the public whatever they like to smoke. But when it comes to medicine, you better be producing the strongest varieties possible. To make the best extracts. And this is what it's all about, but I'm going to Amsterdam on the 12th of June to accept an award up there, it's Cannabis Liberation Day. 'Cause they have some strict rules up there too. Although people don't realize that, but I'm hoping to contact or come in contact with... I'm actually gonna stay in an apartment that Sensi seeds are provided. So I'm gonna have a talk with these people. And to try to get them focused on the proper way of doing this. If they wanna sell their seeds for recreational use, fine by me. I don't care, but let's get the medicine perfected and to do that, we gotta perfect these strains.

So five years from now, where does Rick Simpson wanna be? And what does he want to be doing? Five years from today.

I hope I'm going to be doing exactly what I've always wanted to do. Just go somewhere, grow my own cannabis, make my own medicine. And be left alone by the damn authorities. This is the whole thing and like after four raids that I suffered in Canada. And the behavior of the Royal Canadian Mounted police. I mean, what a pack of idiots that is. And then I seen the legal system. I went into the court system, I had 10 patients ready to testify, two of them were cured of terminal cancers. I had six doctors. I had a mountain of scientific evidence. So the judge wouldn't allow... He wouldn't allow the patients on the stand, he wouldn't allow the doctors on the stand, because you're not allowed to use a medical argument. But these people are really looking for the cure, aren't they? And when I tried to introduce the scientific evidence, they wouldn't allow that either. So in the end the only one that could testify on my behalf was me, and I didn't think there'd be a hope in hell that they could ever convict me because there were people sitting on that jury that I had treated some of their family members and healed them for nothing.

But, what happened really was the Crown Prosecutor, Doug Shatford, he went in and he tampered with my jury. And this man is well-known do to such things, as a matter of fact he did it a couple of years later in another case involving oil. So he tampered with the jury, that was brought to the judge's attention, they did nothing about it. It's truly... They were just out to hang me, but in the end I was facing 12 years in jail, but in the end that judge... When they gave me my sentence, the judge said himself, "Under different circumstances, Mr. Simpson would be winning awards for his work." But he said, "This is a court of law and we don't give out awards here." Well, it's not a court of law, it's a court of nonsense is what it really is. But then he came right out and stated that, "In his 34 years in the legal system, he'd never seen a case like this." Because there was no criminal intent.

I never made any money doing this, so why was I in their damn court system? And even though this same judge had denied the right to have these patients testify and the doctors and would not let me introduce the scientific evidence, even though he would not allow any of this, at my sentencing he came right out and stated, "The scientific evidence does exist to back up everything Mr. Simpson is saying, and he has this huge body of evidence from the patients." He admitted it. And instead of crying out for joy, "Look! We've found the medicine of our dreams." It went on... The case went on just like it meant nothing. The Crown Prosecutor, they were all trying to send me to jail but it's left up to the judge's own discretion as to what my sentence would be. So, in the end, they gave me a $2,000 fine and a gun restriction.


And the only reason I got the gun restriction, if you're convicted of trafficking then that comes with an automatic gun restriction and one of the charges I had against me was trafficking, but through that legal language they use. If you look up the definition of trafficking in the dictionary it says, "The exchange of goods for monetary gain." I didn't gain anything, so was I guilty of trafficking? No, I was guilty of stepping on the system's toes, that's what I was guilty of and I have no regrets for doing it.

Assuming everything was changed and dropped and you were welcome, would Canada be your choice to where you would wanna spend the rest of your life?

No, not now. The last raid they performed was... I was at Canada's Cup doing a lecture in 2009 and that's when the RCMP decided to go kick in my doors again and do another one of their stupid raids. And I spent the following three years in Europe and then when I came back to Canada for a few months in 2013... And it was just the attitude of the people themselves, they all seemed to know that what I was saying was basically true, one person after another told me and I said, "Well, why don't you surround your politicians' office? Stop them from doing this. Let's deal with the truth." But, from what I've seen most people just don't have the backbone to stand up for themselves.

And when I was in Canada, it seemed like everywhere I looked, all I seen was corruption, it really sickened me. So I was very happy to get away from Canada and return to Europe. But no, I don't think that I could ever live in Canada again because how can I feel the same? I used to be proud of the fact that I was a Canadian, I take no pride in that now. And I look at Canada and the US, well they're two of the most corrupted nations on the planet, but there are several others too. But it just shattered my whole world. I lost my life, it did so many things to harm me, their attitudes. And I had proof, it's not like I was just standing there saying these things, talk to this person here, they were cured of terminal cancer, I had proof of it, I had proof up the yin-yang. But so I basically I just gave up on Canada and right now this Justin Trudeau, he's been elected, I don't think Trudeau is gonna do a damn thing because he's a liberal, and it was a liberal party that was in power when I went to the government, back in 2003.

So, they're just playing games. They're passing out licenses now, I think they've given out 28 licenses, to these people to grow cannabis and some of them are allowed to produce extracts. And I laughed here a while ago, I was contacted by one of these organizations and so as soon as they contacted me I checked out their website, and I looked at the levels of oils and extracts, the cannabinoid levels that they were providing. So I get this guy on the phone and I said, "Now, what do you want with me?" And he said, "Well, we would like to use your name to sell our products." And I said, "That's impossible." And, "Well, we make the greatest oil, or some of the best oils in Canada, and blah, blah, blah, like that. And I said, "Look, pal, I've already been to your damn website. The strongest extract you're making is 17% THC and 2% CBE." So I said, "What the hell is the other 81%? Bubble gum?" And I said, "You want me to collaborate with you? You're insane." This is not the real thing. If somebody would come up and say, "Okay. We're gonna produce a high quality THC, extracts, made from the right strains." I would help them in a minute. But these governments aren't allowing it. And the same thing is going on in the Netherlands.

So for you to live your dream life five years from now, you'll need a European nation to allow the growth and cultivation on, let's say you've got a plot of land. How realistic is that in the future do you think?

Oh, I think it's very realistic because there are countries, like Spain, they have 100s of compassion clubs there, and things of that nature. And in Spain, you're allowed to grow Cannabis, as long as it's kept behind closed doors, you're allowed to grow Cannabis, a small amount of it. And as I understand it, the same thing is happening in Italy, Portugal. They just threw the war on drugs away, they allow everything over there. And their drug use has gone way down, see they... The whole thing is, once you take the crime out of this... It's the governments themselves that put these absurd regulations in place, and that's what created the black market. If it wasn't for that, like I said, all through history we grew Cannabis as a farm crop. So if these governments had never done that, you could go out and buy a kilo of high quality medicinal bud for 10 bucks. And this is what we need to go back to. The uses of this plant, like all through history, farmers used it as a livestock feed. And they had very healthy animals, not much wonder.

It was used in so many different ways. Even things like plastic, we can make plastic with Cannabis that's biodegradable and does no harm to the earth. Why aren't we doing it? These people are preventing this, or trying to prevent this from happening, but basically what they're going to do is they're going to lose control. Because I've always stated, that if set free the Cannabis plant will destroy all the corruption it confronts. And that's exactly what's going to happen. But I just wish that it would happen more quickly because there are number of people that are suffering for no damn reason.

Gotcha. And people share their stories with you. I assume on the website, they send you their stories with the oil ingredients that they've made, and the YouTube videos. Is that the best way for people to share their story with you?

Well, YouTube videos, I think, are great. I mean, we get countless emails, like I have tens and tens of thousands of emails from people, very positive, describing the effects the oil had on them. There are so many people out there today, you see but that they're looking for these CBD oils because they think that they can avoid becoming high. Well, CBD, truthfully, it doesn't make you high. But also, I've always said, "If the extract you're using doesn't make you high, then it's probably not gonna heal you either." This is what people have to come to realize. So I've never really promoted the use of these CBD oils at all. But there's still people out there that are selling CBD Rick Simpson oil. And this is not... I've nothing, no involvement with any of this. So it's truly disturbing to see this going on, and to see so many people that have cancer, because there's all these claims about CBD being effective in the treatment of cancer. Well, I'm not saying it doesn't have some beneficial effects, but I would not put my faith in CBD extracts with high CBD, if I had cancer. I wouldn't put my faith in that. I would be looking for... I would produce the extracts, with high THCs. And I do see countries everywhere now opening... They're slowly opening the doors.

There are so many. I think there's 24, or something like that, in the US now, 24 states. There's four of these states that are even allowing the recreational use. But I think that's what'll happen in the future, the recreational use... I mean, once people understand how harmless this plant really is, I mean, I think people they'll just start... The medicinal use is going to prove the wonderful effects that this plant can have on our bodies, and then the recreational use will become nothing more than a joke. Because, I don't know about you, brother, but I would sooner to my kids smoking at joint rather than popping pills or pharmaceuticals or drinking alcohol, and that type of thing. This is not destructive. But and another thing people don't seem to grasp either, the war on drugs... The biggest drug dealers on the planet, on this planet, are the governments themselves. I mean, was it not the Central Intelligence Agency that flew all of those plane loads of cocaine into the US? And got the whole damn country addicted to it? That was the CIA. That's a government agency. And you look at Afghanistan, when the Taliban was in charge there, they ripped up all the opium poppy plants, and planted Cannabis. But when our brave troops invaded, out came the Cannabis and in went the opium poppy again. And as far as I understand, over 80% of the world's heroin supply comes from Afghanistan. So they...

I think I know your opinion on this.

There you go.

So there's...

They think that we cannot grow Cannabis.

I assume I know your opinion on this. But using Cannabis as an opiate gateway to drug to get people up heroin and opiates...

It works magnificently. I mean, so many people came to me. Well, actually, we have a drug-addicted society today, people all running around on painkillers, and anti-depressants, and all this nonsense. We can eliminate the use of practically all of this stuff. You know, I mean with cancer. Usually, within a week and a half to two weeks, we could get them off the hydromorphone, we can actually... This the only thing I agree with, they say, cannabis is a gateway drug. Well, it's not a gateway that lead you to the use of hard drugs, it's a gateway back. This is what I've been trying pound into people's heads. You know what I mean? It doesn't mean... And the same thing with the highways, "Oh, if we had people driving under the influence of cannabis," "Yeah well, probably I'll be driving 10 miles an hour." So they won't really hurt each other.

It's so ridiculous when you see these planes. I drove a huge motorcycle myself many years ago, and this when I was about 35 and I bought a V65 Honda Magna, 120 horsepower, and this is nothing to play games with, but this was basically at the end of my drinking career. And so, I switched over to cannabis. Now I drove that motorcycle tens of thousands of miles, I never had a problem. And nothing will show you any more quickly, if your motor skills are impaired, a motorcycle will let you know real fast, but I had no problem at all. Now if you drink alcohol or you take pharmaceuticals and get on that same motorcycle, how far do you think you're gonna get? It doesn't impair your motor skills and this is what people have to understand, and as a matter of fact, from what I've seen in many of this research is that people actually under the influence of cannabis, they drive more carefully. And I think that would be a great benefit on our highways today.

Okay, gotcha. Alright, I know we're... We've gone well over our allotted time, I wanted to thank you. I want to get this information out to people. I appreciate your time. It's been a great talk. I hope we can do it again when you have the time.

Oh, yeah.

Oh yeah, I have no problem with that, but what I encourage people to do is... If you go to my website, I just rewrote the website here quite a few months ago, there's a great deal of information there. If people would simply go and read the information, they would find the answer to most of their questions, because I simply don't have the time to answer all of these emails.


I'm only one person, there's me and my wife, she answers them too, but we have a very busy life because of all of this. And like I said, phoenixtears.ca, that's where you get the information and it'll tell you how to heal yourself in a sensible rational manner that will not do you any harm. So, and my books are available there and simpsonramadur.com, you can get my books through that or they're actually available on Amazon Kindle too. So, let's get the truth out there, and let's save the world and save ourselves as well.

Excellent. I appreciate your time Rick.

You're more than welcome brother, it's been a pleasure.

Thank you for chatting with cannabis.net, I appreciate it.

Okay brother.

Thank you.


For an alternative version or if you can't listen on YouTube, you can also hear the interview below by clicking on the Slideshare Link.



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