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Can CBD Shampoo Reduce the Severity of Scalp Inflammation and Dandruff?

How does CBD work on your scalp and hair?

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Chiara C on Monday Nov 30, 2020

Can CBD Shampoo Reduce the Severity and Symptoms of Scalp Inflammation?

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The numerous beneficial applications of CBD has made the cannabinoid widely sought after for different reasons. Over the past couple of years, medical marijuana has made immense progress thanks to the effects of the cannabinoids embedded in the plant especially CBD. It is beneficial in dealing with pain, seizures, inflammation, and a host of other conditions. CBD has also found prominent use in the area of hair growth and scalp protection. This has seen the cannabinoid-infused into different products such as lotions, topical creams, and tinctures.

Cannabis contains different types of beneficial components such as antioxidants, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. This is why different hair products such as oils and shampoo containing CBD are more prominent in the markets nowadays. The presence of CBD in such hair products helps to deal with different hair issues such as irritation and inflammation.

In this article, I'll be drilling down on the roles CBD shampoo can play in dealing with the severity and symptoms of scalp inflammation. Read on!

What is Scalp Inflammation?

Simply put, scalp inflammation refers to the inflammation of hair follicles. This inflammation is similar to the inflammation that occurs when the hair is about to grow. However, the inflammation during scalp inflammation is more severe and the effects are more pronounced. Common symptoms that characterize scalp inflammation include itchy bumps or scalp, hair loss, burning sensation, and scaling. The condition can be very intolerable as the symptoms cause a great deal of uneasiness and irritations.

Scalp inflammation is predominantly caused by psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. Psoriasis refers to a situation where skin cells grow at a very fast rate. This increased rate of growth gives the cells of the skin limited time to grow to maturity thus causing immature cells to line up on the skin and cause scaling and redness of the skin. Seborrheic dermatitis on the other hand is a specific type of eczema that attacks areas of the body prone to oil. The effects of this type of eczema include redness of the skin and inflamed skin.

CBD and Scalp Inflammation

The relationship between CBD and scalp inflammation was studied by a group of researchers from Italy and the United States. The basis of their research was to check the effect of cannabis-based shampoos in dealing with scalp inflammation. 50 subjects with scalp inflammation from psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis were given shampoos with 0.075% broad-spectrum CBD. The results from the research showed that the shampoo effectively reduced the degree of symptoms experienced by the subjects. Other works of research conducted on the subject also came to the conclusion that CBD is effective in dealing with the symptoms of scalp inflammation.

The particular role that CBD has to play when it comes to dealing with scalp inflammation has to do with the specifics of the symptoms. CBD is known to be beneficial for pain relief and inflammation. This means that it can be effective in dealing with irritation, pain, and inflammation that comes with scalp inflammation. CBD infused shampoos are in high demand because compared to regular shampoos, the presence of the medicinal characteristics of CBD makes the product more than a shampoo. It's an effective therapeutic agent that can make your scalp inflammation disappear.

Specific roles of CBD shampoos in dealing with symptoms of scalp inflammation

Hair loss

One of the specific symptoms of scalp inflammation is hair loss. The inflammation of the hair follicles makes them susceptible to detaching. This is also aggravated by the itching and burning sensation that characterizes the condition. CBD based shampoos contain a wide range of beneficial components which play different roles in ensuring reduced hair loss. The amino acids are the primary building blocks of proteins and this makes them useful for preventing hair loss. They play the role of strengthening and protecting hair follicles. This reduces the risk of hair follicles snapping during dry winter or when scratched.

CBD based shampoos also contain antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that help to prevent hair damage and hair loss. Fatty acids such as omega-3, omega-6, omega-9, and Gamma-linolenic acid help to promote hair growth and prevent loss. Vitamins such as vitamin A, C, and E also play specific roles in dealing with hair damage. It should be noted that CBD based shampoo also helps to prevent hair damage and breakage by reducing friction.


Itchy scalp

Scalp inflammation opens up the scalp to different types of irritations. Inflamed cells on the skin are the major causes of hair loss and restrictions to hair growth. Results from extensive studies conducted show that cannabinoids are effective in dealing with psoriasis and dermatitis. This makes CBD shampoos perfect for dealing with scalp inflammation and reducing the symptoms. The shampoo helps to clean the scalp and reduces inflammation due to the action of CBD. It also helps in the regulation of the production of sebum which helps to improve the condition of the scalp.

CBD shampoo helps to moisturize the hair and the moisturizing effect reduces the redness and itchiness around the scalp. This moisturizing effect also helps to reduce the level of scaling and itching that occurs around the scalp region. This effect makes the condition less intolerable and gradually reduces the symptoms.


Pain and Inflammation

The roles of CBD in dealing with pain and inflammation are well documented. This accounts for a large degree of the medicinal uses of cannabis. CBD acts through topical action to reduce pain around the inflamed hair follicles. It also reduces the degree of inflammation initiated as an immune response by the body. This helps the CBD shampoos to reduce the severity of scalp inflammation and makes it a better option over regular shampoos.


Bottom line

All meaningful studies conducted show the usefulness and effectiveness of CBD in dealing with scalp inflammation. This invariably indicates that CBD shampoos are best used to promote wellness and reduce irritations that come with scalp inflammation. So to answer the question 'can CBD shampoo reduce the severity and symptoms of scalp inflammation?' Yes, CBD can help.









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