cannabis ice wax
cannabis ice wax

Cannabis Ice Wax – A Powerful Medicinal Treatment

What is marijuana ice wax and why is it so potent?

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Cannabis Ice Wax – A Powerful Medicinal Treatment

cannabis ice wax

Ice wax is somewhat of a laborious effort, but so worth the hard work. The therapeutic benefits are tremendous. There are many different ways to get your medicinal benefits from cannabis, and ice wax is but another one. But ice wax traps the benefits in the minute trichrome glands of the plants and gives it a potent kick.

What is Ice Wax Precisely?

Ice wax is nothing new, but it sounds cool, doesn´t it? It is a concentrate created by a solvent less extraction method. To do this, you use both ice and water to extract the trichomes and THC from frozen plant material. So, in a way, it is a form of bubbly hash that goes through a thorough filtering process and ends up having about 99% THC content. It is not as thick as oil, but rather has a grainy like texture.

Ice Water Extraction Method

Most of the time, butane, alcohol, or other solvents are used to extract THC, CBD, or terpenes. With the ice-water extraction method, a solidly frozen plant is washed off by using low-temperature water. After being rinsed, it gets filtered by using several bubble screens to produce high-quality THC content.

It is not Hard to Make

To make high-quality ice wax, it is important to look for plant material with loads of trichomes. Quality is found in the material you are using. It is important to know where you get your material from. If it is laden with pesticides, or badly grown, the residue will tamper with the quality of the end product. The best ice wax comes from leaves frozen immediately after the trimming process. It is a very safe method to use because no inflammable solvents are used. There is also no cooking involved and you can use leaf or bud. It is up to you.

Organically grown plants are better to use and the sooner it is frozen after being trimmed, the better. Oxygen and UV-lights damage the cannabinoids and reduce the medicinal quality.

What do You Need?

If you are sure that you have frozen cannabis leaves, then set the time aside to find the following items:

  • Coldwater
  • Three big buckets
  • A big bag of ice
  • A bag of at least 220 microns (Thickness of bag)
  • 6 bubble bowls (30, 53, 68, 90, and 120. The more filtering, the purer the extraction)
  • One spray bottle
  • A plastic card of sorts
  • Wooden spoon or stick

It is important to work fast. The faster the job is done, the higher the quality will be and the fewer cannabinoids get lost in the process.


Step 1 – Place the cannabis in the work bag. The work bag is lined in one of the buckets.

Step 2 – Create layers of cannabis and ice until the cannabis is done. The final layers should be a thick layer of ice.

Step 3 – Cover the content with cold filtered water until everything is covered. Let it stand for 10 minutes.

Step 4 – Stir the content lightly with a wooden spoon for about 20 – 25 minutes.

Step 5 – After the time has passed, squeeze the bag to maximize the liquid.

Step 6 – Set the bubble bowls over another bucket by starting with the highest micron value to the lowest. The lowest micron value should be at the bottom.

Step 7 – Pour the water content slowly into the bucket with the bubble bowls. Be sure to wash all the residue out. You can use more water if needed.

Step 8 – When all the solution has passed through, slowly with circular movements, lift the bubble bowls one-by-one. Make sure that all of the solutions are passed through. The spray bottle comes in handy here, as it can be used to spray each bowl to ensure that all of the solutions are pressed through.

Step 9 – Over the third bucket, set the remaining two bubble bowls with micron 30 and 53. Filter the mixture again.

Step 10 – Gather the ice wax with a plastic card and cure the ice wax by leaving them out to air dry.

Your ice wax is ready to use.

The Benefits of Ice Wax

The first benefit is that there are no harmful solvents used in the process of the extraction. The taste and flavor of the concentration are enhanced, and a very pure content is produced as no residue is found. It is also the fastest extraction method.

How Do You Use Ice Wax?

Ice wax is very versatile and comes in a spreadable liquid. In its most basic form, it could be sprinkled into a bowl or a joint. It is also advisable to create ice wax dabs by pressing ice wax between a piece of parchment paper. The trichome heads should be fused together by using your own body heat. When ready, it could be used for dabbing.

Final thoughts

This is one of the fastest ways to get an extraction with many benefits. It is super potent and should be taken into consideration when it is used for dabbing. Ice wax is a medicinal compound found in a flavorful concentration with amazing therapeutic benefits.








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