cannabis for extroverts
cannabis for extroverts

Cannabis Strains for Extroverts

What marijuana strains should outgoing people look out for?

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DanaSmith on Monday Nov 4, 2019

Cannabis Strains for Extroverts

marijuana for extroverts

Unlike introverts, extroverts feel good whenever they engage in social pursuits. While introverts find that their energy is drained when they spend time with people, this is exactly what energizes their counterparts.


Most extroverts can be spotted a mile away because they are outgoing and talkative. When they spend time alone, this bores them and may even cause anxiety.


Extroverts and introverts are polar opposites, and this means that they also have very specific needs when it comes to cannabis strains that are right for them. Extroverts tend to prefer mostly sativa strains that go well with social occasions, stimulate the mind for conversation, and induce laughter for enjoyment with other people.


Another thing about extroverts is that it’s easier, simpler, and better for them to focus on the things going around them, than the thoughts inside their heads which is what introverts do. Being out and about is the very core of an introvert’s life, and cannabis can make that much more interesting. If you’re in a social situation and can’t figure out what to talk about next, you’d be surprised too, at how much cannabis can help with that.


If this sounds like you, here are 5 of the best cannabis strains for extroverts:


  1. Sour Diesel is one of the most invigorating sativas around. It gets its name from its diesel-like aroma, which is described as strong and pungent. Sour Diesel has a cult following especially extroverts who appreciate its energizing and cerebral effects. This strain is particularly helpful for alleviating any depression or sadness that you are feeling, and make you look forward to social interactions even more.


  1. Harlequin is a sativa-heavy hybrid that is famous for its ability to treat anxiety. Having said that, unlike other strains that sedate you, Harlequin works by merely inducing a gentle relaxation which is ideal for introverts who want to calm the day’s stress before they head out with friends. Thanks to its high CBD content, any anxiety you have will melt away with a few puffs of this delicious strain. Harlequin’s taste resembles sweet fruit with a tinge of earth, but perhaps you would appreciate it more because of the level-headed feeling it imparts. Harlequin is best enjoyed in the afternoons or early evenings, and it won’t get you high.


  1. AC/DC is a sativa-dominant variety of Cannatonic, a legendary high CBD strain. With a THC:CBD ratio of 1:20, AC/DC won’t get you high either but it does a terrific job at alleviating stress and anxiety so that you can focus on having a great time out with your friends. AC/DC is also highly recommended if you are suffering from pain of any kind, that is affecting your social life. Forget about having to stay home and get FOMO: a little AC/DC is all you need.


  1. Strawberry Cough is a tasty hybrid strain with high THC levels, sometimes reaching as much as 18%. Sweet strawberry combined with pine and earthy flavors makes this one delightful strain to get high with, especially for extroverts who are looking for a relaxing yet uplifting high. Though Strawberry Cough is known for being a sativa dominant hybrid, smoking a little too much can result in mild sedation, so make sure to smoke just enough to get the hit that you want. This is also recommended for extroverts who are high strung and stressed out.


  1. Alpha Blue is an award-winning strain, the love child of New York City Diesel and Blue Dream. It has a tasty flavor reminiscent of diesel, and its known for bringing about a physical calming high that also uplifts the mind. Alpha Blue not only makes a great pain killer but also an excellent daytime medicine that extroverts will appreciate. Many users report Alpha Blue inducing happy effects that are sure to do wonders for your social life.


No matter what it is you identify as, the right strain is a great way to enhance the real you. Extroverts can generally benefit more from different types of weed, because it’s easier for them to adjust to a variety of social situations given their outgoing personality. There’s one thing to be careful about, though: just make sure you don’t green out, because this could have the opposite effect.








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