cannabis to be social
cannabis to be social

Top 5 Strains That Will Make You Feel More Social

Cannabis Can Bring You Out Of Your Shell, Too.

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DanaSmith on Thursday Sep 14, 2017

Top 5 Strains That Will Make You Feel More Social

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Does the idea of being around people stupefy you? Does facing people give you cold sweats and make you feel nervous, even panicky? Do you get stressed out in social situations, feel awkward, suffer from social anxiety disorder, or are simply the shy and introverted type? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have good news for you: there’s a strain for that, too!


Certain cannabis strains can help you feel more social and talkative around people. These strains are ideal for medicating before you have to face a stressful situation that involves other people. Whether it’s having to go to a social function or speaking in public, using these strains 1-2 hours ahead can help you get into the groove of things without anxiety, fear, nervousness, and stress.



green crack canabis strain

  1. Green Crack is loved by users for delivering a laser sharp focus and buzz, ideal for helping you concentrate on engaging in conversations with people. Green Crack helps give a sense of mental clarity while making you feel euphoric, uplifted, happy, and more energetic. It’s easy to say that Green Crack possesses pretty much all of the desirable qualities you could want out of a great sativa strain. No wonder so many people turn to this strain to deal with stress, fatigue, and depression too. Aside from its excellent qualities, Green Crack also has a special flavor described as a fruity taste resembling that of a mango, with hints of a tropical taste.



blue dream

  1. Blue Dream is one of the most famous sativa-dominant strains of all time. This strain will relax your body while gently stimulating your mind, ideal for medicating before you go to a social function and have to meet a lot of new people. Blue Dream has a delicious berry flavor thanks to its Blueberry parent. This strain will help relieve stress and anxiety quick without sedating your body too much. This is a high-THC strain though, so it’s recommended to use in moderation or better yet try microdosing with it before you head out.


lemon kush strain

  1. Lemon Kush is ideal for a mild buzz that will melt away your stress put you in a creative, energetic mood. It has a refreshing and potent lemony flavor with grounded, earthy tones. If you’re in a bad mood and really not feeling like interacting with people, this strain can help relax and uplift you. Lemon Kush is favored by many users for daytime medication, and because of its 0.5 CBD content it’s popular among people with anxiety related disorders. Lemon Kush is also widely used by patients to medicate for stress and depression, so for managing social situations you can be sure it will distress and relax you.


cinex cannabis

  1. Cinex, named after its parents Cinderella 99 and Vorex, originated from Vancouver but because of its unique and effective properties has easily become a favorite of cannabis enthusiasts as well as medical patients. Cinex has a nice sour citrusy flavor with mild earthy skunk undertones. This strain is loved for its ability to deliver a powerful energetic buzz that will also have you feeling happy, creative, uplifted, and focused – pretty much all that you need from a strain before you have to go out and socialize. Cinex is a popular remedy of choice among patients of anxiety, so you can’t go wrong with this one-of-a-kind strain. However, many users have reported that this strain can result in dry eyes, so don’t forget to take a bottle of eye drops before you head out the door.


cannatonic strain

  1. Cannatonic is legendary for its high CBD, low THC content. This strain is ideal if you prefer not get buzzed at all, with some strains reaching as high as 17% CBD! Although Cannatonic is a hybrid strain, it’s effects are more indica-dominant, so you can expect to feel total relaxation while being euphoric, happy, focused, and uplifted. Cannatonic is another strain that is highly recommended for people who suffer from social anxiety, and it’s also used for a number of other mental illnesses. It also has a delicious, complex flavor that starts out with a pungent pine and woody taste with light citrus undertones. However, beware as Cannatonic is known for being dank AF, and its smell might linger on your clothes so if you don’t want people to know you’ve been medicating, make sure you put on some cologne before you socialize.

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