Cannabis for HIV/AIDS
Cannabis for HIV/AIDS

Cannabis Strains for HIV/AIDS

Medical Marijuana Strains For HIV/AIDS Patients

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DanaSmith on Tuesday Sep 19, 2017

Cannabis Strains for HIV/AIDS



HIV/AIDS is an incurable disease, but cannabis has been shown to help patients make their lives more manageable. In fact, studies even show that cannabis use has the potential to prevent HIV from. 


In a July 2017 study, researchers found that HIV-positive patients who use cannabis have a better chance of preventing the progression of HIV into AIDS. This certainly isn’t news, since there have been other studies proving the efficacy of cannabis for HIV patients.  Another study revealed that THC has the ability to prevent infected cells from entering the brain, which could be useful for developing therapies that focus on the immune system while debunking myths claiming that THC dampens the inflammatory response of the human body. Most medications used for HIV patients don’t have the ability to reach the brain, or aren’t as effective once they do; but in this field THC is promising since it can limit the infection to an area. 


There are also other benefits for HIV patients who use cannabis; it helps with peripheral neuropathy, neuropathic pain, depression, appetite loss, nausea, and difficulty sleeping. The world’s largest HIV/AIDS organizations, such as the American Academy of HIV Medicine already support the concept of patients using medical cannabis. 


Cannabis is by no means intended to replace HIV/AIDS medication. However, it can be used in conjunction with other therapies to make the lives of patients more manageable and comfortable. Here are some strains that are ideal for HIV/AIDS patients:


girl scout cookies marijuana

Girl Scout Cookies is a hybrid well-loved by patients for its ability to induce total relaxation while promoting a sense of happiness and euphoria. This award-winning strain is also extremely effective at knocking out pain, and HIV patients who suffer from severe neuropathic or chronic pain will find this strain useful. Additionally, Girl Scout Cookies can help those with insomnia get some much-needed sleep, which is critical for anyone especially people with medical disorders to allow the body to heal from the inside out. Girl Scout Cookies is also suitable for treating lack of appetite, depression, and stress.


magno kush marijuana

Mango Kush is a stain so delicious, it actually tastes a lot like an actual mango fruit topped with the unique flavor of kush and pine undertones. Mango Kush is widely used by patients suffering from insomnia, depression, and pain. This is known to be a powerful strain, making it ideal for HIV/AIDS patients who are looking for strong natural medicine that promotes mental and physical relaxation. Mango Kush also helps with headaches and stress while delivering a happy, uplifted, euphoric, and creative high. 


skywalker strain

Skywalker is a great indica popularly used by HIV/AIDS patients as well as those suffering from other afflictions because this strain produces a pleasurable body high. The unique body high that Skywalker offers make it highly recommended particularly for those trying to address insomnia, neuropathic pain, depression, and nausea. Users also report Skywalker to give a happy, relaxed, uplifted, and euphoric feel; however more often than not it will put you to bed, so be sure to medicate with this strain at the comforts of your own home or at nighttime.


super silver haze marijuana

Super Silver Haze is considered a rock star strain among medical and recreational users worldwide, and it’s no surprise why. This strain consistently receives extremely high reviews, and has been the recipient of the High Times Cannabis Cup for three years in a row from 1997 to 1999. A cross between Northern Lights, Skunk, and Haze makes Super Silver Haze an excellent sativa with a long-lasting happy high, suitable for patients suffering from pain, depression, stress, and nausea. Patients also love the energetic body high it gives them; those with HIV who suffer from fatigue or lack of energy can benefit from using this strain. However, Super Silver Haze has a high THC content usually around 21%, so be prepared for an intense high. 


white widow strain

White Widow, a combination of a South Indian Indica and a South American Sativa, is one of the most famous strains in the world. Loved by patients and recreational users alike, HIV-positive individuals will benefit from the relaxed, euphoric, and happy feelings that this strain invokes. White Widow is a powerful medical strain for its ability to treat pain, depression, stress, insomnia, and lack of appetite. 









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