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Cannabis Vaccine

How Cannabis Helps With Vaccine Side Effects

Ax The Vaxx? Cannabis Is A Treatment For Vaccine Effects

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DanaSmith on Tuesday Aug 30, 2016

Ax the Vaxx? Use Cannabis As A Natural Antidote To Vaccine Side Effects


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Big pharma is harming us in more ways than one, but aside from trying to get us dependent on medications that have (oftentimes severe and fatal) side effects, they’re also killing us softly through vaccinations.



According to the CDC, millions of infants get vaccinated each year.  And while we are living in a time when vaccines are the safest they’ve ever been in history, there is still no guarantee that there will be a fraction of those millions who will suffer from side effects ranging from mild to severe. In fact, some cases are so extreme that vaccinations are now a suspected cause for autism in children. The vaccine-autism debate has been a burning issue for many years now, although the CDC denies these links.



Even adults these days want to get vaccinated for almost everything, even the common flu, which won’t even kill you - you’ll need a few days to rest and recuperate then you’re back to normal. However, I do understand why some people get vaccines: it *could* be wise to level up your immunity from stuff like measles and cervical cancer. I’d also understand why parents think it’s important to vaccinate your child in order to protect them from harmful diseases.



Cannabis and vaccinations have only one common denominator, and that’s the fact that they affect people differently. There is no way of telling how marijuana and vaccines will affect a person’s biochemistry, or cause them to feel afterwards. But one thing is for sure: cannabis is good for you, while vaccines can have some pretty serious side effects even though they are both meant and able to protect you from diseases.



But still - there have been at least thousands of cases, which prove that vaccines may have side effects that are harmful for your health.  The measles vaccine alone has been reported to cause brain inflammation, seizures, pancreatitis, anaphylaxis, and arthritis. It doesn’t stop there: there are even cases of children who have died after receiving vaccinations.


So while cannabis can’t be used as an alternative to vaccines, how can the plant help?




Cannabis Can Treat Post-Vaccination Seizures


Meet Eric Prine. He was born a healthy baby boy in 1992. His parents, Ronnie and Jennifer, took him to the doctor for a standard round of vaccinations. Soon after, Eric began experiencing constant seizures which were happening so frequently he was no longer even crying or displaying the usual behavior of an infant. Sadly for the parents, the massive hospital bills forced them to declare bankruptcy.


Ronnie and Jennifer also had to sell the house they built in Mississippi. In 2004, the family moved to Denver so that Jennifer could find employment as a nurse while Ronnie took on the role as caregiver for their suffering child.



By 21, Eric had stopped showing signs of normal development; at that age, he still looked like a 5 year old. At this time, it seemed that the family’s hopes were going up in smoke: Chloral hydrate, which was being used to suppress Eric’s seizures, was being discontinued. Ronnie took it upon himself to research on other alternatives, and found a YouTube video of Charlotte Figi and Zaki Johnson, two  kids whose epileptic seizures were significantly reduced thanks to a cannabis strain called Charlotte’s Web.


The strain could only be found outside Colorado Springs where it was being grown by 6 brothers. He also found a non-profit called the Realm of Caring, which was founded by Charlotte and Zaki’s mothers with the goal of helping patients get access to the medical marijuana strain.


Ronnie was able to get a medical marijuana card for Eric. On April 28, 2013, Charlotte and Zaki’s mothers, Paige and Amanda showed up at his door and gave Eric his first dosage of the oil. The following day, Eric had one seizure, and then it went away. Weed, a CNN documentary about cannabis, had an episode about Charlotte’s Web and featured other children who were cured by the strain, including Eric. Eric’s story was also included on the Realm of Caring website, describing how he was able to smile and play with his mother’s hair for the first time in 21 years.


I don’t blame Ronnie and Jennifer for the effort that they made to find a cure for their child. Eric is one of many children suffering from seizures who have been able to find some semblance of a normal childhood thanks to the healing properties of cannabis.



Cannabis Oil For Other Side Effects Of Vaccinations



So you may not want to skip out on immunizations for your child… I don’t blame you.



Thankfully, we can rely on cannabis oil to help reduce, treat, and manage any side effects that may occur as a result of vaccinations:


  • Encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) is characterized by a swelling in the brain, and can even result in permanent brain damage or autism. Any inflammation in the brain is a serious condition because it can lead to a coma or death. Encephalitis is usually caused by a viral or a bacterial infection but vaccines can trigger a reaction in the brain, causing the immune system to attack tissue thus leading to encephalitis.


            While more research is still needed to prove the efficacy of cannabis in treating encephalitis, there is already significant anecdotal evidence that it does work.


  • Seizures and epilepsies are most prevalent among infants and young children. The CDC has acknowledged that the risk of seizures is increased among children 5 up to 12 days after they have received vaccinations for rubella and varicella, as well as an added risk when an infant receives a flu vaccine simultaneously with the acellular pertussis vaccine or the pneumococcal 13-valent conjugate vaccine. In infants that suffer from seizures and epilepsy, these are triggered by fevers that are sometimes caused by vaccines.




Patients of epilepsy are traditionally prescribed conventional medicine, which often have many side effects, which include nausea, hair loss, liver failure, depression, headaches, sleep problems, mood disturbances, and irritability. These side effects often cause patients, or in the case of infants - their parents, to become desperate enough to seek out alternative forms of treatment in the form of medical cannabis. Many of the US states that have legalized medical marijuana in one form or another actually approved its medicinal use to address life-threatening illnesses, and epilepsy and cancer are among these diseases. Thankfully, marijuana already contains anti convulsive properties that enable it to calm nerves and manage epilepsy more effectively.


  • Nausea is another common side effect of vaccines, which can occur in both adolescents and children. Cannabis has long been used to address nausea and vomiting among individuals of all ages. Nausea can even lead to a loss in appetite, because clearly if you feel like puking all the time, you won’t have an appetite to eat. Cannabis is an effective appetite stimulant (no wonder it causes the munchies), which is why several studies have proved that the plant has been effective at treating nausea and appetite loss caused by a variety of conditions ranging from cancer treatments and even vaccinations.



Calm Your Child With Cannabis Oil Before Vaccinations



Is your child antsy, afraid, and nervous during injections and vaccinations? Well, don’t worry because you can use cannabis to help calm your child down especially if they are acting up prior to receiving a vaccination. This may be particularly helpful if your child is suffering from ADHD, or has a fear of needles in general.  



Cannabis is recognized as a viable alternative to help address mood swings, anxiety, and even irritability.  The plant has been used for hundreds of years to address a multitude of illnesses, even the emotional and psychological kind. If you are having a difficult time discussing the topic of vaccinations with your child, or getting them to go to the doctor, speak to your cannabis consultant or dispensary operator about the best possible strains that you can use to get your child the protection that they need through vaccines.


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