arthritis and cannabis
arthritis and cannabis

Top Cannabis Strains For Arthritis

Medical Marijuana and Arthritis Treatments Take Off

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DanaSmith on Wednesday Mar 15, 2017

Top Cannabis Strains For Arthritis

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Suffering from gout and arthritis can have a severe impact on the quality of one’s life. The pain associated with these conditions is debilitating, which makes it difficult to do even the simplest of tasks. The joint pain is intense and severe, and can last for several hours or even days.


Having arthritis means that you’ll have a limited range of motion, because decreased joint mobility occurs as the condition progresses. Arthritis usually affects the elderly although it can strike at any time.

With cannabis, there’s hope for living a normal life again even if you have arthritis. The pain caused by arthritis occurs because of inflammation in the joints. Cannabis contains cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabinoid that has been found to be extremely useful in treating inflammation. CBD is also beneficial for patients of arthritis because of its analgesic properties, making cannabis an effective source of natural pain relief without the side effects of painkillers. Several studies have been done analyzing the effect of CBD on inflammation which have yielded positive results.


If you want to start using cannabis, try these high CBD strains that patients love for their effectiveness in treating arthritis:


cannatonic strain

  • Cannatonic is loved by medical users for its low THC content and high CBD content; ideal for patients who want to benefit from the therapeutic benefits without worrying about getting stoned. Cannatonic delivers a mellow yet short-lived high that is both relaxing and uplifting at the same time. Cannatonic is one of the most widely used strains for its medicinal properties, so it’s definitely a top choice among arthritis sufferers. Cannatonic is also good for treating depression, migraines, muscle spasms, and anxiety.


black lime reserve

  • Black Lime Special Reserve is a top quality sativa strain that will make you feel energetic, euphoric, relaxed, and focused. This is a strong sativa, so don’t expect to go to slip into a state of tranquil and calm after smoking it; not intended for nighttime purposes. However, Black Lime Special Reserve is an excellent choice for daytime medication. Arthritis sufferers can benefit from its potent pain-killing properties. This strain is also beneficial in treating depression, spasticity, and fatigue. Black Lime Special Reserve is a fairly new strain that not everyone may have heard about yet, but if you have arthritis or gout, we recommend giving this one a shot.


lsd cannabis strain

  • LSD is an indica-dominant hybrid that will delivers a cerebral high. Don’t be fooled by its name; despite being named after a crazy psychedelic drug, LSD is a top choice among medical cannabis users. This strain is best used in the afternoons although there isn’t a wrong time to take LSD. Patients who are also suffering from depression can benefit from this strain’s ability to feel uplifted, happy, and even giggly. If you’re the type who enjoys releasing stress and frustration through creative activities, this is an excellent strain to try.


harlequin strain

  • Harlequin is one of the world’s rarest strains, so if you find it consider yourself lucky to be able to medicate with it. Harlequin is a sativa-dominant hybrid containing 7% THC and 7% CBD. This strain is widely used by patients for treating arthritis and pain as well as a number of other conditions that are caused by inflammation. Smoking Harlequin won’t get you high, which is why it’s a favorite of medical patients especially the elderly.  Some users report being able to sleep better on Harlequin despite being a strong sativa, while others love it for the energizing high that it delivers.


charolletes web strain

  • Charlotte’s Web is a popular strain and for good reason. Few strains can beat the potency of Charlotte’s Web, or its amazing ability to treat pain and epilepsy. This is a great strain for first-time medical users too because the CBD content ensures that you won’t get high; making it perfectly safe for daytime and even morning medicating. However, some users report experiencing dizziness and headaches when using Charlotte’s Web.


There are several excellent high CBD strains in the market nowadays and it might be tricky picking just one for treating arthritis. With this list, you’ve got the 5 best high CBD strains to experiment with until you’ve found one that works for you.


What strain do you use to treat arthritis? Share with us in the comments below!








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