cannabis strains for autism
cannabis strains for autism

Top Cannabis Strains for Autism

Medical Marijuana Strains That Families Use For Autism

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HighChi on Monday Jun 5, 2017

Top Cannabis Strains for Autism

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Autism is one of the most widely documented conditions affected millions around the world, many have experienced reduction of troubling symptoms of Autism with the use of cannabis



Sadly, this condition affects more children, and has even caused families to relocate to Colorado or other states where the plant is legal in a desperate attempt to get a hold of medicine for their children. There are hundreds of cases online about various forms of cannabis – from oils to the actual plant, that have helped people. But because cannabis remains illegal at the federal level, finding out the EXACT strain and ratio of THC to CBD remains a matter of trial and error for most cases.


If you are interested to try cannabis strains to treat autism of a loved one, these are some of the most widely used varieties for this condition:


blue dream marijuana

  • Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid from California, and one that’s widely used among patients with autism. Many users tout Blue Dream to be the cannabis form of aspirin, which means that it should basically be in everyone’s medicine cabinet. This is an excellent strain for daytime medication and can effectively suppress pain, discomfort, and all the symptoms of autism. Low doses of Blue Dream are recommended for the treatment of autism; to get the right low dose many parents turn to administering their children with tinctures of this excellent therapeutic strain.


green crack marijuana

  • Green Crack has pretty much become a household name in the medical cannabis community because of its far-reaching therapeutic benefits especially in the treatment of autism. Green Crack does wonders for the mind, and despite being an energetic strain can help relax the muscles in a way that few other strains can. This strain is a well-loved medical choice because it does not lead to a mental crash once the hit fades away, so it’s gentle enough for those with autism, allowing them to gently ease in and out of the high. Patients will also appreciate that Green Crack helps put them in a more focused mood, while feeling happy, euphoric, and uplifted.


la confidential

  • LA Confidential is a strong indica ideal for autism patients who prefer to have a body-numbing yet relaxing experience. In some strains, LA Confidential can have THC levels as high as 25%, which many with autism find most effective in helping to alleviate their condition. LA Confidential has helped cure thousands of people who suffer not just from autism but also depression and chronic pain; it’s no wonder that this strain has started to increase in popularity in recent years. This strain does wonders both physically and mentally, and is highly recommended for MMJ patients. However, it is recommended to consume this strain in small doses otherwise the high THC levels can end up causing anxiety.


charolettes web strain

  • Charlotte’s Web is a legendary medicinal strain for numerous debilitating disorders, particularly epilepsy, anxiety, and autism. This sativa strain is a strong CBD, with just an average of .3% THC which means that patients won’t get a high with Charlotte’s Web but it will provide you with all the therapeutic benefits that you need. However take note when medicating with Charlotte’s Web; while for many cases it’s proven as an effective cure-all, some find no relief; it is best recommended to experiment with this at low to moderate doses and observe. But when it does work, Charlotte’s Web has done miracles for countless cases, so it is definitely worth a try for cases of autism.


hindi kush cannabis

  • Hindu Kush is a pure indica hailing from the mountain ranges after which it’s named after. Many patients of autism find great relief from medicating with Hindu Kush; its ability to induce a sense of calmness and tranquility is therapeutic for patients. Aside from autism, Hindu Kush is also known to be effective in treating pain, anxiety, depression, stress, and of course insomnia. Autistic patients can relax with the mellow, deep, yet euphoric high it delivers. Because it’s a pure indica, Hindu Kush is recommended for medication only at night, helping autistic patients have a restful and deep slumber while helping them feel more refreshed the next day.



What strains do you find most useful for autism? To see what cannabis strains are for sale near you, click here.









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