cannabis for herpes
cannabis for herpes

Top Cannabis Strains For Herpes

Marijuana Strains For The Herpes Virsus, You Know, For a Friend.

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DanaSmith on Thursday Oct 26, 2017

Top Cannabis Strains For Herpes



Herpes is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases around. With an estimated 1 in every 6 persons infected with the virus, it’s likely that you might even have it without knowing it.


In some cases, the symptoms are so mild that the virus is basically dormant for several years. It’s not until a painful outbreak occurs that a person could finally actually know that they have herpes. The first year after infection usually means that outbreaks happen frequently, although afterwards its less frequent and painful. There are certain lifestyle factors that can cause outbreaks to occur; the most common culprits are stress, lack of sleep, exposure to sunlight, hormonal changes, or a weak immune system.

There is no cure to herpes – once you have it, the virus stays in the body forever. But this doesn’t mean that herpes can’t be managed. By making sure that you’re always well-rested, avoid stress and too much sun, you can reduce the occurrences of a herpes outbreak.


The good news is that cannabis is effective in suppressing the herpes virus. Research shows that THC works to suppress and decrease herpes outbreaks. Many people already use cannabis to help them deal with the pain of serious outbreaks, as well as reduce stress to prevent triggering the virus. There are many strains that address the symptoms associated with herpes, and can be used for both day or night medication.


If you are looking to use cannabis to manage herpes, here are the top 5 best strains:


green crack strain

  1. Green Crack is one of the best pains out there for dealing with pain. Ideal for daytime medication, Green Crack makes you feel laser sharp and focused to help you get through even the most mentally demanding day at work. Smoking Green Crack in the morning will give you incredible energy, euphoria, and happiness to knock stress right out of the park – not the strain to smoke if you need to get some shut eye. This strain also helps with fatigue and depression.


sour diesel strain

  1. Sour Diesel is an invigorating sativa best used in the morning. Named after its pungent aroma that is similar to diesel, this is a dreamy, energizing, and fast-acting strain that is legendary for its painkilling and stress-relieving properties making it a handy strain to always have on hand if you have herpes. One of the best-loved qualities of Sour Diesel is its ability to offer long-lasting relief. This strain also works well for fatigue, depression, and headaches.


og kush strain

  1. OG Kush is a hybrid that depending on the breeder may be indica-dominant or sativa-dominant. OG Kush is a potent and powerful strain, sometimes with THC levels reaching as much as 27% which is excellent for medicating herpes but not if you have to work. OG Kush has a pine-like, cedar taste with citrusy undertones. Patients love OG Kush for its cerebral high, more than one that numbs the body. This strain is widely used by patients to treat stress and pain as well as insomnia and depression.


granddady purple strain

  1. Granddaddy Purple, also known as GDP, is a popular indica hailing from California. GDP has a grape, berry-like aroma that is both delicious and smooth to smoke. Users report a sensational mind-body high combined with a full body release and comforting buzz. GDP is the strain to go to if herpes bothers you so much that it prevents you from getting some sleep. This is a popular choice for patients with insomnia but it also does a great job at treating pain and stress.


northern lights strain

  1. Northern Lights is a quintessential strain in the minds of many medical and recreational users alike. Having been around for several decades now, Northern Lights has established a solid reputation of being one of the purest indicas with valuable therapeutic benefits. Patients enjoy Northern Lights for its ability to numb the body and relax you like no other. It also gives a sweet, spicy smoke. Northern Lights is renowned for its relaxing nature, allowing you to rest and get sleep especially if you are suffering from pain. This strain is also used for the treatment of stress and depression.


What are your favorite strains for treating herpes? Share with us in the comments below.









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