under the radar cbd uses
under the radar cbd uses

What are 8 Under the Radar Things People are Using CBD to Help Treat?

What are some lesser known things people are using CBD for these days?

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BostonBakedPete on Friday Jul 3, 2020

What are Some Under the Radar CBD Uses?

cbd oil uses you don't know about

Right now, it seems that the world can’t get enough of CBD. Health stores, online retailers, beauty therapist and alternative medicine specialists are all extolling its virtues, and most of these are familiar to us. For example, CBD-based cosmetics are popular due to the “anti-aging” effects of the antioxidants present, and CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties make it a popular natural treatment for arthritis. 


However, these are just the tip of the iceberg. As CBD use has increased, researchers have invested more time in understanding its properties. This in turn has led to the discovery of many more applications and products marketed by brands like Cibdol, some of which might come as a surprise. 


Fighting Diabetes


Last month, the World Health Organization published some frightening statistics on the rate at which diabetes is increasing across the globe. Let’s get one thing straight, CBD is not a miracle cure and neither will it inoculate you from diabetes. However, research carried out at Hebrew University of Jerusalem has shown that it can prevent the production of the IL-12 cytokine, which would reduce the likelihood of diabetes developing. 


Quitting the Nicotine Habit


The fact that CBD is derived from the cannabis plant leads many to wonder whether you can smoke it. The short answer is you can if you wish, just like you can smoke diced potatoes if you really want to, but it will not do anything for you. Inhaling CBD has, however, proved effective at helping smokers to give up their nicotine habits. In a double-blind placebo study, smokers were asked to use an inhaler when they felt the urge to light up. Those with the placebo had no reduction in cigarettes consumed, but for the participants with CBD, there was a drop of 40 percent. 


Managing Blood Pressure


High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a serious condition that can lead to stroke, heart attack and other potentially fatal complications. It’s certainly not a condition for which self-medication is advisable, and a professional medical consultation is vital. There has been plenty of research into how CBD can help manage high blood pressure, and the results so far are encouraging. Scientists believe that regular doses of CBD reduce the release of certain stress hormones, which in turn helps to keep blood pressure in check. 


Reducing the Impact of MS


Researchers at Spain’s Cajal Institute used CBD on cell cultures and found that its anti-inflammatory properties can do more than just ease arthritic pain. It can also provide durable protection against some of the most life-affecting symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Follow up tests on mice backed up the findings. After 10 days of treatment, their condition improved and they showed markedly better motor skills. Research is still at an early stage, but these initial findings are genuinely exciting.


Making Heels more Manageable


Not every new use that people find for CBD is about relieving life-threatening medical conditions. Here’s one that just makes life a little easier. Those lades (or gents come to that) who spend hours in heels will be well aware of the discomfort and soreness that is the price of looking elegant and stylish. Savvy heel-wearers have taken to rubbing some CBD oil directly onto their feet before putting their shoes on and after taking them off. Those anti-inflammatory properties ease the pain before it has a chance to take hold. 


When Other Drugs Don’t Work


In 2012, scientists in Germany put CBD directly up against a powerful antipsychotic drug called Amisulpride. Tests were run with 42 volunteer patients, all of whom were living with schizophrenia. Incredibly, the two treatments were deemed equally effective. The only real difference was that the CBD did not have the unpleasant side effects that came with the pharmaceutical.


Old Dog, New Tricks?


It’s not just humans who can reap the benefits of CBD. There are a growing number of specialist products on the market aimed at pets, and most specifically, dogs. Many of the conditions we have discussed, excluding, perhaps, the high heels, can also afflict dogs and cats. CBD is particularly useful for helping to manage conditions like arthritis and other inflammatory conditions in older dogs. It has also proved to be effective in treating psychological conditions such as separation anxiety or general nervousness. 


Need Some Sleep?


The lack of material side effects is one of the things that really draws people to CBD, whether it is for themselves, their loved ones or even their pets. If there is any side effect at all it could be that its relaxing effect is liable to make you sleepy. This brings us on to our final lesser-known application. Insomnia is a problem more and more people are facing in today’s busy world. Pharmaceutical sleep aids are effective, but users often wake feeling groggy and they can be addictive. CBD serves as a natural alternative that gives good results. Sleep well, and sweet dreams! 









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