what are cbd crystals
what are cbd crystals

What are CBD Crystals and How Do You Ingest Them?

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DanaSmith on Thursday Sep 15, 2022

cbd crystals

When it comes to pure CBD, it doesn’t get any better than CBD crystals.


CBD crystals are the purest known form of cannabidiol in the market today. They are made by undergoing a rigid purification and extraction process in order to remove everything else except the CBD molecules. What you get is a product that is, at the very least, 98% pure CBD. This means that there are no longer any flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids present.


How CBD Crystals Are Made


CBD is primarily derived from hemp, which are cannabidiol-rich cousins of the marijuana plant. There are many ways to create CBD crystals, but the most common form used by manufacturers is CO2 extraction which doesn’t rely on heat or solvents.


CBD crystals, also known as CBD isolates, are made with the following steps. However, the process may vary depending on the manufacturer.


  • Just like any other cannabis concentrate, extraction must first take place. While CO2 extraction is common, other manufacturers make use of hydrocarbon solvents such as ethanol, propane, or butane although ethanol is the most common choice among these especially with commercial production.


  • Winterization is the next step; this involves removing chlorophyll, wax, and other fats found in the hemp plant. If these are not removed, CBD crystals won’t be as pure or concentrated. Winterization is done by using a solvent to cool down temperatures, as low as below zero. The plant then stays in that cool temperature until the waxes and fats have coagulated completely and separated from the oil.


  • After winterization, the fats and waxes are then filtered through a filter press. A vacuum pump then pulls out the oils while the waxes and fats are placed elsewhere.


  • The CBD must be decarboxylated to maximize the CBD content. Decarboxylation also gets rid of the CO2 and carboxylic acid then converts the precursor of CBD, which is CBDa, into the activated form so that the end user can benefit from all its therapeutic properties.


  • Distillation is then done either through wiped film or short path distillation equipment. This step aims to get rid of impurities which can affect the potency and purity of the CBD crystal.


  • The last step is crystallization, though for some this is an optional procedure. Crystallization ensures that the end product resembles a crystal that can be consumed in a multitude of ways while still possessing a 98% CBD purity, at the very least. It begins by placing the CBD oil into a vessel which is stirred while being exposed to heat. After it has cooled down, crystallization will begin to occur and stirring will continue, resulting in the crystal separating completely from the mixture.


The crystal is then washed with a chemical solvent such as pentane to get rid of remaining impurities.


Benefits Of CBD Crystals


No matter how you take CBD, its benefits remain the same. Below is a list of benefits you can expect from CBD crystals:


  • Completely free from THC. There have been numerous cases of CBD products such as capsules and oils sold in the market that were found to contain more THC than its labels indicate. For people who want to consume pure CBD and nothing else, CBD crystals are your best bet especially if you may need to undergo a drug test any time soon.


  • Odorless and flavorless: While there are some CBD crystals that have been made with added flavoring, most of it is unflavored and odorless. This is not necessarily negative: you can use isolate powders and mix it into food and beverage of your choice without worrying about the altered taste.


  • You won’t get high: Another benefit of CBD crystals being free from THC is that there is no worry of intoxication or getting high, even in the slightest.


  • Ideal for sensitivities: Some people may experience sensitivities or allergies to cannabis or its cannabinoids in other forms. However, the purity of CBD crystals makes it perfect for sensitive individuals.


How To Consume CBD Crystals


There are many ways to consume CBD crystals, suitable for people with various preferences:


Dabbing: The most popular way to consume CBD crystals is through dabbing. This process melts the concentrates and enables you to inhale pure CBD vapor. Take note that this method of consumption is recommended for seasoned cannabis consumers as dabbing any cannabis concentrate requires some complex tools such as a dab rig, dabbing tool, and torch lighter.


Eat directly: CBD crystals and pure CBD crystal powder can be consumed orally as well. Take note that they are extremely potent and powerful, so you should follow the manufacturer’s directions. For example, with a powder the usual dosage would be a serving size as large as a rice grain placed directly on or under your tongue. You can also take a chip off the crystal, around a third the size of your pinky nail, and put it directly in your mouth as you wait for it to melt before swallowing.


Dry herb vaporizer: Make sure you are using the correct vaporizer for this consumption method. It will enable you to inhale and smoke clean, pure CBD. Generally, most vaporizers will require pre-heating after which you can place crystals into the stank. Once there is steam, you can inhale it.


Make infused oils: This form of CBD is ideal for infusing into food and drink. The crystals itself will melt once it comes into contact with hot water. Just be sure to avoid heating it above 170F, and combine it with some kind of fat for the best results.




CBD crystals are one of the best ways to consume CBD. They are also extremely versatile and can be consumed many ways. Which one is your favorite?





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