what is THCjd
what is THCjd

What is THCjd and Is It Really 20x Stronger Than Regular THC?

Is THCjd a new breakthrough in pain management and it could be 20x more powerful than THC

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what is thcjd

THCjd: What It Is and Where to Find It


With more states joining the bandwagon of adult-use cannabis legalization, the recreational cannabis market has grown significantly. Now, a lot of manufacturers are in a connection to synthesize and isolate the safest and most powerful compounds from the marijuana plant.


Considering the most popular and classic cannabinoid – Delta 9 THC is still prohibited at the federal level, manufacturers have gone into the lab to find alternative THCs that get the job done. With how far the industry has come, a lot of people are familiar with Delta 8 THC or THCV and Delta 10.


However, a lot more cannabinoids exist and more are still on the horizon. Nonetheless, there's the latest cannabinoid making new waves in the industry and that is the THCjd. Keep reading to learn more about the cannabinoid and which brand offers one of the safest and most potent THCjd. Let's begin!


Different types of THC

Except you're a newbie, you should be relatively used to Delta 9 THC, how it affects the mind and its reaction to the level. At a fundamental level, a lot of consumers are aware that THC is the dominant psychoactive compound present in cannabis.


THC is the reason why consumers get high on weed. But what many are not aware of is the number of THC variants that exist, how they differ from one another, and which has more potency. Not quite long, the cannabis industry came off all bent on synthesizing and accessing hundreds of cannabis. This applied to both variants that have been synthesized in the marijuana plant and several isomers and analogs.


As it stands THC, and the idea of synthesizing different variants of THC has pushed the discussion door open in some circles. Discussions about various chain lengths of THCV, THC-O, THC-H, THCB, THCP, and many more are now being conversed. This variation in chain length is also said to apply to other cannabinoids such as HHC.


You should also note that all these are synthetic cannabinoids. However, defining "synthetic cannabinoids" applies in two dimensions. First, synthetic cannabinoids are compounds that are formulated in the lab and do not exist in nature e.g THC-O. Secondly, synthetic cannabinoids are compounds that do exist in nature but minute quantities. Hence, they have to be manufactured in the lab to be used in large quantities in consumer products. E.g Delta 8 THC.


What is THCjd?

As regards some of the latest cannabinoid compounds such as THCjd to be specific, there's little to zero available information about the compound. In most cases, only a little information about THCjd is provided by the brand trying to sell its products.


THCjd is a remarkable and naturally occurring cannabinoid made from the separation and containing different cannabinoids. It is also popularly called phytocannabinoid and is believed to be more potent than usual THC.


THCjd  (Tetrahydrocannabioctyl) is an 8-carbon side-chain said to be 19 times more potent than THC. This is courtesy of its long carbon side chain. The theory behind this is, that the longer a cannabinoid sidechain, the higher the number of THC that locks with the receptors.


For a while, the THCP with a 7-carbon side-chain was recognized to be the cannabinoid with the longest carbon side chain and the most potent. Right now, THCjd seems to have taken the position making it the most powerful cannabinoid in this market.


According to manufacturers, THCjd is directly extracted from hemp or cannabis. This means, that producing the compound does not need any chemical alteration more than the usual method of THC processing.


Frankly, there's still a lot to learn about THCjd as information about this compound is still lacking. But the few findings so far have suggested that more research is being done behind the scenes and more should be known about the cannabinoids soon enough.


Meanwhile, the general consensus about the THCjd compound is that it is a powerful cannabinoid and very safe for consumption. The cannabinoid gives on an indica-type, couch lock kind of high. As things are, possession and use of THCjd are legal given there are no laws governing the use and possession of this cannabinoid.


Where to get THCjd

Are you the curious type ready to experience a new kind of high with THCjd, well there are several brands and manufacturers that produce and sell the compound. Again, considering THCjd is a relatively new product, you should buy from a credible and reputable brand.


A credible brand we are sure of recommending is "Light Out" and they offer various THCjd funniest and disposable series. Let's have a look at these products.



Lights Out Disposable Series

The "Light Out" disposable series weighing about 2 grams each consists of a distinct combination of powerful cannabinoids to produce a remarkable blend.


The brand offers a smooth blend of THC-JD, Delta 9 THC, THC-P, Live Resin Delta 8 THC, and THC-H. So far, the brand offers three different flavors one can choose from. These include Blueberry Skunk, Ekto Cooler, and Strawberry Kush. These products are incredibly powerful so get ready to have a wonderful experience.


Lights Out Gummies

Lights Out also launched a new line of cannabis products in the form of powerful gummies that contain the latest cannabinoids in the industry. The gummies contain exactly 125 milligrams of robust cannabinoids each. The gummies come in a smooth blend of THC-JD, Delta 9 THC, THC-P, Live Resin Delta 8 THC, and THC-H.


Similar to the disposable series, the brand offers three different flavors one can choose from. These include Sour Peach, Root Beer, and Purple Berry.  The gummies are incredibly powerful, offering one of the best high experiences. Each of the gummies sells for $19.49.




If you're a newbie and you need to experience something different,  THCjd is definitely a cannabinoid you can try out. While enough information about the product is still lacking, you can carry out more personal research on various cannabis websites or check out various YouTube channels. However, from the experiences of many, THCjd is a cannabinoid that is safe and worth experiencing.



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