getting high with grandparents
getting high with grandparents

Baked with Nana and Gramps - Majority of Cannabis Users Want to Get High with Their Grandparents Says New Survey

Marijuana users secretly want to get high with their grandma and grandpa!

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Joseph Billions on Thursday Oct 7, 2021

Study: 60% of Cannabis Consumers Would Get High with Grandparents

getting high with your grandparents

Taking weed and getting high was a thing people used to hide from their families. However, today, cannabis is legal in many states across the country. As a result, people are more open-minded and no longer have to hide cannabis. In fact, new polls conducted discovered that a lot of people are willing to get high with their families.

A recent survey conducted by Azuca, a cannabis edibles brand, found that 60% of respondents are willing to take cannabis with their grandparents. There's been a continuous increase in the legalization of cannabis all over the country. As a result, the law that evaluates consumers' habits and attitudes of cannabis use also increase.

As federal legalization comes knocking, the survey tries to raise essential questions. These questions range from cannabis as the future of pain management to consumption at work. The survey also identifies the top cannabis preference in the market.



The Americans and Cannabis Consumption Survey was carried out online using Survey Monkey. The survey had a national sample of 1089 participants. These participants spanned across various levels of income and various geographic regions in the United States. The survey was also weighted to recognize the age distribution and gender distribution. The survey spanned across 18 to 60+ age brackets in the United States. More than half of the participants were cannabis users.

At the end of the survey, it was discovered that 60% of respondents were willing to take cannabis with their grandparents. Not just that, other key findings from the survey were also found, including the growing popularity of edibles.


Edible Popularity

Edibles emerged as the top consumption preference in the survey, with more than half of respondents choosing edibles. Most resto respondents prefer edibles such as baked goods and gummies to vaping and smoking.

Also, more than half (53%) of the respondents shared that they've improved their consumption of edibles through the pandemic. The survey also brought to light that more than half (54%) would love the effects of their edibles to kick in faster. About two-thirds (62%) of respondents also want edibles with little or no taste of cannabis. The survey also discovered that 17% of the respondents prefer beverages while 13% chose tropical as their preference for cannabinoids.

Other key findings from the survey include;


Cannabis Understanding

Over two-thirds (70%) of respondents can tell the differences between CBD and THC. Furthermore, about one-half (45%) of the respondents know about micro-dosing and how to administer it.  


Cannabis Wellness

About 58% of the respondents think that cannabis is the prospect of pain management. For cannabis users who took the survey, 64% use it for relaxation, and 43% use it for sleep aid. Also, 40% use it for pain management, 39% use it for recreation, and 37% for health and wellness.


Cannabis Consumption Habits

Even with adult use of cannabis now legal in over 18 states in the United States, some Americans have never consumed cannabis. The survey reports that more than 50% of Americans have not consumed cannabis. Out of the population who have consumed cannabis, 28% claim they are daily consumers. Also, 18% claim weekly, 15% claim monthly, and 39% claim several trimmed a year.


Cannabis Consumption Preferences

More than half of cannabis users (52%) prefer to consume cannabis in the form of gummies. 30% claim they prefer another kind of food or chocolate, while 39% prefer smoking. Also, 22% of cannabis users prefer a vaporizer, 13% choose to use tropical, and 17% use beverages.


Cannabis Stances

The survey also reveals that about one-third of cannabis consumers think it's reasonable to consume cannabis at work. Lastly, the survey confirms that most cannabis consumers (60%) prefer to buy expensive cannabis at the dispensary than cheaper illicit-market cannabis.

Given the survey result, the Americans and Cannabis Consumption Survey confirmed what the Azuca team has always believed for years. The team believes that edibles are the future and fortune of the cannabis industry.

The CEO and President of Azuca, Kim Sanchez Rael, also said a lot about the survey in a press conference. She mentioned that the study also revealed that there's still the need to educate the general public on cannabis. Talking about the demand for cannabis, she said that the demand continues to grow exponentially. And now is the time that Azuca will bring approachable and sophisticated products that people can trust to the market.


About Azuca

Azuca is a privately owned and investor-backed company that offers fast-onset, best-in-class edible delivery systems to the global cannabis industry. The company is headed by the Founder, Ron Silver (Chief Creative Officer), and Co-Founder Kim Rael (CEO).

The company's products are chef-created and  powered by its patent-pending AZUCA TiME INFUSION™ method. The process envelops each cannabinoid molecule to make them "water-friendly" for a controllable and predictable experience. The Azuca technology eliminates all the guesswork from edibles to give a convenient and comfortable experience with its edible sugar infused with hemp.


Final thoughts

There's no doubt that the federal legalization of cannabis would kill off a lot of stereotypes about the herb. And most importantly, researchers would have full and federal backing to explore the analgesics features of cannabis.

This survey gives an idea of what the future would be as a country that embraces cannabis. Indeed, it is something to anticipate—a future of proper pain management, relaxation, and recreation.








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