cbd mislabeling
cbd mislabeling

CBD Mislabeling Issues are a Growing Problem, but Why?

The FDA is the reasons that CBD labeling problems are growing around the country

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DanaSmith on Tuesday May 7, 2019

Why Are We Still Plagued By CBD Mislabeling Issues?

cbd mislabel

It’s All Because Of The FDA


It’s seriously worrisome that while CBD has become mainstream, we still can’t trust a great deal of the products being sold in the market today.


Sure, you can buy CBD as easily as vitamin C now, but even if most companies produce CBD medications that are reliable, there are still many consumers who don’t know how to tell the difference between two products, or why one is superior than the other. This is crucial because no two CBD products are necessarily alike, since there have been studies showing that some product labels just aren’t being truthful.


California Study


The newest study, first reported in Business Insider, reveals that a third-party laboratory test of commercially available products only contain tiny amounts of CBD. CannaSafe Laboratories analyzed 20 different CBD products such as drinks, edibles, vape cartridges, and topicals found that just 3 of them contained amounts of CBD that were truthful to the amount they were advertising.


The report’s authors also said that they found ethylene oxide, as well as other dangerous solvents in some of the CBD products.


New York Study


Another recent study conducted by the NBC 4 New York I-Team also found similar results. Through independent testing using random samples of commercial CBD infused products which were bought both online and in convenience stores, they found that mislabeling is a common issue. “Less than half the samples that were tested actually had the stated amount of THC inside the product,” says the report, while other products had NO CBD AT ALL.


That’s not all that’s worrisome; some products also tested positive for pesticides and lead.


Florida Study


NBC News Miami conducted another independent test earlier this year, and similarly found that most commercially available CBD products in the market have less CBD than advertised on their label.


For the study, investigators sent 35 samples to third party laboratory testing. “Of the 35 samples…. Tested, 20 of them had less than half of the amounts of CBD advertised on the label,” said NBC. Some of them, such as edible gummies that claimed to have 1,000mg of CBD, didn’t even have any CBD at all.


The Impact Of Mislabeling On Customers


A lot of people are still struggling with the idea that cannabis and its derivatives, including CBD, are legal. Due to the serious lack of education and information on the topic, those who are new to CBD find it challenging to locate products that actually work. Now, these issues surrounding mislabeling will make it hard for them to trust CBD and the many brands that produce them.


People will also struggle with finding the right dosage, which will greatly affect consumer confidence. When you scare off these potential customers, you’re stopping them from using medicine that could actually have a significant benefit on their overall health.


It’s particularly concerning when you’re giving them CBD that contains THC, or more THC than you’re claiming on the label. Even though THC isn’t harmful, it does have psychoactive properties that can impact the way people function at work most especially when they aren’t expecting to get high. This could also cause them to fail a drug test at work when they didn’t know they were consuming THC in the first place.


However, we should keep in mind that not all CBD manufacturers are unreliable despite these studies. CBD supplements aren’t the only medications that the FDA hasn’t been regulating. But while the FDA is taking their sweet time coming up with regulations even after the approval of the 2018 Farm Bill, we can expect that stricter regulations be finalized within the coming months. Standardized testing of CBD products is our only hope. Until then, it’s up to you to learn how to gauge the companies you’re buying CBD from.


It always helps to research and ask for laboratory tests before you shell out your hard earned money. When you do your own research, it will help you feel 100% confident about the choices that you’re making. Despite the great deal of misinformation out there, arming yourself with knowledge and facts is the best way to make use of CBD and maximize its healing benefits.








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