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Doobies for Boobies - Arizona Dispensary Trading Joints for Bras to Help Fight Breast Cancer

The cannabis industry has always been aggressive in the fight against breast cancer!

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Joseph Billions on Thursday Sep 23, 2021

Arizona Dispensary Trading Pre-rolls for Bras to Fight Breast Cancer

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In anticipation of the upcoming breast cancer awareness month, October, A Phoenix-area cannabis dispensary chain has begun a campaign with an Arizona nonprofit group.

The dispensary chain is giving out pre-rolled joints for free to Arizona customers who give a bra or more to the campaign.

The campaign is commendable because breast cancer is one of, if not the major form of cancer that cuts the lives of many Arizona women short. Awareness campaigns like this help residents know the do's and don't require to prevent breast cancer.


Buds 'n' Bras Campaign

This campaign is being organized by Mint Cannabis and Check for a Lump nonprofit groups. Their main objective is to shine more light on the crucial need for breast screenings. Early detection of breast cancer during these screenings is sometimes the thin line between life and death. The collaboration also aims to raise funds to support breast cancer patients as well as other related support services.

The campaign has begun already and will end in October. Customers of the Phoenix-area cannabis dispensary will be granted access to donate new or fairly used bras as long as they are 21 years and above in age. There are three locations earmarked for this purpose. The Mint's three greater Phoenix cannabis stores locations already have packs of pre-rolls to be dispensed in exchange for bras.

The organizers also announced that women who donate up to 10 bras will be eligible to receive a T-shirt with a breast cancer awareness inscription. To keep cannabis use in check, a limit of one pre-rolled joint and one shirt per customer had been put in place for each day the campaign runs.

For each donated bra, Check for a Lump group will receive a cash donation. The Mint disclosed that their targeted number of bras that would be collected for the seven weeks duration is 4,200. The Minit group will also donate $1 from every pre-roll sale during the campaign to the nonprofit groups involved.


Breast Cancer Awareness In 2020

Not a lot could be done for breast cancer patients last year, and very little was done to realize awareness for breast cancer during the pandemic. This is because all focus was on finding a lasting solution to the ravaging COVID-19 virus.

In several countries of the world, other sectors within healthcare that had no relation to helping the COVID-19 pandemic suffered. Health screenings couldn't be done due to the restriction of movement by the government.

The IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science disclosed that the number of mammograms done in 2020 and the past months of 2021 is 87 percent less than those conducted in 2019.

The delay in the health screenings has caused medical experts to predict that at least 5,000 new cases of breast cancer will be recorded in Arizona alone this year. Nearly 900 deaths in Arizona this year will also be due to undetected or late detection of breast cancer.


Time and Location for the Scheduled Buds 'n' Bras Campaign Events

The breast screening events will be held at Mint's dispensaries. The Check For A  Lump group will set up their equipment on site. The group will however conduct the screenings onboard their mobile mammography bus. Cones for a Cause was another cannabis swap for breast cancer recently done.

The campaign organizers have disclosed that patients can call to schedule their screening time ahead. The number to call is (480) 967-3767 (as seen on the campaign's official announcement board).

The first screening will be conducted on Saturday, September 18 from 8 a.m. to noon at Mint's phoenix. The Mesa location screening will occur at the same time on Saturday, October 9.

The Mint group will disclose information on how interested individuals can participate in the upcoming Check for a Lump Pink Out 5k walk/run which is scheduled to be held on Saturday, October 2. The location where this will be hosted will be Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix. The Mint's dispensary says there will be a booth at the event where free pre-rolled joints can be collected after new and gently used bras are donated. The campaign organizers appear to have thought out every event.

The campaign was launched on August 27 with a bra-raising ceremony. It was held at The Mint's Tempe/Guadalupe location with the support of the Check for a Lump non-profit group.

At a bra raising, breast cancer patients and survivors raise their bras and hand them on a string. The Buds 'N' Bras launch included a moment where the Arizona breast cancer patients and survivors hung a string of bras across the parking lot of the Mint's Tempe dispensary.

The spokesperson for The Mint Dispensary chain said that there's nothing better than seeing dozens and dozens of bras dancing on a string in the wind.  The cannabis plant itself is being studied as a healing tool for breast cancer patients as well.


So far, So good

The Buds 'n' Bras campaign took off brilliantly. In the past four weeks that the campaign has been running, more than eight large plastic trash bags have been filled up with new and gently used bras. The spokesperson commented that each bag had to be lifted by two people as it was too heavy to be lifted comfortably by one.

Every indication points that the response to the campaign has been nothing short of wonderful.

The Director of The Arizona chapter of the Mint's dispensaries, Rudy Molina, said that the essence of the Mint Cannabis brand is giving back to the communities they serve. Rudy emphasized the brand's readiness to help non-profit groups that seek to help and support patients, victims, and survivors of cancer, wars, mental disorders, and seizures.

Molina ended her email by pleading to well-meaning Arizona residents to contribute their quiet by giving a new or fairly used bra to the campaign.


Bottom Line

The Buds 'n' Bras campaign is a creative way for cannabis users to give back to the health society while also helping one of the most important local causes this year.

So, if you live in Arizona and you have spare bras that can be donated, don't hesitate to visit the listed Mint dispensaries to donate these bras to get a dope reward in return.

You can also schedule a breast screening with the number included in the article.







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